Visualization 1 – Auric Egg Exercise

Visualization 1 – Auric Egg Exercise

introductory spiritual exercises

The purpose of this exercise is for you to become not only acquainted with the use of visualization and your own imaging of objects and light but also to bring you into a position where you are totally surrounded by the Christ Light.



Sit in a relaxed position in a straight-backed chair.  Visualize yourself within an oval-shaped egg filled with the White Light of Christ.


In many ancient writings, the egg always represented and symbolized the one who had attained. The egg has always been used as a symbol of birth, for in it all the wonders of reproduction are made manifest.



Draw the Light into the egg-form to the extent that you can see and feel its brightness. In fact, after three or four days, you should see it when sitting in it in a darkened room.



As you do this, there should be an ovoid space in the center of the egg, which you occupy.


In performing this exercise, you should feel a terrific uplift and exhilaration that will improve your health and general condition.


You will especially note the exhilaration in this exercise if you do it within two to three days of the approaching full-moon phase and just after the full moon.

This exercise should not be taken lightly. This and the other spiritual exercises are your opportunity to attain fundamental self-unfoldment.

Consistent and honest effort in using this exercise will bring the disciple into the fullness of his reality. The more you practice, the greater will be your devotional aspects and the more real will be the transformation within your entire being. For it will quicken your spiritual mentality and bring other gifts of prophecy, greater intuition, and, most of all, the realization of your increasing cosmic consciousness.

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