Morning Meditation for Seven Days

Morning Meditation for Seven Days

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The Eternal Joy: To the Great Realization of Man as He Becomes Conscious of His Divinity

Contrary to his prior thinking, man’s chief aim is in a life of happiness. Our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world in order to give us the means of attaining this happiness through the light of Illumination.

To find happiness, where it should be found, is the source of all good; and the source of all evil is to find to where it should not be found.

So, let us start the day with “I wish to be happy, I accept happiness of this day.” Let us also see the goal where happiness is found and the means to find it.

Our goal and our means of attaining it are mentioned in each one of the Eight Beatitudes. Eternal joy is everywhere designated under different means.

The First Beatitude speaks of it as the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Second Beatitude as the Promised Land.

The Third Beatitude as a Veneration and a Perfect Consolation.

The Fourth Beatitude as the Epitome of all Desires.

The Fifth Beatitude shows us the Final Forgiveness which will remove all of our derogatory and evil acts and give all Good.

The Sixth Beatitude is as the Sight of God each comes to.

The Seventh Beatitude is as the Perfection of our Adoration.

The Eighth Beatitude again returns to the First as the Kingdom of Heaven.

Behold, then, the Joy abides in each. As there are several ways to attain this joy, and each Beatitude suggests one, then altogether they render man a state of happiness.

For our Lord Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is really an epitome of all the Christian doctrine. It is the summary of the Beatitudes and the shadow, or ruling principle, of the Sermon on the Mount.

For our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us that our justice must surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees and the real meaning in justice. What he is saying is crystal clear in the following statement: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.”

For if a man has a true desire for justice, as a basic nourishment and he is really hungry, he will find an abundance of food on all sides of him existing.

For these are they whom will obey the least of these, our Lord’s precepts, like the starving man who leaves nothing, not even a crumb, so to speak, on his plate when he eats at the table.

For he who hears the enjoinment not to mistreat his neighbor by word of mouth, this results from the gentle and peace-loving spirit to which is promised the Kingdom of Heaven.


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