Letting Go

Letting Go

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

If we have any desires that are evil, they are a result of our own wrong understanding and wrong attunement with conditions around us and not of any evil spirit within us. The more we attune ourselves with the higher and beautiful things of life, the less the sordid or unbeautiful will appeal. Temptations to yield to the negative things will not come to the one who is highly attuned, and he will not have to attempt to suppress the desire.

If you find there are urges or tendencies within your personality that are undesirable from a Cosmic point of view, do not attempt to suppress them, for that is like hanging a blanket up against the window in order to keep out the light. As long as you attempt to suppress the light, you may not have any of it; but you do not affect it one iota by shielding yourself from it, for it never diminishes in quality or strength by being screened.

Rather than suppress undesirable tendencies, give no thought to them at all. Do not yield to them but neither fight them. Center your mind upon the more desirable things in life and let them grow so strong and great that they will keep you occupied and hold the center of your attention.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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