Heart Exercise

Heart Exercise

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

For this week spend three minutes each morning lying in bed relaxed, when you first awaken. Concentrate all of your thought and all of your mind power on the creative cells that are in the pericardium sac that surrounds the heart. This sac is filled with what science calls a lymphatic chemical, which science believes is merely a lubricant like the grease and oil that is in the transmission box of an automobile. Science thinks that the heart floats in this chemical and the chemical makes the beating heart move without friction against the other tissues of the body.

We have discovered, however, that the lymph surrounding the heart contains the greatest creative power and essence of any part of the body except that which is used for sex reproduction. In fact, in one sense, the lymphatic matter around the heart is more highly creative of real energy and life than any other cells in the human body.

Now by visualizing this solution around the heart and concentrating on it to vitalize it, with the thought that it shall send its energy into the heart and shall awaken its power and more of its power to the heart during the day, you will be awakening a center of action and energy that will make the blood seem warmer for an hour or so after you arise, and will give you more vitality and so-called “pep” than anything you have ever tried. You will notice before the day is over that your memory and your intuition are keener and more sensitive.

Try this every morning during the coming week.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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