God Realization

God Realization

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

The mind should be filled as much as possible with thoughts of the coming into the body of a God power that has not been there before. For this reason, the reading of any light fiction books or the going to the theatre, and seeing plays, or the reading of newspapers with all of their sordid reports should be avoided. Nothing should be read or watched except that which is inspiring and which will direct the thoughts of the mind toward spiritual things.

Listening to beautiful music of a classical or religious nature will be helpful, whereas wild and modern music should be avoided, if possible, or at least not permitted to impress itself upon your mind. This does not mean that business affairs cannot be attended to or that the usual conversation in the home should be avoided, but it does mean to eliminate in your spare time any thinking or impressions upon the mind which are not of the highest nature.

You should retire as early as possible each evening, and let your closing thoughts each night be upon the coming of the Holy Ghost in the form of the first spiritual influx; and you should rise as early as possible after sunrise and give thanks for the day, take your deep breaths and invite by your attitude of mind the coming of new life and vitality. If these suggestions are followed you will be conscious of a great change taking place within you.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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