Cosmic Consciousness 2

Cosmic Consciousness 2

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

The more we dwell upon any thought, the more our whole mind and consciousness becomes attuned with that thought and similar ones.  For instance, if I give you the subject of a red rose to contemplate upon and tell you to begin with the rose and think about it from every angle and from every point of view and spend at least half an hour in thinking about it, you will find at the end of the half hour that you have gradually analyzed and meditated upon many wonderful subjects.

The first thought of the rose will make you think of its form, its fragrance, and its color.  This will make you think of it in its early stages as a bud, and how compact and closely sealed all of its beauty and form is in the early stages.  Thinking on this point will lead you to think of the rosebush, of its general growth and development, and finally of its roots and how it draws nourishment form the soil and from the atmosphere.

This will lead you to think of all plants generally, and of the fundamental principles of botany and how all seeds in the ground finally open and send forth roots and branches to become plants.  This in turn may lead you to think of all seeds and cell life and how they reproduce their own according to Cosmic laws.

In the same way, every one of the thoughts contained in these spiritual exercises should be analyzed and meditated upon.  Thinking of a rose in the manner in which I have just described could attune your whole consciousness with the wonders of plant life and of the Cosmic principles.  This would open your consciousness to any inspiration or revelation from the Cosmic pertaining to nature’s laws of reproduction.  Thinking of the points contained in these spiritual exercises will generally open your consciousness to Cosmic inspiration on lines pertaining to your development and your contact with superconsciousness.


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