Concentration 4 – Will Power Using Drops of Oil

Concentration 4 – Will Power Using Drops of Oil

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The purpose of this exercise is to provide proof of the fact that in the act of concentration there is a very definite force being exerted and that substance will be moved.


Take a glass bowl — like an oatmeal bowl about two inches deep — and fill with pure, cold water and place on a table.


Take heavy, thick oil, like olive oil, and use a matchstick or similar item to dip into the oil and drop a few drops of this oil onto the water.


Make sure there is sufficient space between each drop so that they will not unite before you start the exercise.

Remember not to hesitate in starting the exercise right away otherwise the oil may naturally gravitate together.


The important part of the exercise is to make the separate drops of the heavy oil come together in the formation of a figure — a circle, triangle or square or something as YOU WILL IT, as you are concentrating upon it.

The idea of the exercise is to control the movement of the drops on the water.


Having prepared everything, place your arms on the table.  Let your hands rest in a position so that if you were to pick up the bowl by using your fingers, the thumb and first finger of either hand would form a semicircle on either side of the bowl, not quite touching the bowl.


Now concentrate on the drops and see in what direction they move and what geometric figure they are forming while moving.


After doing this part of the exercise, take two to three minutes to continue to concentrate, but this time unite the globules into one form.



This exercise shows the working of the Law, especially in the atom and molecule.  Two kinds of molecules are being used — the water and the oil.  We find that they do not unite, the water being heavier stays below the oil.  The relative vibrations of the water and oil are not alike in nature.

Furthermore, we find that the oil droplets “gravitate” together naturally, owing to an unlike polarity that exists between them.


This exercise should be tried every second day until successfully accomplished.

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