Concentration 1 – Thyroid and Aura

Concentration 1 – Thyroid and Aura

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

For the coming week, I want you to practice this first experiment in the use of the thyroid gland for tuning and toning your aura. This will be the first step in building up your aura in attunement with the Cosmic, so that you can better Cosmic contacts and get ready for your future initiation contact. Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity during the coming week, or any time in the future, to be alone for a minute or two where no one will hear you or notice what you are doing, try this:

While either standing or sitting, close your eyes and visualize the color of deep red, and at the same time pro­nounce the sound of ah just as the a is sounded in the word art. Try to hold the sound for about a quarter of a minute, then stop, take a breath and say it again with the mouth always open as wide as possible. Always take a deep breath before pronouncing the ah and keep the eyes closed and visualize the color of red like that of a deep red rose. Pronounce the sound five or six times and let the sound come from the back of the mouth or from the throat as much as possible. This should be done several times a day, if possible, and the more often it is done, the better. It should be done also about five times just before going to sleep if it is possible to do so.

If anyone asks you why you are doing this, you can give him one very truthful answer. This sound pronounced from the throat stimulates the vocal cords, vitalizes the throat, helps to strengthen the windpipe, and sets up vib­rations in the throat and in the thyroid gland that cleanse the throat of any impurity. It helps to vitalize the blood and relieves the throat of catarrhal conditions. The deep breathing that goes with the pronouncing of the note helps also in producing a better condition of sleep at night. With such an explanation nobody will connect the exercise with anything of a spiritual nature, and you will not be criticized for doing it.


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