Physical Balance 1

Physical Balance 1

introductory spiritual exercises

It must be understood that relaxation and balance are of paramount importance in the work of developing the individual as he or she reaches toward the Illumination of the Christ Light and the Realization of God-Self.

One must remember that the thyroid center is a balancing valve between the physical and spiritual bodies and that there can sometimes be subnormal, supernormal, or hyper-thyroidal conditions.  In any case, what we wish to bring is balance, both physical and spiritual, which also brings mental balance and opens a channel for the Spirit to speak to us.

This exercise should be done each night and may be done in conjunction with or after the concentration exercises before retiring. See below for concentration exercise suggestions.



Sit or lie down in bed. Relax. Do not go to sleep. Just relax as if you were going to sleep.



With your eyes wide open, concentrate your attention upward toward the ceiling or straight ahead toward one of the walls of the room and try to see beyond the ceiling or wall as though you are looking on the other side of the ceiling or wall.

You must remember that you can see anywhere that you put your consciousness. By that, we mean that if there is a place on the other side of the ceiling or wall you wish to see, place your consciousness there, and you will see where you want to see.



Continue the concentration or gazing for about one or two minutes—maybe five minutes—then close your eyes and take a deep breath, while you bring the fingertips of both hands together in front of you. Then turn your attention and consciousness toward the thyroid, which is at the throat center, and concentrate on the thyroid for the count of ten, or whatever is comfortable.



You must remember that our principal aim in this exercise is the peace and strength and sharpness of the senses that we are attempting to attain. This is a balancing exercise, not a case of making you psychically conscious. It is our attempt here to make your vision—your sight—aware of what it is looking at, to bring you to the place where you see everything you are looking at. And there will be a feeling of strength and vitality in your body.



Do this each night before retiring for no fewer than 21 days.


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