Immunization Exercise

Immunization Exercise

introductory spiritual exercises

Pray before beginning the exercise: 

“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Hosts above, let the Law that is written in my heart carry out and complete the function of this spiritual exercise that I may prepare my body and mind as a better servant to God, to Jesus Christ, and to the world.”

Results of the exercise: 

These exercises will contribute much to the improvement of your physical body. The effect upon the blood alone is a very wonderful thing. If each one of you could have your blood count taken by a specialist at the present time and then have another count taken six months from now, you would be astonished at the improvement in the blood count.

This means that your blood will be of such good quality that so-called germs of infection can hardly attack it, and every organ and part of the body will be made younger in action and in tissue, firmer and more positive in its nature than in the past. This means an improvement in the actual condition and functioning of such organs as the kidneys, bladder, intestines, stomach, heart, and lungs. But time will demonstrate this to you better than anything I can say.

Now for the coming week:

Sit down and relax and draw a so-called invisible curtain around you so that you are enclosed within a special place. After you have been in concentration for about 10 minutes and have succeeded in developing a sense of separateness and enclosure around you, proceed to think of one color of the spectrum at each sitting.

If you select red as your first color, then after your ten minutes of concentration, and after you have apparently enclosed yourself in a field of magnetism, concentrate on the thought of changing that magnetic condition into the color of red so that there will be a red aura all around you, just as though you were being painted in red light.

Now, do not expect this color, or any other color you may select, to become highly brilliant, or think of it becoming even brilliant enough for you to see. You will probably sense a faint shade of the color you select, but it is not the purpose of this exercise to make you see the color, but rather to make you feel it. That is the important point.

After holding in mind the thought that your entire body and the space around you for a few feet are composed of the vibrations of the chosen color, you may bring the experiment to a close.

During the time you are thinking of the color, however, you will sense peculiar vibrations of a different nature than you have felt before. The tingling and vibrations from the magnetic field around you should move up and down through your body very lightly but very definitely. You may not sense them the first time you try the experiment, or perhaps even the second time, but you will before the week is over.

These vibrations will be cooling, peaceful, quieting to the nervous system, and yet leave a sort of tonic effect that you will feel for hours afterward.

For your second sitting on the same day choose the same color as you used for the first sitting.  But on the second day, choose another color, such as yellow, blue, green, or orange, and concentrate on that color for two periods sometime during the day. On the third day, you may change to another color.

The colors that you should choose are as follows:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • violet

These six colors can be used over and over. In other words, after you have finished with the sixth one you can go back to the first one, but use only one color each day. This will keep you busy and bring interesting results, and before this week is over, you are going to sense very pleasing effects from this exercise.

An extension of this exercise:

Throughout the coming week, try some experiments of creating vibrations around you and in a room in your home. These vibrations are formed out of your thoughts of happiness, joy, peace, and health. Do not allow a single thought to be expressed in this room that is unkind or destructive. In this way, you will build up, for a few days and nights, a room charged with happy, healthy vibrations. Notice the effect it has on you.

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