Physical Balance 5 – Comments

Physical Balance 5 – Comments

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

All of the lessons of the preceding months contained knowledge that would assist in awakening and regenerating the self as an entire body, but in order that certain cen­ters may be quickened and enlivened to a degree that would keep them well balanced with the rest of the spiritual body, it is necessary to consider these specialized areas and give this particular attention.

Put both of the forefingers on the neck just below and a little behind the ears. In other words, the left forefinger should be put on the left side of the neck just about an inch below the tip of the ear and about an inch back of it. There is no precise point for this contact because the area is wide enough to allow for any slight variation in position. The right forefinger should be put on the right side of the neck in a similar manner. In this case the forefingers should be pressed quite firmly against the neck so that they push the skin and tissue of the neck inward for a little distance.

Then take a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale. Again take a deep breath, hold it, exhale, and once more take a deep breath and exhale — making three times in all. It is not necessary to have any particular thought in your mind during this exercise except to concentrate upon the passage of negative and positive vibrations from the left hand to the right and the right hand to the left, through the finger tips.

You will find that this exercise will help you to keep the throat clear and will affect certain glands and will also affect the blood pressure throughout the body, keeping it in a normal condition. You will feel as though you had had a good tonic treatment after each application. If you can do this exercise twice a day it would be better, that is, once in the morning, and once in the evening; however, once a day will do.

I must warn others not to look for this inner change as anything very definite at the present time. It will not begin to manifest outwardly until it is quite complete inwardly. One thing is certain, and that is that most of you are more or less immune to any ordinary illnesses or any ordinary physical effects that may be common to those around you. During the winter months, colds and similar conditions that often cause a great deal of inconvenience will have little or no effect upon you; and in the warmer months, the effects of fatigue and physical enervation will not affect you as others are affected. Your sleep should be better, your nerve energy more even and with a greater re­serve supply, your blood pressure should be more normal, and all in all, you should feel in very good health. This is but the first outward sign of what is going on inwardly. Like­wise, there should be a great sense of peace, and a further sense of Cosmic protection and guidance, so that common obstacles that often upset other people as they arise, and cause them to worry or fret for a while, will have no place in your life at all.


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