Physical Balance 4 — Physical and Spiritual Heart

Physical Balance 4 — Physical and Spiritual Heart

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

One of the important things to learn in the rebuilding and revitalizing of one’s body is that the physical vehicle is held together and nourished by the vital body. We should learn to take in the power and forces of life through the crown of the head.


Concentrate on the pericardium sac and the fluids in this sac which surround the heart. By letting the forces of the Father, the Light and Life of the Son and the creative force of the thyroid surround and impregnate the pericardium sac around the heart, we are helping the regeneration of the physical body take place.


There is also the love aspect of the Son from the forces of the Father which we should fill the chest area and surrounding area of the heart with and think of it as if we were storing it up in the liquid around the heart, giving it a feeling of warmth and a tingling which may be sensed after its consistent use for several weeks.


Don’t be misled by the simplicity of this exercise, as though we were trying to tell you something to keep you busy. It is not one of those things. But it is an exercise which will improve your health.


After you have been using the concentration of the heart and thyroid areas and you come into class, take a look around you and try and tune in to your brother workers. See if you can pick up things which have not been told to you and which of your fellow students will confirm as correct.

It would be a good idea for a teacher to have a class like this after the majority of the class have had the thyroid and other physical balancing exercises which help to build up spiritual sensitivity and consciousness. It is not only interesting but useful for them to analyze and bring out things which in fact they could not have known or could not have been told by word of mouth.

Care, though, should be exercised not to permit encroachment on a fellow student’s privacy, unless they consent. Through this practice you will be able to practice your spiritual sight.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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