Concentration – Will Power

Concentration – Will Power

introductory spiritual exercises

During this week do the following experiment. Its purpose is to direct your will power to another part of your body.

This time, visualize the small organ in the center of your head (the pineal gland), near the middle of your brain. It acts as the connecting link between your sympathetic nervous system and your spinal nervous system and makes all spiritual demonstrations possible.

Concentrate and think of a very small organ in what is nearly the exact center of your head. Then direct your Will Power to flow to it and make it Larger and Warm.  This will make the blood flow to it more strongly and the Will Power also.

In a few minutes, you will feel a strange sensation of warmth in your head, and it will be pleasant. It will take a number of days before you will notice any other effects from this second experiment, but you will soon find that you are increasing your Intuition and Spiritual Reception.

This last experiment is a good one to do at night while going to sleep, as well as at other times during the day, for it takes only a few minutes.

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