The first HOLY ORDER OF MANS Charter as an independent entity, was sealed at Sacramento, California, 11:15 AM, PDT, July 24, 1968. The headquarters were located in San Francisco, California. It had its beginnings from the Science of Man founded by Dr. Earl W. Blighton, known by its members as Father Paul, and began in the San Jose region.

The HOOM, as it was known by many, grew into a large organization with Brother/Sister houses, missionary stations, and Christian Communities throughout the United States. There were even a few in Europe and Hawaii. However, in 1986 it was disbanded with a large number of its members having already left. A portion that stayed up to that point merged with the newly found Christ the Savior Brotherhood, a Christian Orthodox sect.

These pages are set up to honor the memory of the Holy Order of MANS. This is a historical rendering of the literature that was used during the active period of the Holy Order of MANS. There are organizations that have taken the "teachings" and are using them still. Some are using them just as they were first given and others have modified them in various ways.

It is our hope simply to preserve them so that some will remember, some will gain, and others may learn from the originals. It is our attempt to bring these to you in original form where possible only digitized with spelling and grammatical changes. However, in those places where changing might alter the content we have left it alone. Let your heart and SELF discern the meaning therein.

This will be a work in progress with many updates as time permits. Please check back every now and again for there is much to be revealed. If you have materials that you would like to submit, please contact webmaster@holyorderofmans.org

This site is maintained by former Holy Order of MANS members 

who are NOT associated with Christ the Savior Brotherhood.

Thank you for your patience.

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