From the written and spoken word of E.W. (Father Paul) Blighton


(Tape 303 was made on April 4, 1970, before the appearance of the Grail)


“…From there on you’re going to start being put through the test to find out what you really are.  It’s like a knight going out to hunt for the Holy Grail, you know.  You swedge your way through forest and hill and dale, and battle after battle; and when you get back, you find you had it in the first place.  It was sitting right on your doorstep, that’s where it was.  It was there since the first day you entered (the school)….”


And from tape 333, undated, but probably sometime in 1973:


“…Someone asked what the Holy Grail was.  And the explanation for that is a very simple one.  The Holy Grail is the visitation of the Holy Ghost in its center, the center of it, the nucleus of it, its molecular structure, so to speak, of the sacraments divined by God and the Host, giving power to their reality.


This is why the knights went forth to search for the Holy Grail, that they might -- that the ring of knights might have this with them at King Arthur’s court, to bring about justice and to bring about the reality of a united kingdom in England ….”


(The following was written by Father Paul):




It was on Sunday, the 30th of December, 1972, that Father Paul and Father Joseph Brown were serving communion at 910 Steiner Street at 11 o’clock Mass.  The sacrifice of the Mass had progressed as usual, and it was at the second elevation of the chalice that Father Paul saw a great white light, more or less a complete background of light.  This slowly but surely as it came down formed into a rather large ovoid, golden light with a sort of blue-green center, with streaks around it, and it grew denser and denser as it came down toward the chalice.  It was then that you could see the unusual power, and the ovoid had become very small but very dense, very powerful, and it went directly into the cup.  And then it was that he heard that the Grail is with us.  He turned and gave the salutation that the Grail was with us.  And a covenant was made, that whenever this ritual was used, the transformation would surely take place.


Back in history you find the mentioning of the Holy Grail at the knights of the Round Table.  You also find the traces of things that are mentioned in Lord Tennyson’s work, The Idylls of the King, in the chapter on the Holy Grail, which we have added to this little explanation.


I might explain the Grail in a number of ways, as follows:


1)  The Body of God, which this solar system is created within; its center or vortex of the Spirit is the Grail.


2)  The centering of universal Intelligence of God on the earthly plane.


3)  The Spirit of God comes forth as the center of this body; a new covenant with God.  This body is the Body of the Order.


4)  The radiation of the Grail comes through Father Paul’s chalice -- and there it resides.


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5)  It is to be declared every time Father Paul’s cup is used: “The Grail is with us.”


6)  There is that difference, that something different, between the Akasha or the body of God, and His Son.


7)  His Son has three aspects to it: The Lord of the Sun, the physical Creation God has created, which came through the Son.


8)  The Father is creating Himself now with His combined experience, as a living center in the physical world through, or as, the Grail.


9)  He gave birth to the Order, and the Grail is the Soul and the self which is now entering the form of the Order.


10)  It has given authority to this ritual, the ritual of Communion, of the sacrifice of the Mass, for the ordained Priest.  This was something added to the communion.


11)  This is as if the Master had produced the essence of the Christos, or created within His own body a center which was existent in the Mind of God.


12)  This also ties in through its authority into the seven primary rays being put at the disposal of the Order.




(The following notes were from Father Paul’s conversation on June 21, 1973):


It seemed to be that every time this thing showed up, there was a job to do; it was for more than one person.  In order to hold this Grail, a person has to hold an unusual sort of life.


A person who is ill and the Grail is revealed to them, they are healed, if they accept it.  If you do not accept it, or work with it, or make it part of your organization, it cannot stay.


The person they sent it to, he is supposed to have eternal youth.


I feel that the Roman church possessed it for a while, someplace, but it has now been removed.  It has been quite awhile.  For instance, their use of the white palate of the dove descending may be a symbol connected with it.


This is the first time, really, that the Grail has been connected with the Communion.  It looks as though the Communion were being used for an instrument through which the Grail could operate to heal all those that participate in it.


(In answer to a question as to whether he was given something this morning on the Grail,   Father said):


I was closing a book and trying to keep my place.  (A book on the Grail).  The book just closed completely so there was no place for my fingers.  That told me something.


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(Another paper on the subject)     by Father Paul


     Many questions have been asked as to what the Grail really was, and none of the records show its reality.  When our Master Jesus was on the cross, before he passed over, following the statement when he looked up to heaven and said, “O Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?”


     And after that, his side was pierced with the lance, the blood that came from his side, and the water that they speak of was the blood carrying the experience of Jesus and the wisdom of the Father.  The water thought of as the lymph of the blood was actually the spirit of the physical that was so perfect.


     The Father, knowing that the spirit was of the earth, although divine in nature, directed His consciousness on that which went into the earth, and with His creative Word, which when He spoke was like the flashing of lightning, did create a being with a Self and a memory.  Not a human being, but a divine being that never would sin and would never be attached to anyone except Himself and the Lord of Earth, so that in times of need and stress, He would be able to speak through It to aid His messenger and become a tool and a messenger, like the time God spoke through the burning bush to Moses.


     For he who is the Keeper of the Grail must prolong his service as long as possible, and he must use the Grail the same as he would use the Law, always knowing and speaking to the Father first, knowing that the Grail, this Being, would overcome all darkness and evil if directed, for It knows not sin or evil.


     It is as though (that) Jesus in his last moments gave birth to his own Self and soul, and gave It up to God as an instrument for the salvation of man -- this holy Being, nameless, errorless and supreme -- so that the evolution of man might be carried forward, regardless of the darkness or sin of the earth.  It was the final sacrifice of Jesus Christ, putting his all upon the altar of God, the Father Almighty.


(Father often intimated that there was something else besides the cup in the Grail symbolism.  There was a platter mentioned in some of the Grail legends.)        


*   *   *   *   *


     (Excerpts from Father Paul’s class of September 15, 1973):


Sin against the spirit is just what it says.  Obstructing willfully the natural spiritual progress of someone.  Or misguiding somebody willfully, by commission or omission.  Not relating what the Atonement really is, the full reality of it, for the benefit of people.  They sidetracked, in the dogma, the Atonement -- the reality of what He did when He shed his blood, and the tool to reach the earth, even in the chalice.


The gift not only to people of earth, but to the Creator Himself.  A tool.  The chalice to receive the Grail was made possible through its use; it was purified so the spirit and consciousness of God could be concentrated there as a tool on earth, for Him to operate through.  The chalice of metal, or earth, and thus purified so He could work through it, bring that vortex or center here.


God cannot reach the earth without a tool.  The tool is man, but man is not purified enough that he can reach very much.  Jesus purified himself first, before coming, then on Calvary , his blood taken in the chalice purified it, so there God could create a center.


Moses too, went into the mountain never inhabited by man, where God could come in pure spirit.



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The chalice was a symbol He could work through any time, anywhere.  It became a living part and tool of the Father.  Cup, crown, plate, and the spear.  Four forms used, four elements.


When they built the Ark of the Covenant, there was an oblong thing, in the center another cube, always two doors so it could open completely.  But only once a year was it opened, because in it existed the Holy Spirit.  It took seven years to prepare it.


Only the High Priest, who had served a long time, could go into the Holy of Holies, after purifying himself.  There he was instructed to guide the people, given directions.  If it was opened oftener, the purity wouldn’t be there.


Special work and materials, symbolically, and prayer, went into it, but couldn’t be exposed too much to the outer world.


This is true in all forms of worship -- always a place for the Presence.  The symbol of the place for the wafers is in the Grail, with the dove bringing the wafer to the stone.


Joseph of Arimathaea was given directions for the box to hold the cup, similar to the present box, lined with silver.


Four always brings out the four elements.  All were metal.  (Almost the same symbols as in the Tarot.)  The silver might have been transmuted at the time of use.  The spear used at Calvary .  All things of the world are of our conception, our mind.  As we can see them, so they are.


We are nurturing something through which the voice of God could speak.  (Not creating it, but nurturing.)


The crucifixion of Jesus Christ came in the physical form and allowed the spirit to enter the earth through him, and his consciousness to enter the earth.  This prepared that he could come and take possession as Lord of Earth.


Now, with the new heaven and new earth, the crucifixion of an individual would do no good.  It has to be a point where a higher spirit can come and manifest, and bring the evidence of the presence of the Christos here, to the physical plane.  Now with the new heaven and new earth, to gain the same taking-on of the Christos would have to be another step higher.  Something that the Christ could work directly through.


The raising of the feminine side, on earth, to the Priesthood, and the Priesthood being raised now to glorify the heaven world, there has to be a bringing a contact from the Christ to the earth in a new form.  (In the new heaven and new earth.)


The Grail, a part of His body, the Master.  This follows through, from the crucifixion to the Grail, the center of the New Order.


The old pyramids were crowned and tipped with gold; showed that wherever this went it was supported by gold.  (This being on our money.)


Gold only used by the High Priest.  Silver for all holy vessels because it conducted the influence of the moon -- the negative quality -- for a balance, Sun-moon.  The influence of the Sun already there, the silver to balance it.


The Grail vessel was always brought into the presence by a woman.  Here, it was with Mary, and now the push is off the work with her, it is there and naturally working.


The soul is really the imperfections of your reality.  If you were like unto God, you would have no soul, in this way.

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Notes on the Grail, from Father Paul, (read from other sources).


“The bleeding lance would therefore be that with which Longinus “unus militerum” pierced the side of Christ upon the cross, and which was supposedly found in Antioch in the year 1089.  The Grail would then be a further relic of the passion and the chalice used at the Last Supper, while the tailleor is used to correspond to the paten of the Mass.   Finally the Maid, who in the teeth of every rule of canon law, carries the supposedly holy relic, the grail, would thus be a personification of the Church.  In this way the Biblical, liturgical and allegorical elements of the Eucharist and sacred characters are supposedly to be found in the episode of the Chretiens poem.  This is taken from the Grail castle and the mystery and the panoramic vision which was supposed to have passed before the Fisher King and Count, astonishing the young knight who was Percival. 


“A very interesting thing was, that in this whole panoramic scene which Percival saw, the white lance which had the blood dripping from it was followed immediately by the appearance of the Grail, carried by this young woman who was very beautiful, and as he said, elegant.  This is likewise not presented in the Chretiens poem.  As a special sacred object, it would be impossible to insist too much on the fact that it is identified by the poem in genetic fashion, as ‘un grail’.  It strikes me rather interesting that according to Rober DeBallin, who identifies the chalice of the Last Supper which afterwards was used by Joseph of Aramathaea to gather up the blood of Christ upon the cross, this woman appears.  She has been dropped out, though, from all liturgy or sacred equipment; but in the ancient temple, she preceeded all ceremonial rites.


“It is also interesting to note that the description of the grail is: a something which constantly gives forth a more brilliant light, most brilliant light, more brilliant than the sun, from the moment of its appearance.


“The name grail was sometimes termed, back in the thirteenth century, the ‘graal’; or in its Latin form, ‘gradalis’, it is also mentioned in other texts which designate it as a coverless form like a large cup or graduated scale, etc.  The receptacle is described in the Chretien as being of solid gold, set with most precious stones, and giving forth a light so intense as to exceed the lighting of the candelabra which were carried in the procession, and of the hall itself.


“The question is asked, what is the grail and why does the Host possess such supernatural virtue that it can provide physical and spiritual sustenance for an old sovereign who has spent the last fifteen years confined in his castle in the company of these symbolic objects.  Such then is the dilemma from which there seems to be escape, least of all in the nebulous region of the Celtic folk lore or in the pagan literature.


“It seems to me that these theologians have taken their entire thinking and perspective from the standpoint of the Byzantine Mass, which is of the Roman mass, and that no other thing was possible unless it conformed to the Byzantine Mass.


“In Rober DeBallin’s estoire in which the Grail has become the depository of the sacred blood of Christ, we likewise find that it sends forth and miraculously illuminates the prison of its custodian, Joseph of Arimathaea, with no attribute or ornament other than its own splendor.  Thus the author suggests, in a poem such as Robert’s inspired by the evangelical sentiments and episodes, it is easy to recognize in the light of the Grail the l’explendi with which Jesus identified

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himself according to St. John’s gospel 8:2, saying that this is indeed one of the metaphors for which the evangelist had a characteristic reference that distinguished him from the Coptics who were less given to the use of allegory and figurative language.  Moreover its influence is not limited to Robert; it extends to medieval mystical theology inspired by the doctrine of the Gnostics and Alexandrian philosophy, consecrated by St. Augustine and handed down by the Arabs, which came to assert itself in the 12th century as a dominant tendency of pre- and anti-scholastic Christian thought.”



From Father Paul:


On June 12th while in meditation, I received that the Christos, the Grail, which contains a part of the Christos, distinctly, which is being a soul of living part of the Order’s body; a contact of intelligence with the Father, brought unto us for its preparation, for the preparation of the Order, should be used.  When it is used in the evening, it should be on the new or full moon, if possible, unless some special occasion.  That the Grail should be, which is in the cup, should be kept in the case, which case is held at an altar, and there should be a daily acknowledgement of it.  It should be inside of a chamber, small chamber, and this should be covered with some reflective substance such as silver or something of this nature, so that it would contain most of the vibration within this small chamber.  That it, you might say as an example, might be like the old Holy of Holies, the ark of the covenant within the Holy of Holies.  It should be used for special occasions mostly; there should be acknowledgement of it by the Brothers and the Priests especially.  The reason that the Grail cup is usually cold is because it contains that energy of the Father which is not feeling, not related to any religion per se.  It might be said that it is a center of God-consciousness, truly.  It should be the soul of the Order.


Further expression: 


There is some question in my mind as to the connection between the wafer that is presented, that is, brought to the grail or the stone, and that of which the roman Church uses today has a similarity, a white wafer.  The question in my mind is: has the conventional Christian Roman Church tried to move beyond the banquet of Good Friday, or the supper of Good Friday, at which this was to take place, and assumed that the stone referred to in the Testament which Jesus mentioned, (“upon this rock I’ll build my church”), as being the stone, and therefore using the wafer, the white wafer which was presumed to have been presented and brought to the banquet by the dove.  This is my thought and I do not have the answer yet.  But this is something an answer should be gained to.


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Revelations from the Master, through Father Paul:        



          The Grail is a point at which the Father can produce, within the body of the Order, the necessary patterns of function, which can become very efficient and holy.  Efficiency does not have to go out with holiness.



          I want to bring some information to you on the Grail …….. Communion with the Grail cup reveals (special communion on 1st, 7th, 13th, etc for three months; lapse three months, and repeat.)


          At that communion you should also ask the presence of the four great archangels, with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

          (There should be three, two of one sex, one of the other.)

The health and welfare of the Brothers should be mentioned at the communion and it should not be hurried, but very quiet and at the break of dawn.


          The Grail, it is true, is my Father’s Presence, and it is your source of conscience for the direction of the Order.  There are many tales and stories regarding this; four or five years before you see the reality of it.  Just as well I do not say too much, for then you get the value of these experiences and revelations you have from it.


          Be very careful who works at that altar, that it doesn’t have an adverse effect, which it would if they were weak.  If you wish, after three months you may expose the cup for healing -- you will have the mass first, and the healing after.


12-26-1973  (apparently not a revelation)


          The Master will not speak through the Grail, because it would mean taking a double image.


          You would ask the Self a question, regardless of what it was, and expect to get an answer.  Use the Grail the same way, the Holy Grail.


          To consecrate a chalice, it doesn’t have to be done at communion; all you need is some wine and a blessing and I will consecrate it this very evening.  (Get your chalice).

          Just a little wine, that’s all.  In the Grail.

                    (Then the chalice was blessed, and consecrated.)




  The holy grail                                                                                                                             Page 8


          The foregoing is all I, M.R., have on hand of Father’s personal words on the Grail.  Along with two quotations from tapes 303 and 333, as given on page 1, he also mentioned on tape 1204, side b, that Raphael has to do with the secrets of the Holy Grail.


June 2, 1973  (Tape 1301 d):


     “For as My body and My blood doth envelope the earth, so likewise does God the Father become active in the presence, by the movement of those conscious of Him.”  “For as My body and My blood doth envelope the earth, so likewise does God the Father become active in the presence”.  Now what did He mean, “My body and My blood doth envelop the earth.”  Many years ago, many years ago, and we have read of these times.  The tales of King Arthur and the round table.  The search of the Holy Grail.  This was a search for that which would bring the presence of God here on earth or into this particular group.  To obtain and to bring about certain changes that we necessary on the earth. 


     For if you study history carefully, you’ll find that after Britain was united to a certain extent, of course it took many years, many other parts of the world started to become more, should I use the word, more civilized?  But they became more to one another, let’s put it that way.  Now that has happened right here in our presence.  That has happened in the presence of the Holy Grail being brought unto us.  For this is the center of the consciousness of God being centered through His Son, the Christ, into a central point of consciousness and being brought unto us that we, as messengers of life, which we, I hope are, will carry with us as we receive occasionally the communion from the Grail Cup.


     There’s a very interesting little anecdote connected with this Order.  The first communion cup that was used came out of a church in England .  That cup is about 300 years old.  It is made of solid silver.  It was in a temple, a chapel, a church that burned to the ground.  And the only thing that was left standing was the cup.  The rest stood in ashes.  Now, I don’t know, and when I say, “I don’t know” it means I don’t have the physical proof.  Because when I say, make a statement about something, why, I know it.  It’s that way.  When I have a thing from the Spirit and I believe and have the feeling that this is true, I still don’t know it yet, until I know it exists and has manifest and proved.  But I know this does exist, within the archives of the Order, exists this cup that went through the fire.  And it came to me in a very unusual way.  Now I know the Grail is here.  There’s no question about it.  I saw it and people across the country knew of the existence of something that had changed in the communion in its potency, should I call it, or intensity, before they had the word given to them that the Grail was here.  I’m going to write up some things for you brothers so that you can get an idea of this and its’ importance because it is important.


The holy grail                                                   Page 9


February 16, 1974  (Tape 1301aj):


     I want to say one thing about a little information that was gained in the last few days.  Perhaps you have noticed that there is just a slight up-swing?  I can say this, we have gained this information,  that I can tell you that when the Grail is present you can look to it as a holy instrument and properly approached in that manner.  It also, of course you must be careful, it is not to be worshipped  by any means.  It is part of the many things that we say, “Well, there’s always room for miracles.”   Well, this is sort of one of those things that doesn’t have any particular logic to it, but it functions just the same.  And this is one of the instruments which has been sent to us.  It has been sent to others in past times but it has returned here to us so we can use it in the Master’s work.  I can’t say too much more than that except that we know that it is good, we know that it has a great power and a very decided holy connotation to it.  And it came primarily to earth, I think, in existence during the time of the crucifixion of our Lord.




The following is not in Father’s words, but is apparently taken from notes in a privy Council meeting:


          Perhaps there is a need now to insert into the communion a statement of the presence of the Lord in the wine.  The body of God; its center or vortex of the spirit is in the Grail.  The centering of the Universal Intelligence of God on the earthly plane, or in physical form of Christ.  The Spirit comes forth as the center of this body.  A new covenant with God?


          The radiation of the Grail comes through Father’s cup.  It must be declared each time his cup is used.  “The Grail is with us.”  There is something different between the Akasha or body  of God and His Son.  His Son has three aspects to it -- the Lord of the Sun -- the physical creation God has created came through the Sun.  He is creating Himself now with His combined experience as a living Center in the physical world, through or as the Grail.  He gave birth to the Order, and this is the soul and the Self, now entering the Order.  It has given authority to this ritual for the ordained priest.  This was something added to the communion.  When this communion is performed as it is, the transmutation will always take place.


          This is as if the Master had produced the essence or created within His own body a center which was existent in the Mind of God.  Commissioned or sent down to us so that the contact through it to a concentrated point of God’s Mind came into the Order.  This ties into the seven primary rays being put at the disposal of the Order.



(Random notes):

Der Grail (the Grail -- definition from German dictionary)

          Wonder-working object (stone or bowl) which is only visible to one who has been called; or communion cup; a holy one.

French:  ‘graal’;  Latin: ‘cratalis’, also refer to the Grail

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