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The purpose of this directory is to enable contact from one to another. Some people who wish to remain anonymous in a public venue but are willing to be contacted on a situation by situation basis may contact the webmaster directly. This feature will grow as more are willing to share. For further information about an individual click on their current name.

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Directory by HOOM Title & Name                                                       Directory by Last Name

State/Country Current Name Known in HOOM as Phone # HOOM/CC
Arizona Diane Benedict Sister Diane Faris 928-282-0730 H & CC
Arizona Rev. Mark Matthew Panzer Mark 602-999-5810 CC
Arizona Cherylene Schick Rev. Marian   H
Arkansas Daniel Clark Br. Daniel 479-799-9041  H
Arkansas Marilou Coins Rev.Mary Louise, Sister Teresa Marie 501-539-9446  H & CC
Arkansas Virginia Maciel Rev. Bernadette Gay H
Arkansas QuinSerra Sr. Sarah Roberts  479.253.2667  H
California Craig Beresh Brother 858-571-6376 H
California Paul Vincent Brown Rev. Paul 805-637-8756  H & CC
California Caroline Clark Rev. Caroline 760 749-4203 H
California Will Cameron Master Raoul, Chela, Rev Eric Fuchs   H
California Rev. Simone Caulderwood child of member 707-785-3462 child of member
California William Thomas Deal Brother Matthew 415.334.6848 H & CC
California Maureen Dillman MMaureen Dillman 408-885-9961
California Alan Donelson Alan 925-455-9427 Discipleship Pg
California Mark Durkin Br. Reuben 650 248-2097 H
California Gil Esquibel Rev Gil (415) 457-1217  H
California Nora San Felipe 707-823-1538 CC
California Richard Galloway Brother Aurel  H
California Judith Gray none 707-546-0954 CC
California Pati Johnson Rev. Patricia Malloy (619) 895-7178  H
California Boris Koodrin Boris Koodrin H
California Fred Krueger Rev. Fred Krueger (707) 573-3160 (w) H
California Michael Finney Lovere Br. Michael 530 478 9982  H
California Michael Maciel Rev. Michael H
California Ben Macri Br. Ben H
California John Maynes Br. John (now Rev) 510 841 7904 H
California Susan McNeil Sr. Susan 707-964-1353 H
California Donna Jean McHenry Sr. Rachel McKeag H
California Leon Mello Leon 415 731 6634 H
California Jennifer Naselaris CC
California Paul Norris Br. Paul 415-221-7043 H
California Ronald Rowe Br. Ronald 805 646 0522  H & CC
California Joe Simpson Brother Joseph (Simpson)   H
California Richard Stearns Jeremiah  Classes
California Vicki-Ruth Sterling Sr. Vicki 510-366-6777 H
California Martin Swanson Rev. Martin 408-723-4935 H
California Brook-Leah Tankle Sr. Ruth 650.747.0420 H & CC
California Marguerite (Margot) Whitney-Emami Sr. Marguerite H & SOM
California Michael Whitney Br. Michael 408 885 9961 H
Canada, Toronto Peter Monahan Br. Peter  1-416-762-9728 H
Colorado Charles Askren, Father Rev. Charles 317 679 3733 H
Colorado Shawn Collins Brother Shawn Collins    H
Colorado David Evans Rev. Peter Evans 303-373-0418 H
Colorado Tamzon Grace Feeney Sr. Rachel 719-216-4462 h
Colorado Dennis Hayes Joseph Hayes 719-385 0694 CC
Colorado Melody Hodges Melody, Christine H & CC
Colorado Rosamonde McAtee Sr. Rose H
Colorado Gregory McHugh Brother Joseph, Rev. Gregory  303-995-4276 H
Colorado Patric Roberts Rev. Patric 303-961-7809 H
Colorado Rhonda Robertson Child of members Child of members
Colorado Francis Ruiz (Lily Lillywhite) Rev. Francis Ruiz H
Colorado & NM Michele'elys Runyan Sr. Marilynn 303.646.5045 H & CC
Colorado Deidre Shaffer Rev. Josephine H
Colorado Bruce Short Br. Bruce 719-499-0824  H
Connecticut Cynthia Bonavia Pauline CC
Connecticut Ronald Paul Conte Ronald Conte 508-240-3138 CC
Connecticut Tony Longo Anthony e-mail updated CC
Connecticut  Frank Mills Rev. Frank H
Florida Ronald B. Foltz James 754 367 9995  CC
Florida Patti Hartner Sr. Judith DeWitt H
Florida Chris Hooley Rev Bro Chris  352-468-3390 H
Florida Helen Hooley Rev Sister Helen 352-468-3390 H
Florida  Dorrie Kanofsky (private) Sr. Dorrie H
Florida Thomas Kilmon 540-904-2814  CC
Florida Sharon Lewis Sr. Martha 772-286-4548 H
Florida Dennis Sheils Br. Dennis 727 787 4028  H
Florida Paul Steszewski Brother   H
Florida Mary Katherine Wade Sr. Kathleen Woodhead 757-288-2171 H
Georgia Christopher J. Boyle Rev. Stephen 404-761-8519 H & SOM
Georgia Jo Ann Boyle Sr. Jo Ann (Joanna) Young 404-761-8519 H & CC & SOM
Georgia Tom Clark Br. Thomas H
Georgia David Hamilton Fr. David H
Georgia Jim Rule Rev. Jim 404 281 2149 H
Georgia Vera Smith Sr. Rebecca 404-731-6576  H
Hawaii Barbara Leonard Rev. Rebecca Brockie/Askren  808-969-3407 H
Hawaii Tom Pyne Rev Pyne H
Hawaii David Wilson (private) Br. Mark H
Idaho Sara Allen Sr. Sara Allen CC
Idaho Jonathan Cohen Br. Jonathan 208-726-9020  H
Idaho Rick Eardley Br. Jacob 208-634-1164 H
Idaho Robert L. Spinden Brother Robert  208-465-9420 H
Illinois John Beale Rev. John 773.728-8404 H
Illinois Vicky Beale Rev. Ruth 773 508 0918 H
Illinois Ken Gill Cole Br. Ken (217) 414-1241  H
Illinois Phyllis Martino Joan 630-736-2862 CC
Illinois Arnold Smith Br. Peter H
Illinois Phillip N. Steinberg Phillip N. Steinberg 217-698-5582 CC
Indiana Charles Askren, Father Rev. Charles Askren 317 679 3733 H
Indiana Bill Bender Br. James H
Indiana Russ Ehven Rev. John Christian Walsh 317-371-1503 H
Indiana David Fisher Br. David H
Indiana Rob Pritchard Br. Michael 317-503-0645 H
Indiana Jacob Walsh Jacob 317-410-9272 H
Indiana John Walsh Rev. John Christian 317-919-8433 H
Indiana Pat Ramos(Dorfmueller)  Pat Ramos 800 647 5978 CC
Iowa Tom Kouri Br. Thomas Kouri H
Kansas Mary Ray (Mariel) Rev. Mary Rodgers 785-766-1680 H & IHSM
Kansas Jo Foy (private) Sr. Katherine   H & IHSM & CC
Kentucky Dianne DeShazo Fain  Sr. Dianne 606 573 9321 H & CC
Kentucky Paula LaChapelle Sr.Paula, Sr. Eileen 502-363-1991 H & CC
Kentucky Shifu Reynoldx Tiger Bodhisattva Rev. Damian 859) 609-0324 H
Louisiana Rebecca Lewis Sr. Rebecca/Silia Eamer H
Louisiana  Anita Shohrati (private) Sr. Diana Smith H & CC
Maine Linda Marie Ellingwood Dowling Sr. Marie 207-725-8840 H
Maryland John Galen Davis Br. John 410-628-0937 H & CC
Maryland Sai Anthony Grafio  Anthony 301-515-3120 Classes
Maryland Richard and Kathy Gemmell Brother Michael and Sister Sara  301-371-4973 H
Maryland Bruce MacKinnon Br. Bruce 301-439-4379  H
Maryland Almira Marie Ryden Sr. Marie 301-670-9089 H
Maryland Geri Schultz Sr. Ellen   H & CC
Massachusetts Ronald Paul Conte Same 508-240-3138 CC
Massachusetts  Cynthia Dazzi Sr. Mary 508-761-9196 H
Massachusetts Lynne Crouchley Irbon Sr. Lynne 413-734-4948 H
Massachusetts Ellen Robinson Rev. Ellen H
Massachusetts Peter Skaller Peter Skaller 413-274-6032 CC
Massachusetts Dave Summers CC & discipleship
Massachusetts Oscar Truitt Br. Christopher H
Michigan Lillith Ruiz-Gwener Lillith child of members
Missouri Michael Wilson Father Benedict   H
Montana Norman (Pete) Guy  DECEASED Street Pete, Br. Peter Guy H
Nebraska Barry Dunhaver Br. Barry, Rev. Br. Barry   H
Nebraska John Loder Br. John 402 570-1948  H
Nebraska Suzanne Steele Baptized by HOOM
Nebraska John Towne Rev. Arthur (402) 571-5127 H
Nebraska Sharon Towne Rev. & Sr. Sharon (Rigsby) (402) 571-5127 H
Nevada Frederick Earle Br. Frederick 702-614-4048 H
Nevada Richard LeClare/Emblen Br. Richard LeClare 775-356-0556 Discipleship
Nevada Shane McGlothlen Brother Wes 515-288-1594 H
Nevada Colette Joanna Nicholls Sr. Joanna Pettigrew H
Nevada (Reno) Barry Solomon Br. Barry 775-475-2245 H
New Jersey Claire Dodd CC
New Mexico Cynthia Jones Sr. Cynthia 505-983-5304 H
New Mexico Joan Kossman Sr. Marian Kossman  (505) 934-0555  H
New Mexico Charlie O'Dowd Br. George,
Br. Charles Dowds
505-265-6010 H
New Mexico Charles Rudolph Br. Charles 505-344-1496 H
New Mexico Julian Spalding Lucien/ Samuel 505-286-2592 CC
New York
Terrell Neuage 


Brother Terrell (Arthur) Adsit US (518) 442-2604 H
New York Cheryl Bender Sr. Anne not given H
New York Curtis Byington Br. Dominic (315) 686-5044 H
New York Sandra Mirigliano Sr. Sandra   H
North Carolina Rebecca Bennett (Ann Lawrence) Rebecca Bennett CC
North Carolina Amanara Brinmere    (828)645-2411 none
North Carolina Sara Deutsch Sara H
North Carolina Judith Phillips Sr. Judy (Judith) 828-773-6049 H
North Carolina Deborah Ruiz CC
North Carolina Perry Smith Jake  252 353-7165 H
North Carolina Judith Topelski Sister Judy (Judith) Phillips 828-265-3009; cell 828-387-6566 H
North Carolina Charles Wolthusen Br. Chuck H
Ohio Herb Anderson H & CC
Ohio Ben Nagel 614-291-8406 CC & Classes
Ohio Mitch Parlette Mitch 740-689-9545 CC
Oklahoma Carol Stone Anderson Sr. Carol Sehy  918-746-4903 H & CC
Oklahoma Tom Connell Tom or David Connell 918-639-3167  CC
Oklahoma Patty Heimdale Brother Patricia Connell  H
Oklahoma Jack King Br. Jack King   H & BBHL
Oklahoma Gary Kirk Br. Gary 918 743-1143  H
Oklahoma Ron Swetnam Br. Ron   H
Oklahoma Stuart Tindle Stuart 918-676-3228 New
Oklahoma Edward VanSchaik Edward 918-406-5342 CC
Oregon Jeanette Carol Chardon Rev Sr Carol 503-866-3192 H
Oregon Daniel Defranko Br. Gregory H
Oregon Gary Indra Rev. Dominic H
Oregon Cynthia  Johnson Cynthia Contact by email
Oregon    Ariel Fauley (private) Sr. Theresa   H
Oregon Jonathan (Phoenix) Linneman  Rev Jonathan Linneman 503-927-3798 H & BBHL
Oregon Auriel Loux Sr. Sarah Davis 541-342-3336 H & CC
Oregon John Miller Br. John Miller 503-652-1775 H
Oregon Peter St. Onge Br. Peter not available H
Oregon Geraldine Swift  Sr. Geraldine Sloane H
Oregon Carol Webb/Jeanette Chardon Rev. Sr. Carol Webb 503-866-3192 H
Oregon Joel Weber Rev. Joel 503 490 2851 H
Pennsylvania Meredith Durning (private) Sr. Meredith H
Pennsylvania Craig Wiggins Br. Craig 484-557-8086 H
South Carolina Gary Markley Raymond 864 608 0985 CC
South Carolina Gregory Benedict Martin Br. James 843-863-042 H & CC
South Dakota Denis Michael Fish Br. Michael 605 342-5590 H
South Dakota  Matthew Martin Br. Thomas   H
South Dakota Marcella Remund CC
Tennessee Bill Dumas n/a 901-867-0867 Discipleship
Tennessee Steven R. Evers  Brother Steve    H, BBHL
Tennessee Richard Karl Shows Brother    
Texas Jan Behl none 817-921-6968 Classes
Texas David Gardner David 716 462  7735 none stated
Texas Linda Herren Sr. Linda (Mercy) & Rev. Mary H
Texas Cindi Hickman Sr. Cynthia Tracy   H
Texas Terry Kinchen Simion then Peter (817)-737-8167  H & Discipleship
Texas John Leon Classes
Texas Roberta Marrone Sr. Roberta ?
Texas Patrick Murphy Patrick 214-662-4339 CC
Texas Janet Taylor (private) Sr. Maria Hammer H
Texas Eugene Tomson 817 831 2442 H
Texas Daniel Wadleigh none 512-686-4245 CC
Texas Roy Wright Michael Wright 512.445.0424 CC
Virginia Fr. William A. Agee  Bill /Oniel 804.314.2210 CC
Virginia JT Caulder John 804.562.6004 H & CC
Virginia Bonnie Johns Sister Margaret    H & CC
Virginia Patricia Koester Sr. Theresa 757-493-9447 H
Virginia Anthony Newman 
(now called Airean Andureal)
Br. Anthony H
Virginia Dennis Wert Dennis Wert 540 662 3776  H
Washington Ann Hunter Sr. Ann Hunter   H
Washington  Don Beckett Brother Donald   H & CC
Washington Christopher Lee Burlison Br. Chris 360 221-1828  H & CC & BB
Washington Thomas Coleman Br. Tom   H
Washington Alexi Ford Mark Klein 360-676-5700  H
Washington Michael Harris Brother Michael 206-595-9788 H & CC
Washington Vincent Huff Rev. Vincent H
Washington Camille Macchia Camille 425-423-9603 Correspondence
Washington Philip Morgan Br. Gregory Morgan 206 281-9514 H
Washington Joanne Roberts Sr. Joanne   H
Washington Julie Goss Smith Rev Julie Goss 509 838-4019  H
Washington Carrie Van Hoy Sister Carrie Meckler / Rev. Carrie Brown  H
Washington Lauren Rachel Wills Rev. Rachel Wills 360-863-1672 H
Washington Swami Ganga-Puri Kaliuttamananda-Giri  Sister Sharon, G 206-550-7202 H
Washington Don & Bev Schmidt Br. Joshua/ Sr. Marie 425 883 2370 H
Washington Deborah Tagas Deborah 253 228 3316 CC
Wisconsin Virginia Bowes Virginia Bowes H
Wisconsin Irene Clark Sister Helen 608-588-7658 H & CC
Wisconsin Greg Kramer Br. Greg H
Wisconsin Nancy Wojner-Serwin 414-332-7279 CC
Belgium Ursula Maria Schneider Sr. Maria 0032-2-532.21.08 Belgian time zone H
Canada Heather Scott Deza 905 850 3285  Classes
Canada, Albert Marc Munan Br. Marc 78O 4293498 H
Canada, British Columbia Beth Emms Sr. Elizabeth 604-885-7226  H
British Columbia, Canada Gabrielle Neumann Sr. Sara H
Canada Peter Monahan    Deceased Br. Peter Discipleship
Canada Craig Ramsay same H
Costa Rica William Wright  Br. Stephen (506) 786-5203  H
England Gayle Haythornthwaite  Gayle Noble CC
India Antar Farid Br. Jeff H & CC
Netherlands Cecilia Fasano 201/385-8927 CC
Netherlands Mary Kaminski Rev. Mary Kaminski   H
Philippines Eli O. Donoso Br. Eli +639173005205 CC
Spain Miguel Martin CC
United Kingdom Bryan McCance Chips 0208 205 9102. Classes

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