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This site is maintained by former Holy Order of MANS members 

who are NOT associated with Christ the Savior Brotherhood.

Please send a separate email if you just want your information updated. Send to webmaster@holyorderofmans.org  Thank You.

The information given below will become a directory listed on this website for others to contact you. Completing this form gives consent for this information to be publicly displayed on the Holy Order of MANS website.

Current Name

Name in HOOM (known as: Brother, Sister, Rev., etc. ??

Member of HOOM Christian Community Attended Classes

Other Association with HOOM

Locations of where you lived (were stationed) while in the Holy Order of MANS or a Christian Community of the Holy Order of MANS


Current Location (State or Country) in which you now reside

Contact Information:
If you are willing to be contacted by others who are desiring contact with former HOOM members or may be looking for another HOOM member (CC) please list below how others may contact you.

E-Mail Address

Phone #   Time zone (USA)Eastern Central Mountain Pacific

If you reside outside of the Continental USA please give phone information

If you wish to be listed in a private directory not available to the public but available to others who are seeking contact please contact webmaster@holyorderofmans.org

Thank you for your willingness to be in community with others by completing this form.

God bless you.   

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