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 This takes you to the table of contents of the books published by the Holy Order of MANS.

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   A form that you can complete so others may contact you. A formal directory of former HOOM and Christian Community members will be created from the information given and displayed on this site.

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   This is an active link to writings from the Science of MAN web site about Father Paul and the History of the HOOM.

   Writings from the Holy Order of Mans on its authority and origins.


Tree of Life Level 1 Lessons

Level 2 - Tree of Life Lessons

Rise of the Golden Dawn (under construction)

Reflections from Web Author

Advanced Training Course


   These are recordings of live lectures and sermons given by teachers in the early days of the Holy Order of Mans.  You have the option of listening via Windows Media Player or Real Audio Player. (We are currently revising this area and you may experience difficulty.)


   These are pictures from the early days of the Holy Order of MANS.  

Photos from HOOM members can be found on these E-groups. http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/HOOM_Photos/




Transcribed Lectures and Classes given by Father Paul Blighton


Spiritual Physician Course

Spiritual Exercises

E-Group of HOOM members - HOOM-Heartbeat

HOOM Again

Book of Alchemy

Color Philosophy

The Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation

This site is maintained by former Holy Order of MANS members 

who are NOT associated with Christ the Savior Brotherhood.

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