The White Brotherhood

The History of the White Brotherhood on Earth and Its Teachings

Chapter 12


We have traced in this book some of the movements of the twelve tribes of Israel and know how the Aryan race progressed, also those that fell away into the Hebrew and Jewish race and the interesting historical panorama. We have talked about angels; we have talked about archangels; we have talked about the finding of the article of discipline of the Essene Order and of many things of the heavens.

What led to the Reality of the White Brotherhood.

There is another side to this story, especially in this day at the beginning of the New Age. This is the Aquarian Age we refer to. The "New Age", the "New Heaven" and the "New Earth" -- in this day the New Heaven is the dawning of a new hope for man. In this day the New Heaven is dawning and is drawing closer to the Earth. In other words, the vibrations of the heaven world and the vibrations of the Earth are closer together in likeness.

Some years ago if we spoke of the White Brotherhood or Masters of the White Lodge a person would look at you, and you wondered just exactly he was thinking about. But it has slowly become a more realistic reality and many are attempting to contact the White Brotherhood for guidance, perhaps some because they do not know that there are Master Teachers here on Earth in the flesh. There was a time when a reference was made to the White Brotherhood or Elder Brothers that people sort of thought you were talking about some of those misguided masters of the black arts or some beings of the abyss or workers of the dark forces that still exist in certain ways on the face of the Earth and around it.

But more and more as people acquainted themselves with metaphysical studies and other great religious leaders, they became more and more interested and gained more acceptance of the reality and many started to seek them out for instructions or other guidance.

The idea that they served black magicians or the devil's helper, thank God, has been thrown out the window and our feet have been planted more squarely on solid ground.

These perfect or near-perfect men, or beings -- as there are some women who have joined this throng -- have been ever vigilant and watchful over human needs, and especially their need of spiritual guidance.

The western Christian has more or less accepted these beings as the natural product of the evolution of man. These are beings of a very high order of things, and they will give men aid.

In these great beings there is a dawn of hope for those who have not been able to reach the Master Jesus Christ too readily. So these beings in their tireless efforts to bring people of the Earth through the experience of initiation that they may become of service to the Master Jesus, make contact with the people and instruct them in things which they need to enhance their growth.

Within the last few years there has been an ever-increasing number of people of both the east and the west that are receiving instructions directly from the White Brothers. Therefore, any doubt of their existence has been eradicated from the minds of most of the Christian masses of people.

For the Way of which Jesus spoke is and can be felt even by the uninitiated because we are so close to the heaven world and these beings are ofttimes seen by our people in meditation.

That is not to say that we should accept any and all beings that appear to us and look to be Teachers, Priests or of the Hierarchy, without checking to find out if this is really true, because you will not cause their wrath to come down upon you by merely checking to find out if they are real and not figments of some being's falsified front which he has assumed.

A falsified front would not withstand the rays of the Christ or the Christ Light or the Sign of the Cross being used and other ways of finding out about their reality.

One person in talking with me said, "Well, how do you speak to them?" and he was perfectly sincere in asking this question. My answer was, "You are talking to me now, aren't you? Well, you do the same to them; you speak to them and then you will get an answer." But don't let this distract your attention from seeking out the Master Jesus or the one you are working with, for if you do you may get side-tracked and become a "phenomena worshipper", which doesn't aid you in achieving your spiritual aims.

Great religions bestow upon this man or perfect being that is in the White Brotherhood different names. Whatever the name, the same idea is beneath it. He might be Krishna, Buddha, the Christ, but he is the same symbol to man. He doesn't belong to any single religion or nation, or a single human family. And he is not stifled by creed.

Everywhere he moves he carries with him this noble atmosphere of the most perfect ideal which every religion proclaims of him. All religions and faiths proclaim him and their religions have in him their justification. He is the ideal toward which they strive, and affects the unification of man.

Through his teaching of the White Brotherhood with which it illumines man and the precision with which the teachings are given on the road, he may be reached as in the Christian teachings. The name of Christ is used as a Perfect Man throughout the Christian colloquial church, but here they miss the reality of the Christos. More than the name of a man, Christ in man, the hope of glory, as Christian Teachers taught.

Christ is also a being -- a divine being, ruler of the Sun. This is not just a burning orb, contrary to what most think, but the first Son of God. He has reached the final goal of humanity and gone beyond.

The name of Christ has carried the term defined as the Anointed One which has confused some with the name Christ Jesus. Well, there is an association because Jesus did take on the Christ, the Christos.

As one would prepare himself to take on any profession, he would steep himself in the realities of his profession until he thought, until he read, until he lived and breathed this reality of the Christ and then he would become as a dweller within the Christ reality.

These Brothers of the White Lodge have breathed and lived the reality of the Christ and God until this time through service and devotion and activity, they are, and all sons of man can also be. They are the Host serving the Almighty Supreme and Nameless One.

In them there lies, so to speak, the pledge of our triumph over darkness and the development of light and divinity in us to bring this world into the reality of being which the Testament speaks of. These beings have kept enough earthly contact so that it not too difficult for them to develop a see-able body that those without the consciousness of spiritual sight may seem them and listen to them.

Thus they can aid those in need in denser physical forms to overcome some attributes in their nature that would endanger their life cycle here on Earth, and they can help them to avoid as much sorrow as possible.

The great beings such as the archangels of fire, air, earth and water can be reached and they may reach us in more complete stages of meditation. These are not as easy to reach and would not be of such a particular interest to the common man who really needs more to contact the White Brothers which can instruct them in the ways of the Christ and our Lord Jesus, the Lord of this Earth.

In the simplicity with which we follow their instructions (and the simplicity of their instructions is certainly unique), one doesn't have to have a college education or a dictionary handy to understand a Brother who is trying to guide them on the Way.

The Perfect Man of the Christian Faith is our Lord Jesus Christ. The first of these great initiations, so to speak, is the birth of Christ within in your own consciousness, overcoming the "high" or "high consciousness", and the realization of the falling away of limitations as well-known by the students.