The Masters

The History of the White Brotherhood on Earth and Its Teachings


Chapter 11


Not only was Jesus born of parents who lived in the Essene community of Galilee, but since all these Gentiles who lived in this community were of Aryan blood they were, therefore, descendants of the original founders of the White Brotherhood.

It is a notable fact that all the apostles and disciples selected by Jesus lived in Galilee. Of the apostles, all but two were Aryan-born as Gentiles. The only two with Jewish names were men who, although born in Jewish families, were raised as Gentiles in the Gentile country of Galilee.

He came as an avatar unconnected with all religions of the past, and brought to the Earth the teachings for this new age. His new teachings were not a modification of Judaism or of any former religion. Nor were they so completely different or antagonistic of Judaism or any other religion, that any of the leaders of the various religions should desire the persecution of Jesus.

The truth of the matter is that most of the converts of the multitude of followers who admired and worshipped Jesus and followed Jesus as a great Teacher, were Jews.

The few Jews of prominence in the Jewish religion or Jewish church who were against Jesus, were unworthy Jews who held their high position through political influence. Therefore, they had the same interests at heart in the political sense as the Romans. This is the reason they joined the Romans in the persecution of Jesus.

Jesus was not attempting to establish a church, but the true way of living and thinking for the whole earth, and a better comprehension and the reality of natural and spiritual laws. His work was non-sectarian, and non-denominational, and we can see by everything that Jesus said that he had no intention of pitting one church against another or one religion against another.

If we follow the history of the work of the disciples and the apostles after the public mission of Jesus was ended, we find that for the first, second, third and fourth centuries, the prominent leaders in the Christian movements were mystics as well as members of the White Brotherhood.

We can trace backwards through the centuries before Jesus to similar cycles when other great avatars came out of the White Brotherhood into public life and began their great missions of public instruction for the salvation and redemption of man. In the ancient times, the teachings of the great avatars had to be remembered and carried in the consciousness of the people, and only a part of what they said or did was recorded permanently.

The great works of Zoroaster and the disciples begun between his time and that of Jesus, was written or carved on walls of temples or on monuments, and time and climatic conditions have obliterated most of such records.

It is a fact that Jesus is the greatest of all the Initiates and of the avatars. He was the most evolved, the most perfect explanation of the mystic that the world has ever known.


The Elder Brothers

As our solar system is a replica of the cosmic universe, so also is the inner government of this planet a replica of the spiritual government of our solar universe. And thus the spiritual Hierarchy of heaven is reflected or reproduced in the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.

Since progress toward a goal of perfection is a universal law in the world of life and form, it should in no wise be strange to accept that the ladder of life extends as infinitely far beyond mankind as it does below his present level of progress.

The process of man's growth has continued over many eons of time. From out of the ages, there have been many who passed the very level where each now stands. The existence of certain Great Ones has always been known to a few who had earned the right to such knowledge. These great beings have completed their human evolution, the lessons to be learned in carnate form, and have no ambition now except to serve Him, their Creator and King, the Lord of this Universe.

Even as the Archangels carry out the work of their Creator in the larger schemes, the Elder Brothers of the Great White Lodge carry forth on Earth the manifold activities of the Lord of our planet.

As things celestial are mirrored in the terrestrial, so also do these White Brothers represent the heavenly Hierarchy to those upon the Path of Attainment. Their organization follows the Divine Plan. They are Masters, or Lords of Form, exalted beings who nevertheless have existed as actual persons; supermen who in the past have evolved through great personal sacrifice and have attained to those heights which are the goal of every person. It is these who bow down before the throne in Revelations.

This assembly of "just men made perfect" constitutes the "Inner Government of our World", and through the conscious Mind of the Father directs its affairs to the end that God's plan for men may become a reality -- that His Will may be done on Earth, and carried out in this world by men, even as it is in the heavenly world, in the Mind and Will of God.

Being nearer than incarnate man to the Divine Image, they are true mediators between God and man. But they are not dictators over earthly affairs, even in the carrying out of Divine Plan, for the simple reason that man's prerogative of free will may not be taken from him. He has been given the priceless heritage of decision, and if he chooses to ignore divine guidance, he must through bitter experience and the fruits of his own errors, soon or late, learn the way of wisdom and truth. Even the angels of heaven do not force men to go against their own will, leaving it up to man himself to determine when he will come to terms with the inevitable, and learn to place himself in harmony with the Divine Plan.

The Masters of the White Brotherhood tend to work more with humanity as a whole, often motivating or acting as inspiring influences behind world movements. Seldom is their work outwardly evident, for it entails more activity on the mental and spiritual plane than in the physical. Much of the Master's work, even among those incarnated on this plane, is done in seclusion from the world, and in their own higher vehicles, unhampered by time and space.

Occasionally one of them has returned to Earth where he has taken up a body and become active in world affairs to the extent of creating new activities for mankind's upliftment. Some have come as Teachers who have, with the help of their followers, launched spiritual movements and added leaven to the world's religions.

Jesus was one Master who attained such heights of human perfection as to become a fitting vessel for the Divine Incarnation. He offered his body as the most fit vehicle for the Lord of Love and Compassion, in that living drama of the mystical Christ earning the right to be called Mediator between man and God.

Taken all together, the work of these Masters rests in preparing the world for the coming age, and training persons to be of use in the upliftment of mankind. These are all carrying a heavy burden, and much of the work is delegated to Initiates and advanced disciples whose only thought is not of personal gain, but of the good they can do to prepare Man for the welcoming of the Christ once more upon this Earth.

In between the coming of the great avatars, the White Brotherhood carried on its work of instructing the masses, building up the intellect and ideals of the people so that gradually they would be prepared for the coming of the next cycle and the next great avatar.

Today the White Brotherhood is carrying on its work; it anticipates the starting of a new cycle in the very near future and the mass of people who have been prepared carefully and whose consciousness, evolving rapidly and rising up, demands a great change in the teachings and practices of religious principles, at which time there will be a world-wide recognition of the fundamental mystical principles that enable man to improve himself and to gain self-mastery. The result probably will be a laying aside of most of the present-day religious distinctions and denominations and the uniting of all people in one religious school or church.

Those who remain here for this next great cycle will be only those who truly seek the light of the great Christos. A secondary result of this great change will be the laying aside of the present political boundaries and limitations in the form of a world government.

It may be that just as a point is reached in the evolving consciousness of the generation, another great avatar or a number of them, may appear. It is possible that one may appear in each country to be the leaders of the new movement.

These avatars will be as one in their purpose, teachings and leadership. However, none of them will take the place of an individual world saviour as Jesus did. For man must evolve to a point where he is ready and prepared to accept the redemption within himself from Jesus by proper thinking and proper association with others.