Chapter 16


            From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by Holy Order of MANS



            Since the ordination ceremony is not one that priests will normally be performing we will not go through it step by step, just hit the high points that should be understood. It is greatly beneficial for all priests to read the ordination ceremony every now and then to renew and restrengthen their realization of their priestly authority and power.


            The ordination ritual begins with one of the most sublime prayers ever recorded, the preamble:


            For God so loved the World, that He gave the Lost Word to Man -- that this being, Man, might see Earth and Heaven together. He gave His Son, Christ Jesus -- that Man might fulfill the glory of being the Son of God.


            Traveling from infinity to infinity surrounded in royal purple -- to take his place above the angels -- requiring but one act -- that he love his Creator first. Then would all other things be added unto him.


            With pride in the words and works of the Father, which bringeth peace and harmony. "Love that is conceived and born through self-forgetting service to God, Man, and Spirit."


            This prayer is called the preamble not just because it begins the ritual but also because it is a re-enactment of the creation itself from the Genesis to the present moment, including the Word made flesh, Christ Jesus. It reveals especially the great love of God for man and the world which is the motivator of all things.


            The preamble is divided into three parts. The first part shows the work of God; the second part shows the place or contribution of man as priest; the third part shows the work of the Spirit in man as man gives vent to loving service.


            God's love for the world was so great that He planted in it the seeds of His own being, His own creativity. This is the Lost Word that He gave to Man. God made Man a creator like unto Himself, giving him the power of the Word and the function of the Law.


            It is called the Lost Word because as God gives it forth, the moment He speaks it, it is no longer with Him because He gives it forth in the Law which He had established. Therefore it is now functional, and lost unto Him, and let go to become a functional working reality. He gave this to man that man might share with God the ineffable joys of His own divinity so that man experiences God, and God experiences man. Earth and Heaven are united in the Divine nature of all things, through the Son of God, the Star of David with the dot in the center.


            In the preparation of an individual for the priesthood there are three stages which he must show proof of having achieved: 1) regeneration, 2) realization, 3) renunciation. All three are necessary for a being to attain to the priesthood and its function.


            In the preamble all three of these stages are brought in. "He gave His son Christ Jesus that man might fulfill the glory of being the Son of God." Only regeneration can make this possible. It is through the continual action and reaction of illumination which brings regeneration that man will build his light body and become the Son of God.


            The second paragraph of the preamble beginning with "traveling from infinity to infinity" shows the prerogatives and the position of honor held by the priest. It tells him that all these things are made possible only by one act, that he love his Creator first, then would all other things be added unto him. This is the act of renunciation.


            Only when man renounces the world completely can he go behind the veil to be surrounded in royal purple. Only when man has cut his ties with the earth can he travel from infinity to infinity. Only when man releases the dross of material consciousness will he take his place above the angels -- the rightful place of the priest.


            All this and more is given to the one who will love the Creator above all things; but if you hold anything before your Creator, and some of us do occasionally, it all will turn to ashes. This is because when you have become a priest you are functioning on a higher level of realization now and the only support of your power and authority is God. Your mind and intention has to be pure.


            This includes all the subtleties of mind, feeling, and emotion. This means that you will place God first over all that you desire and all that you like and want to do and all that you don't want to do.


            Your only tool is Self. If you fall back into the old habit of thinking, the Self, no matter how infallible, is useless because you cannot hear it and have turned your head from its wisdom.


            Once you have achieved renunciation there is nothing you can't do. There are no limits to you because to the Power, the Law, and to the Spirit of God all things are possible through Christ Jesus. The only barriers that can exist to the priest are the unreal ones that originate in the head.


            When you have pride in the words and works of the Father this helps make the realization possible and your service fruitful. This is the only pride that is permissible in Creation. Loving service to the Spirit helps to build the permanency of self-realization within you. Listening to the Spirit will lead you from the door of realization into the other side of Life -- the heaven world -- where God, Man, and Spirit work in perfect harmony.


            When you can lay your hands on a man and say, "Father release the power of the Christos, through our Lord Jesus Christ, heal him, Jesus," and down it comes. It is done, and you say, "thank you, Father", as you feel the wonder of it. When you can wear that suit and collar honestly and know that it represents the function of creation, that it represents the fact that you have taken upon yourself the responsibility to function as God's mediator here on Earth and you can stand up under it. That's pride in the words and the works of the Father.


            If you can't be proud of the works of the Father then you are not accepting Him as the sole Divine Conscious Source of all life.


            Finally, we acknowledge that the only true test of love is in service, that the only love that you can experience that approaches Divine Love is the "love that is conceived and born through self-forgetting service to God, man, and Spirit."


            In the next couple of steps the initiate is examined to see that he has prepared himself. When he answers in Step Six, "Yes, I know and believe," he says "believe" because he is not a priest yet and he acknowledges that he cannot know some of the things with certainty until he is given the rights of a priest.


            Following this is the regular communion. The presiding Master is preparing the spiritual food and forgiveness for the initiate.


            In Steps 16 and 17 the initiate receives the Body and Blood. All of his errors of his entire karmic past are absolved. The initiate is receiving -- by the same Holy Alchemy that will soon be his right to use -- the fruits of Christ and the essence of life.


            This means just what it says: The bread, the body, is the fruit of the Sun. The Sun gives it life and causes growth, and it is through our Lord Jesus Christ that this is possible. For it is through His being, His Self, His mantle, that this Sun must go and the diversified power and energy of the Father coming through the Sun produces the life force. This is the way in which the body of man and the Body of Christ does grow.


            "Eat and be absolved." This is a mandate of the presiding Master to ensure complete absolution. This is the removal of all earthly error. The first absolution, brought by the atonement of Jesus Christ, was of Heaven. This second absolution through the use of the law and the Word of the ordaining Master is of Earth. The Atonement is the absolution granted of Heaven because it was planned by the hierarchy of Heaven and then carried out on Earth. But this absolution is of the Earthly priesthood, that is, the Heavenly priesthood on Earth; the use of the rights given by one rightfully initiated.


            The drinking of the Blood is the completion of the Star of David -- Earth and Heaven together. It is the essence of life because it is His blood, the Divine essence. "Receive the Divine atonement of all past error, divined by Christ Jesus, Lord of Earth." Here is where the Lord of Earth can really cut this off. In the previous step absolution is given but here the divine atonement is extended to cover his entire karmic past and his acts of the future, and he begins an entirely new life. This can be granted only by the Lord Christ Jesus in His messianic function.


            Here the Last Supper is brought into the ordination of the priesthood just before the final half of the rite. This, in a sense, is the last supper on Earth for the initiate just as it was for the Master. He is being given last rites because he is leaving Earth permanently, severing all Earthly ties.


            With the partaking of the Body and the Blood the first part of the ordination comes to an end.


            The ordination is divided into three parts. The first is the preparation which has just been completed. Following this is the second part, the declarations of intent by the initiate, the full profession of the priestly vows, and the giving of all in service. The final section is the passing of the rights, and authority, and power of the priesthood to the initiate by the presiding Master.


            Steps 18 through 22 are the questions asked and the declarations of intent by the initiate.


            In Step 23 the ordaining Master issues the challenge to the outer court and breaks all ties with the world.


            Step 24 is the full profession of the eternal vows of the priesthood by the initiate.


            Step 25 is the robing of the initiate. This step ends the second part of the ritual. The initiate is here accepted by his Brothers and Sisters of the priesthood.


            In the following steps the Ordaining Master gives to the initiate the gifts and the weapons of Heaven, given only to those that offer all in service. His cross is returned to him blessed with the protection of Heaven. He is girded with the cord of the rights and authority of his office. For his eternal service is accepted for him a full supply of spiritual and material gifts. He is then given the Rod of Power of the priesthood -- the reality and edict of the Law. His word shall become flesh.


            In Steps 32 through 34 the initiate takes the final steps that he personally makes. He vows himself to the eternal glory of all forevermore and then offers his hands to be used for the Will of God, for they are now the hands of the Creator on Earth.


            In Step 35 the ordaining Master passes to the new priest the special power of the priesthood, that what his word declares shall be bound in Earth and bound in Heaven. He is also vested with the authorities of the priesthood and given the title of Minister of the Sons of God through the Holy Order of MANS.


            In Step 36 is the marriage to Christ. Here the new priest receives the Holy Wedding Ring. He is wed in everlasting service to the Almighty and Nameless One.


            Step 37 is the charge of sacred trust that the priest takes, never to divulge anything given by a brother and to give help and healing to all people.


            Step 38 is the final vow of obedience which binds the ordained priest to the Office of Director General and covers all preceding vows and acclamations.


            Step 39 is the pronouncing of the final proclamation of the ordaining Master of this initiate priest in the sacred brotherhood of the Holy Order of MANS, after the Order of Melchisedec under the Golden Cross.


            Step 40, Benediction.



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