Chapter 13

            From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by Holy Order of MANS





            We of the Holy Order of MANS have been given a great blessing in this New Age by receiving through the Revelation of Our Lord, the Mass of the Christos, whereby a dully ordained Priest may prepare, through sacramental action, a new Light Body of the seeker. As Priests it is of utmost importance that we have a true understanding of the Illumination so that we may follow the signposts that life gives us in determining the proper use of this Rite.


            Here is a quote from the Revelation of the Master received January 5, 1971: "Illumination is not just a matter of your receiving some light and being able to see it. Illumination is a matter of receiving light and then letting go and letting go and letting go until your complete body is full of light, until you have so much light that you can never see darkness."


            You may have noticed in your work those who have come really into the Illumination. One thing that is perhaps most notable is that the countenance of the individual is altered, and I would refer you here to the Transfiguration of our Master, for this same statement appears there in the Holy Bible. There is a definite change in the state of being of the person who has really received the Illumination.


            It is our job to prepare the seeker for this and to help him to give himself up in sacrifice to the Master so that the divine Christ Life may come to him.


            One of the signposts that it is important for us to notice in preparing a student for Illumination is what is commonly and scripturally referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. It is here that the individual experiences perhaps more fully than ever in his life the Reality of his separation from God; for he has approached a point, so to speak, of Reality, where he recognized total failure of his own devices. This dark night is not something that you consciously will try to bring about, but you will see it when it begins to happen as it will happen to all seekers of the Light regardless of prior experience.


            The importance of this is that it is only with the realization of failure that sufficient desire can be generated within the individual to really give himself up -- which is the only thing that will really let the Light enter. Consider this statement in the Mass itself in the opening prayer where it says, speaking to the Father: "We present you with one, a Brother, who gives his temple to the Light of Christ," and later in step 6,  "Oh Master, release the Light of Christ to take over Thy Temple and inhabit it."  Thy Temple , you see -- for it is no longer that Brother's -- it is the Master's own. For He said -- "through me you shall see the face of the Father."


            Without this giving up the student may see some light and may experience an exhilaration, as you call it down, but unless he has reached a point where to his own mind at least (and this should actually come, and will, from deeper than mind -- for it is a motivation of the indwelling spirit) he desires to give himself up, your ritual will be but a sham, and he will go away disillusioned, and will become frustrated and fall away.


            It seems so common to us, who have reached the Illumination and deal with it each day, that we tend to forget the importance placed upon that experience which is the goal of each new student, and that the validity of this will in many cases determine a student's further development as a Brother in Christ.


            Now in the ritual itself it is equally important to know what you are doing as a Priest. Remember, this man is making a sacrifice, and it is your duty as a Priest, just as in the old temple, to officiate and make sacrifice at the altar of God. You are not God here, but a Priest serving in attendance upon Him and that contact had better really be there or you might as well turn and blow out the candles and go home. Because you are a Priest, and with the authority that is given, you are speaking to Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven for this man. You see he is unable while he yet remains in darkness to really bridge that gap.


            Look into the old temple rites, and I know you will find many clues to Priestly function there, although this is a new age and our work is on a higher level.


            For example, when you place your hands around the Solar Plexus in the first blessing, you are creating a potential here for the Light to be attracted to and when you speak the Word -- and your actions are also your prayers. "Let it come down now", you have received this man's offerings and have given it to the Master, and it will come down. It must, for this is the Law in action.


            Give this a little time and let it build well and do not go on until you are satisfied that your prayer has been answered at this point. Then turn to the Brother and ask him if he accepts the Light, because your prayer must be complete first.


            The witnessing by another Brother or Priest who has the Light, and has shown an ability to use the spiritual sight and a willingness to do so. This witness should not just be a yes man, but a person who is willing to look and see with their own eyes and declare what they see. Spend time with this person beforehand if necessary, so that they too will understand what is happening here. This is an essential part of this ritual; not just for the student's confidence, but because in the old temple and in the new; the candidate was never accepted on one person's word. This is a symbolic acceptance by all the Brothers of the Holy Order of Mans that this has really happened. You will notice also that you have a Trinity here of the Priest, the candidate, and the witness. Now you have a complete form and you may ask the Master to seal this Reality -- for you would not want to, nor would you get it, if this form was not complete.


            Take care with each of these steps so that this Brother may be assured of a full life in the Illumination. For this is very important to him, to us, and to the work of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Too many times we have seen students who have only been partially worked with in this way or have been worked with improperly. It is time we grew up concerning the inner work of the temple and became Priests truly and not just good Bible teachers or ministers. The lives and souls of so many people depend upon this.


            Generally speaking, the best time to use the Mass of the Christos is in the evening, because the magnetic forces of earth are much stronger at night, and this will help the individual see the light more clearly. After evening prayers is usually a good time. The magnetic forces will act as an attractant to the Christ Force.


            Take great care and be sure you are right when you decide to use the Mass of the Christos on an individual. It should never be used as a means to boost the energy of someone just because you think he needs it. This Mass was specifically given by the Master to be used for those who are really ready to come into the Light when there is no Teacher available to bring them in.


            Timing is important. You have to be able to function as a true priest in this. You have to be able to see. It is not a matter of what you would like to do or when you would like to do it. Every person seeking the light follows a cycle of exhilaration and depression and it is best to catch him when he is just on the up-swing.


            Be extremely careful when using the Mass of the Christos on people in the Discipleship Program and the Christian Communities and other outsiders. Remember that these people are not under vows and you have very little control over their lives. You should only bring someone like this into the Light when you are absolutely sure that he is really ready and receptive to the Light and has an understanding of the spiritual life. After he has received the sacrament by all means do some follow-up work with him if you can.


            Too often in the recent past priests have used the Mass of the Christos in a not entirely responsible way when dealing with those who are not member of the Order. Much confusion has resulted in the minds of people regarding Illumination and other initiations because of it. After insufficient preparation someone is given the Mass of the Christos and told "Now you have the Light, isn't it wonderful." Then they forget all about him, and he is left wondering what it all means.


            Don't treat non-members as if they were Brothers and Sisters. This includes the "old hands" who have been associated with the Order for some time. They have not dedicated their lives, no matter how nice they may be. They have not dedicated their lives and they do not have the strength and advantage of the vows. They will need a careful and understanding approach. On the other hand, if you see someone who has so much light that it hurts, don't hesitate to take him out of his misery and into the new life.


            You are not using the Mass of the Christos to run up an impressive "box-score". You are not to use it to prove your own abilities as a priest.


            Remember this is a sacred precious gift. To bring someone into the Illumination has always in the past been the exclusive right of the Teacher. That this prerogative is now made available for priests to use in an accepted sacramental form would be considered unheard of in the eyes of those of the old schools.


            You are privileged to participate in a great mystery and a holy sacrifice. You are the midwife helping the Master give birth to a new child of light and setting him on his way toward greater understanding and realization of God.



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