Chapter 11

            From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by Holy Order of MANS


            Last Rites, or the Writ of Upsilon, is the sacrament that deals with the transition, the point in the life of a human soul in which he makes the transition and bridges the void between the physical world and the spiritual worlds. The point where he throws off his physical body and leaves this realm of vibration entirely to live and move and experience the gifts of the spirit and the fruits of his action on what we call "the other side."


            Writ of Upsilon is the name given in revelation for our Last Rites ceremony. No explanation was given as to why it should be called this peculiar name, but there is an historical reference. In the ancient mystery school founded by the Greek sage, Pythagoras, the Greek letter upsilon (^) was used to symbolize what they called the Parting of the Ways. This was the crucial moment when the initiate would have to choose between two paths. One leading to the left, symbolizing the darkness or negation, life of illusion in the physical worlds. The other path leading to the right, symbolizing the decision to follow the path that leads to spiritual reality.


            This also relates to the parable used by the master of the judgment that takes place in the heaven world after transition, when those on the left hand, called the goats, are cast into hell, and those on the right hand, called the sheep, are led into the heavenly sheepfold. In other words, the letter upsilon symbolized the point of transition, the point of new beginnings, the parting of the ways, the crossroads of initiation.


            The character used for upsilon is the same symbol that is used to indicate the astrological sign of Aries. (^) Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizes Spring, new birth, new beginnings, fresh initiative, and resurrection. Thus, we see by this perfectly appropriate symbol that the Writ of Upsilon is the rite that presides over the transition of the soul from a life lived in the physical world or state of dense vibration to the life lived in the spiritual or heaven worlds, much higher on the vibrational ladder.


            In order to understand and use this ritual rightly, you, as a priest, have to understand the nature and function of the inter-dimensional worlds, the heaven worlds, those realms or states or interim of higher vibration than the physical to which the soul is bent after it leaves the plane of earth through the gate of death or transition. Now, this understanding is what separates the priest from the mere functionary working in a ministerial capacity.


            In this sacrament you are the mediator between heaven and earth for the soul which is about to pass over the veil, the Great Divide. Therefore, you have to know how to function in those worlds and you have to be somewhat cognizant and familiar with those beings who populate these worlds, our Brothers in White, and all of the heavenly Hierarchy.


            You have to develop your spiritual faculties so that you know what's going on, and can thereby help guide the individual over the threshold and also aid in the work of the Brothers who are on the other side ready to greet this individual.


            For we know that there are groups of Brothers and Orders of Angels whose primary function is to aid in the transition of souls as they make their way from the physical world to the other side.


            In the very near future it will probably become a common practice for our priests to carry with them in a portable container the consecrated oil to be used in the Last Rites, so that they will be able to perform this sacrament if ever and whenever an emergency arises.


            Last Rites may be effective both just before the person goes through transition -- while he is still on this side and just after he has passed over within a three-day period. In either case, you are justified in using this sacrament to help prepare the soul to meet the world of Heaven in a more prepared manner.


            Many people, who have had no teaching or no training about the worlds of heaven and of earth, are completely confused when they find themselves still conscious only out of their bodies. There is often great fear and great anxiety as these people find themselves in a totally inexplicable situation and in a state in which they have no control over their being and nothing in their own experience of the past to which they can relate it and gain understanding.


            The Writ of Upsilon will help that soul gain an understanding, at least in a very minimum way, with what he is presented with and how he should proceed. It will also guide the Brothers and the angels to him. They will help him and it will help to eliminate some of the confusion that he must feel when he seems to be thrust totally out of control in a totally strange environment and world.


            For others who have had some teaching and training and know that life is continuous and ever-evolving at the point of being, and if they have developed some control of mind, transition will be a lot easier.


            But, even for those, the Last Rites will consecrate the soul and the being, removing any negation, and will prepare him to meet his Maker and his doom, so to speak, for each soul does meet his doom when he reaches the other side of transition.


            This doom is written upon his soul, for all of his thoughts, all of his actions, all of his deeds are now taken into account. Those that are of a negative nature and quality are going to have to be suffered through and eliminated. They will be suffered through on the other side in the lower worlds so that he can become conscious of the real reality. This is done in order to rise to the heights of his own understanding and comprehension into the heaven worlds. There he will gain his training and be prepared to return again to earth to gather more experience to purify his being more so he can then attain to true union with the Divine.


            Basically then, the sacrament of Last Rites involves a preparation and purification and a consecration of the individual through Jesus Christ, Our Lord of Earth, Because it is through His Body and His Consciousness that this transition does take place.


Step 1 is called the sanctification of the Rite. And, the words of the prayer are:


"O Holy Host Above, I call upon thee as a servant of Jesus Christ, to sanctify our actions this day, in preparation for the fulfillment of the Will of God."


            Here you are calling upon the Host because the Host of Heaven are the ones who have this function in the heaven of guiding souls as they travel through the world of heaven and pass through transition. So, since these are the ones directly involved these are the ones you contact immediately.  You ask them to sanctify our directions and prepare us for the fulfillment of this Rite, which is the Will of God.


Step 2 is the Invocation:


"I call upon the great Archangel Raphael, Master of the Air, to open the way for this to be done. Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit now descend that this being might be awakened to the greater world beyond and the life of earth and be infused with the power of the Holy Spirit."


            You call upon Archangel Raphael, because he is the Lord of the Air. Air is the medium, as we know, of all transformations of power and vibration, of all communications between worlds and within worlds, the medium in which all movement of any kind takes place. Air, alchemic air, is the medium in which all vacuums are formed and filled, in which all healings take place, and through which the Holy Spirit does function.


            Raphael, whose name means God the Healer, is the Hierarchical Chief of all the angels and Brothers whose function is to expedite all such transformations, transitions, communications, and movements in the world of vibration.


            Then we call upon the Holy Spirit to prepare this being for the awakening to the greater world beyond, for the Holy Spirit is the prime motivator of all that we are about to do in this sacrament.


Step 3 is the Dedication of the Soul. We call upon the Master:


"O Lord Jesus Christ, Most Merciful Lord of Earth, we ask that you receive this child into your arms that he might pass in safety from this crisis. As Thou has told us with Infinite compassion: Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in Me. In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And, whither I go ye know, and the Way ye know. (This is from John 14: 1-4) So let it be done!"


            Then we go to Our Lord Jesus, as Lord of Earth, because it is through His being and His mantle that this soul must travel. And, He is Master of all things and all transformations that take place upon and within and in the atmosphere of the earth. We are asking the Master to receive this child into His arms that he might pass in safety across the Great Divide, across the void from one world to another. We are asking the Master specifically, because this is what He told us He would do. When He was on the earth, He promised us that He would prepare a place for us. And that we would have prepared for us in the world of heaven a place to go, so that we would be spared the pain and the anguish and the trouble that follow an unregenerate soul, -- if we trust in Him. And this is what we are declaring, this is what we are asking the Master to follow through on, His own promise. We know that it will be done, and that this soul, if properly consecrated, will find his way to the place that has been prepared for him by the Master Himself, in the worlds beyond.


Step 4 is the Absolution and the Purification.


            At this point, if the person is conscious, you accept his confession. If he is unconscious, you contact him where he is and you accept his acceptance of what you are about to do.


            Then you dip your thumb into the consecrated oil, and as you say the following prayer, you make a cross on his forehead with the thumb. First the vertical line, from the top to the bottom, then the horizontal line, from the left to the right, and as you do this you say:


"By this sign thou art anointed with the Grace of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and thou art absolved of all past error and freed to take your place in the world that He has prepared for us."


            Make no mistake about it. While you are anointing the body, in reality you are consecrating the soul, and you are accepting for this soul the complete absolution of all past error and the freeing of this soul from all ties to earth and so that this being will be able to reach his proper place in the heaven world without impediment and without suffering. We know that this consecration and this anointing will hold good in the world of the Spirit.


Step 5 is the Prayer of Universal Thanksgiving.


            Here is where you accept what has just been accomplished with joy and with an upliftment of heart and spirit. You recite Psalm 89: 1-7, which is a song of praise to the glorious God who is so merciful that he gives man total freedom to pass through the realms of heaven and earth and gain experience and grow Godlike.

Finally in Step 6 you close the ceremony with the benediction. You say:


"And thus do I commend thee into the arms of our Lord of Earth, our Lord Jesus Christ, preserver of all mercy and reality, and the Father, Creator. We give Him glory as we give you into His arms in everlasting peace, to be prepared to return into the denser reality of God the Father, Creator of all. Amen. Amen. Amen."


            Here we actually commend the soul into the merciful arms of our Lord of Earth, our Lord Jesus Christ. He is for us the preserver of God's great mercy and the restorer of the heavenly reality (to us) through Him do we reach the Divine and liberating reality, the kingdom of heaven, because it is through Him that we can attain unto the Father. We give the Father glory because He is the Source of all, at the same time that we give this soul into the realm of everlasting peace, the peace that passes all understanding.


            This realm is, as it were, the arms of the Father Himself, where the soul will be prepared to return in another incarnation and grow further upon the path where he will learn of the joys and the mysteries of life and of the wondrous Being in which he lives and moves and has his being. He will take his place with all mankind to help with the evolution of man. He will do his part and he will share in the Divine life. It is for this that we consecrate this soul. It is for this transition from the limiting relative ignorance of the plane of earth to the unlimited freedom and joy and fulfillment of the kingdom of Heaven .


            It is often a very good thing to have with you as you are performing the Last Rites, the Body and the Blood, either transformed previously or on the spot, at which time you can give him Communion. If he is conscious, you can give him the Body and the Blood, and if he is unconscious, you can place a little bit of the Body and the little bit of the Blood on his tongue. This is a wonderful thing to do because when the soul is at the point of transition, he is actually at the point of becoming a much fuller participator in the Body of Christ. As he receives the Body and the Blood he then will have an easier time of transition as he goes to the other side.

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