The Sacrament of Marriage

Part One

Chapter 8

            From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by Holy Order of MANS


The Sacrament of Marriage is the action that introduces the sacramental character of the Divine Pattern into the marriage of a man and a woman. It consecrates or makes holy the union of male and female in the sight of God.


Now what this actually means has never been fully understood by mankind and is far from being clearly appreciated today. Some of our own people have not seen this yet in all of its beauty and dignity. In order to have a proper appreciation of the sacrament of marriage, we have to have a correct understanding of the nature and purpose of the institution of marriage.


As priests in the Holy Order of MANS we have to get in the habit of working in cooperation with the Hierarchy. Let us strive, therefore, to the best of our ability, to see the development of mankind from the standpoint of the White Brotherhood. This means we have to develop a cosmic perspective when dealing with the events and activities of life on earth and mankind in his social institutions. We have to let go of our own opinions and feelings about this subject and view it from a higher consciousness.


Usually, when we discuss marriage in the Order we look at it from the standpoint of the individual man and woman learning to live together in a creative harmony. In order to see how this fits into the cosmic plan of the Christ we have to look at the institution of marriage as well, first as a pattern, then as a sacrament.


Let us ask some pertinent questions. How does Jesus Christ look at the sacrament of marriage? Do not shrink from the attempt to view things from the Master’s perspective. After all, we are His servants and His priests and we have a right to this consciousness.


What is the function of marriage in the Mind of the Father and cosmic law?


What is the function of the marriage institution in the biological and social life of man?


What part does marriage play in the evolution of man?


What part does the Order play in the development of new patterns of life for the new age? Is marriage a key factor in this?


Actually marriage is a very simple thing. It is the mind of man that has made it a complex issue. The whole thing is completely summed up in Genesis 1:26-27: “And God (Elohim) said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image. In the image of God created He him, Male and female created He them.”


Let us get down on our hands and knees for a moment and take a look at this in its simple reality. Man is created in the image of God; therefore, man reflects what God is. As above, so below. Where God is one, man is one. Where God shows polarity, man shows polarity.


It is clear from the Genesis account that as man descended out of the mind of God he at first was not differentiated into the sexes, the male and female. Adam, in other words, did not look like a Caucasian male Hollywood actor, wearing a fig leaf. When the Genesis account uses the word “man”, it is not referring to the male sex, but to the androgynous being of Self-soul.


The Hebrew word for Adam means “red earth”. The Hebrew letters for the word Adam are Aleph, the Fool; Daleth, the Empress; and Mem, the suspended man. A study of these three keys will reveal the wisdom of the ancient sages, what they knew regarding the creation of man. It shows that the superconsciousness of the creative life breath (Aleph) acting upon the watery mind stuff of the cosmic mind (Mem) is about to descend into form, into germination, through the door of life (Daleth.)


Thus the very letters of the name Adam suggest man in his beginnings was not polarized into male and female, but was a uniform creature created in the image of God, a Self-soul descending out of the Divine perfection of the Mind of the Father into the realms of materiality; and as it descended it later divided itself into male and female for the purpose of aiding its conscious growth on the upward arc of evolution back into the oneness of the Mind of the Father.


We see, therefore, that woman and man are only female or male because of the vehicles they occupy. Each being in himSELF is both male and female and the spirit that each himSELF carries, that undying and eternal being within, bears no one gender.


In the past the division of the sexes resulted from the suppression of one pole of the androgynous being of man in order that the vital energies manifesting through it might be diverted to the development of the rational faculties. Man and woman in reality are both spiritually complete but in the material world the feminine part of man’s nature and the masculine part of woman’s nature are quiescent.


Thus, in the well-known phrase of a good friend of mine, man and woman reflect the “Creator positive and negative.” While we often say that man works through the mind and woman works through the heart, this is not exactly correct. It would be more accurate to say, that the male aspect works through the mind or reasoning, and this is what usually predominates in man; and the female aspect works primarily through feeling or the heart, and this is what usually predominates in woman, but both aspects exist perfectly in both sexes.


Through spiritual unfoldment, however, the latent element in each nature is gradually brought into activity and ultimately the human being gains perfect equilibrium on the physical, on the mental, and on the spiritual levels. Thus, woman and man are perfectly equal beings in the Mind of God and differ only in function.


From this point of view, then, marriage can be seen on the individual level as a companionship in which two complete soul-personalities, manifesting opposite polarities, are brought into association that each may thereby awaken the qualities latent in the other and thus assist in the attainment of individual completeness. And on the level of service in the body of Christ, marriage is seen as two individual beings dedicated in service, each whole in himself, though differing in bodily function, of similar level or consciousness, joined together in holy harmony to provide a perfect vehicle of service for the Christ and to represent the creative wholeness of God in service to mankind under the mantle of our Lord Jesus Christ of earth.


Marriage is thus not an end in itself but a means to an end.


Nature works by the law of correspondence, the principle of “as above, so below” existing throughout the universe. Thus the male body is positive on the physical plane and negative on the spiritual plane. The female body is negative on the physical plane and positive on the spiritual plane. Therefore, in a marriage union man gives life to woman on a physical level and woman give life to man on a spiritual level.


We see then that it is incorrect to say simply that man is positive and woman is negative, because it depends on which level of function you are talking about. We also know that the “weaker sex” idea is a complete mistake, because it is often seen that, while men are usually physically stronger than women, women often show superior inner strength.


Man give to woman the authority of the Word. Woman gives to man a creative media – she is the fertile ground. This means that the man, in a true marriage, strengthens the male aspect of the woman and develops the positive creative power of the Word she uses. This is what Paul meant when he said, “man is the head of the woman as Christ is the head of the church.”  The head is the seat of authority. The authority is what gives the word its powerful effect.


The female aspect is what allows the creative result when man’s word is spoken. Woman gives life to the word of man. This is the creative medium for the fulfillment of the word spoken.


The great Triangle is the symbol of the Creator is action. This is the symbol that describes the movement of all power and energy.




                                       HOLY SPIRIT                                              SON




Since man is created in the image of God, both man and woman must reflect this triangle in all that they do and in all their actions, both individually and together. This same triangle then shows the relationships that exist in a true marriage in the sight of God, the trinity of God, man and woman.






                                       WOMAN                                                   MAN    



Man is at the Son point of the triangle and woman is at the Holy Spirit point. This reveals the relationship between the authority of the word and the creative media.


There is another triangle, which is inverted, and this shows the relationship of the basic family unit of man, woman and child.





                                              Man                                                  Woman




If you take the triangle of the spiritual marriage, God – Man – Woman, and the triangle of the physical union, man – woman – child, and you put them together you have the Star of David.





                        man                                                                                         woman

                        WOMAN                                                                                MAN




Thus, a true marriage is a perfect living symbol of the whole of creation.


The seventh point, or the point in the center of the symbol, is the place where God, man and woman meet in the action of creation, resulting in the child.


This symbol also reveals that for a creative marriage to work perfectly both man and woman must look to God first, then each other. When each partner is giving one hundred percent to the marriage, then they meet in the center of all and share in the Divine life and joy and power of creation.




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