Part I

Chapter 6

From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by the Holy Order of MANS



The Word made flesh is the central fact of the life of the cosmos. It is the awful and wonderful reality of the great Being in whom we live and move and have our being.


The central fact of human life on earth is the mystery that man has not understood – that the Word was made flesh uniquely once again in the person of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ. In His life is embodied the new divine pattern for man’s rebirth, the Redemption and the Atonement; and the chief events of His life, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension are the proofs of this grace.

The sacrament of Communion is the central act of Christian life. It is the means our great Master gave us in order that the work of the redemption and the atonement will be fulfilled. In it the evolution of mankind is prefigured according to the divine pattern of the Christos. He who partakes of this sacrament ferverently and often will know its realization. The full realization of this sacrament is the goal of evolution: the God-man in a Christed humanity.


Yet it is the most misunderstood of all sacraments both in the Order and outside. Among the Christian churches it is at once their universal focus of worship as well as the source of the greatest disunity. In the Order, Communion is the bedrock foundation of our daily pattern of life and the golden key that unlocks the door to greater reality in Christ. Yet it remains largely unappreciated even by our own Brotherhood, and its beneficial effects often go unnoticed or remain unrealized. This is due to the lack of the proper conscious attitude.


Even though we perform or receive Communion daily, we should never fail to approach this sacrament as the greatest and most sublime Christian mystery, worthy of the total devotion and conscious energy of our whole being. This will open the way for us to receive continuously of its vitalizing grace and we will be drawn steadily into the state where we will be "made perfect in One".


As priests you have all reached the point where you need no convincing that the communion is real. You have felt the Power and the Presence. You have seen the light descend, and the transformation actually take place. If you have not experienced these things and cannot honestly and steadfastly affirm this reality, then you had better take a good retrospective look at yourself right away and see what is wrong.


But it is not enough simply to affirm that the communion is real because Jesus said so and you felt it and assume that we have done our duties as priests. Two thousand years of such affirmations have not done that much good for humanity; and for most of the world today the Eucharist – despite the great effect it has had on world growth – is just another ritual (although one with a somewhat gory symbolism) that you can either take or leave depending on your inclination.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore, it is our responsibility to teach the living reality of the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ, and this means we have to know the sacrament of communion inside and out. We have to understand the full meaning of the living symbolism and its increments. We have to understand the nature of the reality involved and how it is actually conveyed. We should be able to explain the forces invoked and how the results or effects of these forces are achieved. And we must be able to explain these things in plain language.

The simplest way of doing this is to acquire the ability to perform this sacrament in its full reality. And this is our duty as priests.


The sacrament of Communion is the true and holy alchemy and it takes a priest who is a true alchemist to perform it properly. Communion is the continuation on the human scale of the Cosmic alchemy performed by the Master in order to bring life and progression back into the planet.


How is life and progression brought into the life of the individual who partakes of the communion? How are the bread and the wine actually transformed into the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ? What exactly is the transmutation? How does it take place? Let us answer these questions using the simple laws of creation, what we know about matter, form and spirit, and the age-old guide line of "as above, so below".


Very simply, the divine Spirit Consciousness, the Father-Mother Creator, brings the universe into being by reflection upon itself. The divine pattern is thus pictured throughout creation. Everywhere in the universe there is Spirit acting upon soul to create manifestation-spirit embodied in form.


Thus Divine Soul is the Substance of all things. It is the eternal Mediator of the life of the Spirit which functions through it and upon it according to the Law of Divine Mind and the accumulated wisdom of the cosmic memory. And man is created in the image of His creator, having Spirit existent throughout the whole body, the divine Self: Soul, the sheath around the Self; and body, the spiritual-physical vehicle or form reflected from the soul.


Matter retains its place in the cosmic order as that portion of divine Substance that manifests and the phenomenal world bound by time and space. Man is the deepest penetration of God into matter. The Divine consciousness in man ever seeks to return to its Source and thus the story of man is the story of this return as he gathers experiences form life to life, ever growing toward the Goal by the unfolding of this Soul.


The soul of man, then, is the focus of all transformation and of evolution itself. As the soul of man is purified of all dross and unfolds through right action and right thought, it allows more of the perfect radiation’s of the divine Self through into the body and thus the body is regenerated and filled with light.


The soul received all the impressions that a being has ever experienced. It contains in itself the record of the development of the body and its mechanisms. It contains the record of our performance in like vehicles in past lives and the efficiency with which we were able to function in these vehicles.


We know that the cerebral-spinal and sympathetic nervous systems of the body function on the memory of the soul. For as the body of man evolves in form as it has over the ages, the record of it is in the soul. For as the body of man evolves in form as it has over the ages, the record of it is in the soul. As he adds or eliminates bodily functions and organs, the record of this is just added to the previous record on the soul. This is why, for example, we don’t have to think every time we draw a breath.


Now the earth also has a soul, called the Over-soul. It contains the memory of all that has ever happened on the earth. Just as the soul of man is the lord of his body, so the Over-soul of earth is the Lord of this orb. Jesus is Lord of earth; therefore, His soul is coextensive with the soul of the earth. He has become the Over-soul, so to speak.


Just as the soul of man records every function and impression, so the Over-soul contains the record of our Lord’s function evolving. Just as man controls his own evolution, so does the Lord Jesus now control the specific evolution of the earth and all men.


It is difficult at your state of development to imagine a higher being as He truly is, but if you could imagine a being whose Self had reached the proportions big enough to envelope the earth, you would have some little idea of what we are referring to.


Jesus assumed the reality of the Christos so completely that He increased in size proportionately to His consciousness and of the Christos, so that now He actually encompasses the earth and we live within the encompassing being of the Christ Jesus. Every factor of life and fiber of our being is permeated with His consciousness and His atmosphere and the energy of His being.


Because of the perfect union in Him of the divine and the human, Jesus re-established the proper flow of communication between God and Man. (The temple veil was rent.) The sacrament of communion is, in a very real sense, a divine act of communication whereby man communicates with the higher Christ nature and assimilates it.


We know that the atmosphere and the aura of man are what allows and influences all communications between man and the universe. The earth too has an atmosphere and aura which are now the atmosphere and aura of Christ Jesus. This is an important factor in the function of communion as a means of communication between the Body of Christ and the body of man.


The aura is a magnetic field around any magnetic body, including even some mineral life. It is a mixture of the radiation from the physical body and the spiritual body of man, but in order to make a true observation of this, it is necessary that one have spiritual sight, for the physical eyes will only observe the radiation from the physical.


While part of the sight of the physical eyes is of spiritual quality and spiritual sight, it isn’t until one becomes truly cognizant of this that he can truly observe with this sight. This will occur when he has opened up to the Christ Light and developed true sight of spiritual and psychic things. For the spiritual quality of the aura is only noticed by spiritual sight in reality.


Auras have actually no color, but they are radiations of the spiritual body passing through magnetic emanations produced by them. They are Electro-magnetic in nature with exceptionally high vibratory rates beyond the vibrations of light in the ocular range of the spectrum, and the human eye’s optical nerve is not sufficiently sensitive to produce the sensations we know as color.


While we cannot see them directly except with certain special lighting effects, we can attune the spiritual self to the aura and thus emanations or radiations are transmitted to our sympathetic nervous system which received and transmits the vital life force and passes it on through the rami or structure. This gives impulses which permit consciousness of color. Actually the color arouses within our own being. By the latter method one may close his eyes and see.


These afferent and efferent nerves carrying impressions to the brain, and energies back from it, are also called sensory and motor nerves. These two sets of nerves are connected with the cerebral-spinal system. The spinal nervous system deals with the sending of power and the receiving of impressions. It carries the objective intelligence of the brain.


The other system is called the sympathetic nervous system, which carries the subjective consciousness and is of constructive, healing nature, cosmically guided. It works much like the spinal system but on the psychic level. These nerves are connected with the psychic centers of the body, the twelve glands being most important.


Some are organs, some plexuses. The most important are the thyroid, pituitary, pineal, adrenals or apprarenals, thymus, gonads, parathyroids, and pancreas. The sympathetic system controls and regulates growth as a source of healing power by means of the glands, and it makes possible sympathetic responses.


The sympathetic nervous system does not run down through the spinal column, but on either side of the vertebrae. It does not transmit motor power to muscles, but carries a divine energy, a vital, creative, curing power to all parts of the body. It carries the divine and psychic intelligence to all parts.


In the psychic or spiritual body, the sympathetic nervous system works for the subconscious or cosmic mind, carrying more refined vibrations – psychic energy.

In the material body, the spinal nervous system works for the brain, going to every organ and part of tissue, flesh and blood.


The two systems connect and are related, having communication between. At every vertebra, they contact by means of short "rami". These rami establish the slender connection between the two systems, which permits the transmission of both material nervous energy, and psychic nervous energy to all parts.


Since sympathetic system is closely related to the Cosmic through the soul and the infinite forces of God, the subtle influence of the planets affecting the cosmic vibrations, would affect the psychic conditions, the organs and nervous system of man.

The auras of objects are affected by persons handling them. These vibrations do not alter the structure of the molecules and atoms of the articles themselves; else this material nature had become changed. Rather, such vibrations emanating form the human being become immured within the magnetic fields of the atoms. These affect our sympathetic nervous system, as we become conscious of personalities whose auras were in contact with the material substance.


The human aura mingles with the atomic aura of the substance. Matter of all forms has its natural aura, but that does not include the higher vibrations of consciousness. The aura of consciousness mingled with the aura of matter leaves a distinct effect that can be distinguished, as a high note can be heard along with lower ones.


The aura is nature’s way of protecting the body from injurious radiations of a vibratory nature such as would cause unpleasant sensations, or disease.


The vitality of the body, or of animal or plant bodies, is electrical in nature. Energy in the human body is a high rate of electrical energy, and this energy can be directed and controlled for magnetic healing, and this magnetism can be drawn by contact from one body to another.


The human aura normally extends about three or four feet around the body which is well developed physically. The psychic person has an aura of a brilliant color extending about eight or ten inches around the body, while the rest of the aura is invisible.


Its invisibility does not prevent its good work, but prevents other magnetic and electrical currents from having too much effect on one’s body. The aura acts as a neutralizing field or magnetic condition between the body and the outside world.

If the subtle influence of the planets affecting the cosmic vibrations affects our physical bodies through the sympathetic nervous system, how much greater effect upon our bodies will be the influence of the vibrations of the atmosphere and aura of Christ Jesus, within which we live and breathe?


When Jesus became Lord of Earth, all His experiences, His complete union with the Christ in His physical form, His total mastery over life and death as the Living Law of the New Age, His transcendent abilities, all became part of the record of the Over-soul of the earth.


The record of the function of His perfect body has become part of the memory of the soul and thus is available to all mankind. For the Over-soul is in contact with all the souls of men through the subconscious mind of man; therefore, the abilities that Jesus demonstrated have become for all time part of the heritage and potential of every man. "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."


If the human aura mingles with the atomic aura of material substance and causes vibration in the magnetic fields of the atoms which affect our sympathetic nervous system, so that we become conscious of the personalities whose auras were in contact with the material substances, how much more powerful will be the effect of the aura of Christ Jesus on the material substance of the bread and wine?


Will we not become acutely conscious of His overwhelming personality? Will not the very atoms of the bread and wine declare His presence? Is this not exactly what takes place in the Sacrament of Communion?


Let us not fail to declare the truth of the literal reality that the bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. For so is Jesus recorded, in John 6:35-37, as making strong emphasis in five separate statements on the literal meaning of His words, so that His hearers would know that He meant what He said – literally, not just allegorically:


"Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the son of Man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.


"Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.


"For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.


"He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

"As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father; so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me."


Consider the fact that of all the Sacraments the Communion is the only one that may be received more than once, in fact, repeated daily. The other Sacraments are complete in themselves, but the Communion is incomplete because the work of the atonement, although completed, is not really manifested on the material plane due to the resistance of the material mind.


The process of overcoming the resistance of the material mind is called the "Slaying of the Lamb". This is the change that must take place in the mind before there can be a change in the body. The vehicle for the self-conscious mind is the cerebral spinal nervous system, also called the voluntary nervous system. This is the objective this-worldly consciousness of the brain and the senses which controls the flow of impressions that affect the subconscious mind. Because the material mind centers itself in objective phenomena it normally is incapable of receiving experiences from a higher source.


The Slaying of the Lamb is the voluntary opening of the objective mind to receive impressions from the Divine source by means of temporarily inhibiting its normal mode of perceiving through the material senses. This is the act of faith, which is the substance of true knowing, the prayer without ceasing. The faithful partaking of communion is the mode of inducing the higher vibrations of the Christ life into the being of man.


If you were able to fully realize the full potential of the Communion by partaking of it once, you would experience the Ascension, and no longer need to take it again. But because you are not functioning perfect yet, most of you, and you have not yet achieved perfect mastery over the physical by the spiritual, you have the Communion to take you along, gracefully, step by step.


Consider an event that occurred while the Master walked the earth, when the woman touched the hem of His garment and was healed. Jesus had said at the time; "Someone hath touched Me, for I perceive that virtue has gone out of Me." This is the proof that when she came in contact with His atmosphere and aura, there was a sudden flow of power from Him to her which changed her bodily condition just as suddenly and healed her. Her faith had created a vacuum; and thus brought the power of His Christhood flowing into her being through the contact.


We can assuredly declare that if one approaches the Communion Table with the same faith and longing, that faith will be the key which will make the attunement possible and will bring down the power of the Christ flowing into the Sacrament through the work of the priest; because the priest, when he approaches the altar lovingly and humbly and expectantly, is literally touching the hem of His garment, as actually as the woman did.


This, His garment, is the overshadowed existence of His presence which descends in vibration to just above the physical earth. So, the priest at the altar is standing in His Shadow.


In other words, when the Priest "stands in the Shadow of the Master", he is literally reaching out and touching the hem of His garment; and when he does that, virtue or power must of necessity flow to him. For he has made himself negative to the great Christhood of the Master and his longing and his knowing has created the vacuum that will bring the life power of the Christ to earth.


The continuous repetition of the Communion will develop and strengthen the impressions that influence the subconscious mind through the sympathetic nervous system. As these impressions become part of the memory of the soul, they will become part of the automatic function of the vehicle and the individual will gradually become one with the Communion and one with Christ Jesus in the Body of Christ.


The primordial role of the Christ is to draw all things to Himself. Thus the priest in performing the Communion shares in the active work of Christ Jesus, the High Priest, which evolves the organic form of the universe; making it Divine as the magnetism and the love of the world of Jesus Christ gathers to Himself the energy scattered throughout the orb.


For this is the continual prayer of our living Lord, our Master Jesus:

"That they all may be one; as thou, Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou has sent me.

"And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:


"I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and has loved them, as thou has loved me.

"Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovest me before the foundations of the world."

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