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Chapter 3 - History

From the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation by Holy Order of MANS


The three fundamental steps on the universal path of initiation that all people must travel in this day are Baptism, Illumination and the Realization.


The sacrament of Baptism is the first step toward the receiving and the accepting of the Light of Christ. It is the dedication to the way and the preparing of the individual so that he may be acceptable in his spiritual endeavors and be brought into the Light of Christ.


A ritual of baptism has been almost universally accepted by the Christian world as the means whereby the faithful are incorporated into the body of believers. It is the first step toward joining any spiritual brotherhood. In the modern mind the ritual of baptism has degenerated into becoming a mere ceremony or a commemoration of an action done by Jesus.


The modern ceremonies of baptism no longer contain the reality or the impact of the true Baptism which is one of the great Solar initiations and a fundamental step where the individual says, "Yes, I will receive and I will accept the Light of Christ within me, and I am endeavoring to become a part of the Body of Christ."


Jesus Christ did not originate the sacrament of Baptism. This statement of fact does not discredit our Lord and Master because He knew and understood the greatness and the eternality of the way of life of this orb. It goes beyond any church, any Order, any organization in society. It is part of the eternal initiations.


The sacrament of Baptism started a long time ago as far as this era is concerned. For its origin we have to look back to a great mystic, who in his life brought into the earth the reality of Baptism in our era.


The great mystic Moria-el, one of the most illustrious of the brothers of the White Brotherhood, was the one who brought into our earth the Sacrament of Baptism again. He held no allegiance to any particular sect or cult or faith for he was a Master Teacher and a brother of the Great White Lodge.


It is estimated, allowing for calendar changes which were many, that he was born in Egypt apparently about 1385 B.C. The exact place of his birth, of course, would not be known seeing that he was a Teacher, but the mystical records place his birth in the vicinity of what is now known as the modern city of Cairo .


At the time of his birth, two great centers of religious learning were quite near in the area. One of these was Heiliopolis, the city of the sun; the other is now known by the name of Memphis . There now stands a modern suburb of the present-day city of Cairo a few miles distant from the ruins of the temple and the tombs of what was once Memphis .


In a certain district of Egypt known as Fayum, Moria-el made a certain lake famous by the ceremonies he conducted there as a representative of the Great White Lodge. In particular he stressed the mystical and esoteric rights of immersion or spiritual purging by the use of water.


The Nile River , through the centuries, has cut a deep channel into the arid desert as it flows northward from equatorial Africa . In this channel it has deposited to a depth of many feet a rich alluvial soil, very fertile soil spreading to either side of the Nile for varying distances with many varieties of vegetation which sprung forth from the rich silt of the river.


On the left side of the Nile valley or channel and paralleling it for a considerable distance are hills and cliffs which rise to some height, some being as high as 1,000 feet. On one of the tops of these hills is the great Liberian Desert Plateau. The desert stretches northward to the Mediterranean and west to the Atlantic . It plunges into the sea and on the east it drops precipitously into the Nile Valley .


Along this desert plateau paralleling the Nile is an occasional oasis. These oases derive their water from the infiltration of the Nile at the base of the cliffs or from the deep springs fed by the river under ground. There are some particularly large depressions which in some remote time caused the rock wall of the cliff to break down as a result and the basin was practically filled by the branch of the Nile itself.


This basin or depression into which it flows is the Payum. The shape of the basin or Payum is that of a maple leaf, the stem connecting with the Nile River ; and the width of this basin is about 40 miles.


In the basin there was formed a lake which became known as Lake Morice . It was on this Lake Morice , that Moria-el conducted his ceremonies and the place gradually became renowned as a great center of illumination.


The basin and the morass surrounding the lake were drained into the irrigation canals by the ancient Egyptians. Many worldly historians who do not associate directly with any school or tradition or teaching of the Great White Lodge report that the beauty and importance of Lake Morice is to the ancient world of great renown. And they frequently refer to it.


Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, was most enthusiastic in his description of Lake Morice and the adjoining temple. He quotes in part, "Wonderful as is the Labyrinth, and the work called the Lake Morice , which is close by the Labyrinth. It is manifestly an artificial excavation. For nearly in the center there stands two pyramids, rising to a height of 50 fathoms or about 300 feet above the surface of the water. There also is a colossal statue sitting upon a throne. The natives tell us that there was a subterranean passage from the lake to the Liberian Straits, running westward into the interior by the hills above Memphis ."


Strabo, another ancient historian and geographer, writes in part: "It also contains a wonderful lake, called Lake Morice , which is an open sea in size and like a sea in color and its shores also resemble those of a small sea. The temples and buildings erected for the cultural and administrative purposes along the shore of this lake are amazing and are often referred to by the ancient visitors because of their beauty and the skill of their construction. Along the canal of the north bank of the lake was a vast building which formed kind of a religious and administrative center for the whole country."


Strabo also relates in his work a famous fact, that each of the ceilings of the chambers consisted of a single stone and some of the passages are covered in the same way by single stone slabs of extraordinary size, neither wood or other building materials having been used. From all of the foregoing facts you may understand the importance of these things, having the proper understanding of the ceremonies of Baptism, the elements of which have come out of the directors of the White Lodge.


We are travelers, you know, traveling from out of the pure Spirit of God; traveling toward the pure Light of His Son. He who climbs the ladder must often pause but the fruits of knowledge are found in the contrast of experiences. We learn by the evaluation of differences in which we perceive. We learn by direct revelation, so men cherish pleasure instead of pain; riches instead of poverty; good instead of evil. It is not that we have not known both -- the opposites -- but have only found one by comparison to be superior.


The intelligent traveler is one whose direction has a distinct preference and is made after careful consideration of all other ways in which he might have gone. It is one who is following the direct and divine calling, and Baptism opens the door.


The mind has its strength in the Light and in the darkness the power of mind is confused and confounded. Once his choice is made, however, then the phantoms of the mind disappear. The consecration and the dedication of the Baptismal rite has great effect and will bring about the baptism, the purging -- infusion, the pouring forth of the Holy Spirit upon the receiver.


It is a benefit, therefore, to each person receiving the Baptism to meditate before entering the temple and to realize that he is entering into a place of Light and that ignorance and unknowing must pass away. As he receives the benediction from the Priest, he may penetrate then the recesses of his previous thoughts and understand the world of

Light, of Life and of Love.


Through the center of thy Being radiates the eternal and ever-living essence of the great Son of God. And it is as brilliant as the Sun which you see each day. It is beautiful; but as the mystic rose gently unfolds within you through the thoughts and through the energy that penetrates the Being with it; there is felt a Heavenly fragrance around an individual which cannot be mistaken and which he carries throughout his life as he progresses toward the greatness and the Reality of Realization.


Then he begins to realize he, too, is going to pass beyond the life of earth into the life of the lower Heaven world. Then his physical and mental powers are intensified by his life and his life becomes productive and it will bring attainment and results and put him in a place where he may help others through his knowledge. Out of the darkness he becomes ready to perceive; and through it his first step toward Baptism is like the turning of a switch which will give unto him the Light of Christ into his heart.


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