Radiation Exercise


  1. Fill an aluminum pan that is large enough to accommodate both hands opened flat with cold tap water. Stir in cup of baking soda until it is dissolved.

  2. Place both hands in the water opened flat and hold them there for 5 minutes. The palms will become warm as the radiation leaves the body.

  3. Leaving the left hand immersed in the water, hold the right hand opened flat outside the water above the left hand and hold for 5 minutes.

  4. Switch hands, reversing 3 (above) with the left hand out of the water and the right hand completely immersed in the water.

  5. Pour the used water down the drain. Wash the aluminum pan and reserve it for this exercise. Do not use it for anything else. This exercise will remove radiation from your body, alkalinizing it bringing peace and calm to your being.

  6. Do this exercise as often as necessary until you no longer feel the effects of the radiation. You will know what the radiation feels like after you have felt the difference from having done the Exercise.



I was given this exercise during a period of intense atmospheric pollution in the early 1970s by my Master Teacher Dr. Earl W. Blighton (Father Paul) in the Holy Order of MANS. It works.


Master Valentius