Lesson 8

New Cosmic Consciousness

LESSON 8 – TAPE #601 g

Father Paul Blighton

This is the New Cosmic Consciousness Series. Lesson Number 8, recorded by Father Blighton, January 1972.

Good Morning, I say morning, of course it is evening. But it is the morning of a new lesson - the eighth lesson of Cosmic Consciousness of the Soul, and when one reaches the reality and breaks through into that state of mind of the Cosmic Consciousness, it is a new morning, a new day. It is that state of mind in which we become, not quite become, but run parallel and in accord with the Great Mind. We at this stage of evolution and development could not truly reach Cosmic Consciousness as yet, because we are too tied to many things, we are too tied to the vast multitude of ideas that have come out of the mind of man in the past decades, past eras and centuries. Therefore, it is necessary for us to reach a point very similar to that of the Teacher, he is that which he is. He is just that - he is not an assumed personality. He is a real personality. Thus cosmic consciousness is a state of a real personality of a true dedicated Christian disciple. Yes, you can leave Christian off from the standpoint at which the masses use it, but you cannot leave it off from the standpoint of reality, because he is a true Christ man. Because that is the source from which he gains his strength, his life, his love of all those around him.

True Cosmic Consciousness is one in which we think without influence from anything else except the true reality of creation, the Way, the Truth, the Light, as Jesus, our Lord and Master said it -- "I am the Way." And He meant this in just the way it is said. For through our Blessed Mary, through Him, through the Christ, and He took the place of the Christed Being, the Christ, the Lord of the Sun, while He was here on this earth, the great Christos, and it is this consciousness of the Mind of the Father that we are talking about reaching. We are not saying that you can reach this through this lesson. We are saying that this lesson will sow its seeds within the individual and with the other things which we will learn, with the experience which you will have, with the reality and the dedication and the love of our Lord and Master, you will reach a level in which this will exist. And it is true that a person of true cosmic consciousness can stop anything at anytime that he is doing or any procedure or any path, any way he is following, any method that he is following, and stop it at any time he wishes, because he is not tied to it or anyone else, except the Great Lord and Master, and our Father. But here again comes the purity. The purity, the true love, the great humility which gives him that power to carry on, to look with kindness upon the mob that follows him, knowing that they know not what, nor how, nor why, they do this or that thing; but they see the example in this being, and thus they follow. Under an outward appearance of humble and kind moral teachings, the law of purity and Christian charity is hidden; an operation that was of pure fire which was needed to cleanse the world in which the original plurality--plural necessary --plural nature--I can't use this word in its true English form because if you'd use the word as a composite form, you are bringing all things into one, and this never happens. A being is recast and fused together into a unity of all people. The people are brought together, but no fact or truth ever amalgamates with another fact or truth, because each one has its specific purpose and way.

In Jesus Christ, in his own personal, mystical and cosmic body, who through the magnetism of His love and effective power of His love, purity and humility and effective power of this, and the effective power of the Eucharist that He offered, gradually gathered into Him all of the energy scattered throughout this orb, bringing them into the common wisdom and intelligence of operation. Thus it was as Christ became incarnate into this universe and expels the guilty, the error, the negative, plurality -- plural -- I'm going to do this each time until you get this idea of the separate unity of the world -- plural - plurality --plurality, and the many dual facts and ways in which they were following. And so step by step the other evil efforts of the multitude, the suffering, decreasing numbers of His followers in His most external and sensible form, no doubt that is, these people, these followers, these disciples became disorganized when he went through the crucifixion.

The earth is still a place of blood and tears, although that time is not long, for there shall be, as the Testament says, a new heaven and a new earth. Already, however, blood flows less freely. The tears are not so bitter about the torn flesh and the agonizing hearts, into that deep zone in which the soul and only the soul may reach is molded for eternal life. Terrestrial path for all being here at this time, as the physical world is quieted and its emotions -- peace has entered into the existence of the planet, A peace such as the world has never recognized before -- not a peace of nations -- not a peace in Europe -- not a peace in Asia -- and not a peace in India, but a deep-seated peace is coming into the hearts and souls of the individuals, and as the evil of the world has no knowledge of, and cannot give lasting peace, which conquers and flows back to cover the uttermost layers of sensibility. The peace that is the awareness of the presence of Christ returning to earth.

Human beings -- the human heart -- finds first in Jesus Christ the answer to its prayer, so manifold and so impatient that it seems as though nothing could ever satisfy them -- all at one and the same time. The insolvable problem of our desires is solved without difficulty by the adorable, divine human reality. He who comes effortless, as it were, to find exactly and have filled to the brim the deep complex void of passions of the masses of the outer being to quiet and cease, to trample on one another and tear one another apart. There is a concern -- it is manifest in our ministries; it is manifest in our laws; slowly, surely this is coming to the fore, the human concern for the human above.

The riddle of our growth is explained in one word. Since Christ has been at hand, our whole being is expanding and is deliberately made one at the same time. Since Christ has been at hand, communication has been established between souls that before his coming has not known and understand the misery of others -- the isolation of that nature -- shut in; impenetrable to one another, and at last crossing the fallen barrier of their temporal envelopes, they are meeting and making contact in the unity of the symbol and the word…real reality of Christ.

We give the essential collaboration by exerting an effort -- an effort that we must personally make, and effort through activity to become assimilated by the loving…by the loving submission of our own anatomy to Him. This assimilation lies in the living kindness and humility, in the community of suffering by which the passion of Calvary is continued and completed; but above all, in charity -- that wonderful virtue which makes us see and cherish Christ in every man and so enables us to ford in the independent way of a single act the unsatisfied which brings unification of all in one. We may be tempted to believe, and may perhaps be told, that in the course of this painful acquired communion, all we are doing is simply to bring about more beauty in our souls, and a superficial resemblance of God, similar to those improvements through which, in our own social life, men whom attach importance to their way and to their personal culture and the development, are accustomed to better their natural personality. Nothing could be more mistaken. The reality of the communion is there. It does become His body and His blood. Jesus Christ on Calvary brought this form.

The truth -- the building of the true sense of the Word that this is the Body of Christ which seeks to be realized in each one of us, in the mystical Body of Christ, should in fact be conceived as a physical reality in the strongest sense of the word, that it can bear only so great -- can bear only so great a burden. WE have to do something about it, and then it will release and bear all our burdens. Can these great mystics be truly ever thoroughly explored? Can we truly ever experience in reality the fullness of that simple term; "This is His Body and His Blood?" Can the true great mysteries of the great virtues of religion and faith only come through the Christ role as mediator of the importance of the Communion, and the eminent value of charity assume their full significance? It can only come this way. Only so can persons and the person of the Savior retain the full hold on our minds, and continue to provide the driving force of our destined demands. To this faith, Jesus, I behold, and this I would proclaim from the housetops and in all places where men meet together, that you do more than simply apart from the things about you. As their Master, as you are more than communicable splendor of the universe, the kingdom of God, whose realization we have to work for and which we have to win. You, your Body, YOU, Jesus, as not only the center of all final repose; it is also the bond that holds together all fruitful efforts -- in you side by side, which be whom is- is. I compassionately love him who is becoming. What more do I need for the final peace to spread through my soul in a way for which I would never have hoped would ever be satisfied -- it is satisfied. Even it is more apparent, impossible appreciation for cosmic life.

There are the things which bring us into the true reality. These are the things that bring us closer to the reality of God and the Master. This also, is not just a case of bringing us closer to Jesus, but to the Christ. But it is bringing us closer to the true plane of cosmic consciousness in its various levels -- God has made good will the basis upon which our supernatural growth is formed about it, or our growth of reality, the pure of heart, the right intentions, are the organs of higher life. Toward this, which would appear all souls must hope for, are directed the fundamental principles in building the Body of Christ, to make use of the subjective moral value of human acts in the demeanor of reality…morality, the divine and the terrestrial meet and are fused in one. There are the things of the way, the stumbling blocks of the kingdom of heaven, like snowy flakes or peaks floating, almost unreal, over the mist, their bases gradually disclosed by giant breeze moving all things in a giant wave through the heavens. So the Heavenly Jerusalem was -- is -- first seen in the cloud of heaven and established its foundation on earth. And through the meditations on the Christ the great reality of the Cosmos, these things are exposed to us. It is rooted and closely woven into our own universe. It was in our world that the Savior germinated… grows… that which is growing…now, again, and reaches in full stature through the continuation of our humble labors and our patience. That providence should so often bring unto us our needs concerned for the perfect and the happiness, more than one could imagine, described to the full and all those things which we keep demanding within us. Unhappily, it's far from being so, for however terrestrial and human the body of Christ may be, however, deeply it may have been implanted into our cosmic center and our life, it still appears at first hand alien to the world. It develops in that world, but not through it. We are not there.

This is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. The darkness that precedes the Light, the final century before the birth of Jesus saw the civilizations of the world plunged into indescribable orgies, immorality, treachery, and wickedness. Rome, the greatest power -- world power -- of that time was the center of debauchery and evil intrigue. It had conquered Palestine in 63 BC. In the next decade came the rapid rise of power of Julius Caesar, and in 49 BC, according to the civil wars with Pompeii, in which the latter was victorious, Pompeii appointed Herod as governor of Galilee and Jerusalem. Herod in 20 BC had his wife, Marian, put to death, and in 6 BC, growing suspicions of the ambitions of his son, he had them both strangled. Such terrible debauchery in places of power.

In an attempt to atone for his evil deeds and to conciliate public opinion, he erected some beautiful buildings. These included the Amphitheater and a theater in Jerusalem. He also rebuilt the temple of the Holy City on a scale of such magnificence, that it was considered one of the most wonderful structures of the ancient world. Its massive piles, gleaming marble, and golden turrets towered over the city like a crown.

The evil and corruption of Rome in her decline was veiled under the most magnificent display of wealth, luxury that the ancient world had ever known. Cleopatra's beautiful court was an example of this. Anthony and Cleopatra met in their tragic end in the year 630 BC. Selfishness and egotism had reigned supreme. Human existence was of little importance. The life of the average humanity was so evil that almost the entire period of the after-death state which existed was spent in a pictorial religion, with little or no religion really existing. Or not at any time was there an experience or a thinking of the heaven world beyond. The human evolution had come almost to a grinding stop. Herod the Great died in 4 BC. He was succeeded by his son Herod, who continued in his father's persecution, and attempted to exterminate all of the things that were virtuous and holy. The spiritual life of the world was at a low ebb. The time had arrived for the life that is the light of men to concentrate on the world. Thus, however, the Light came that they might have a new version, a new guidance, to guide them on the way to eternal life.

"I am the Way," said Jesus. "The Life and the Light. No man cometh unto the Father but by me," said the Christ. These words bear a deep significance for the mystic Christian who knows that it was only by the incarnation of the Christ Spirit in the planetary body of the earth that further spiritual progression was made possible for humanity.

The Old Testament dissipated, finished, realized, and was under the guidance of the Great Spirit, Jehovah, and He gave to man the Law -- the Ten Commandments, and which sought to win obedience to these laws, to fear of God and receive of reward and punishment through the Old Testament. Man admonished to fear of God. He was admonished to fear God under Jehovah's reign. Crystallization was inevitable. But the coming of the Christ ushered in the new dispensation, wherein man learned to awaken the Christ within himself. Love became the motivating force of the new day. It became the fulfilling of the Law, and its chief tenets are contained on the Sermon on the Mount.

We mean Love, not the gushy emotions of man and woman. We're talking about the love of man who gives his life for the same of his brothers in Christ. The life of the Cosmic Christ was manifest through Jesus, that all might be saved from the results of their own wrongdoings. The cleansing blood that flowed on Calvary was the paradox that the Christian Orthodox hymnals bear a deep meaning for the esoteric Christian, but who do not understand the greater reality. The Christians who worship and who seek this great Light of the Cosmic Christ, to have it permeate the earth at the time of the Crucifixion. A new spiritual impulse began its work at the heart of the planet. These of the Orthodox faith, or should we say, of the conventional, still do not understand the greatness of this Crucifixion. It is this new force that is generally changing and orbiting the movement of the earth, quickening its vibration -- the vibratory pitch, and lightening its leaden body so that the conditions will be more favorable for humanity to become sufficiently sensitized to awaken and to make closer contact with the spiritual power of Christ.

With every annual rebirth of the Christ Light into this earth at Christmas time, the veil between the visible and the invisible both become more transparent, and an ever-increasing number attain to that state of consciousness wherein they are able to proclaim triumphantly that there is no death. In order that the work of Christ -- the Christ dispensation -- may be made perfectly clear, the student of the Christian mysteries must differentiate between the status and the work of the Cosmic Christ, and that of Jesus that took on the Christ, an historical Christian Christ. They are but one Christ, while there are differentiations, yet the Three are One -- the One in Three -- there the combined efforts and the sacrifice, the great composite Being of the Lord of the Sun. So immeasurable, so inevitable; it is there. It is not a matter of choice. This is immeasurable beyond the attempted attainment of the worlds of most advancing heavens and the consciousness thereof. This is the Christos we have been talking about. This is the Christos which we have begged man and God's laborers to go out and proclaim for the redemption of man, and too, for the people to attain the Light. This is why the Holy Order of MANS has and is bringing people into the Light of the Christ, and in the reality, and in a way also, that they know they have it. And then the regeneration starts, and the crystalline form of these beings, these men and children of God; this is beginning to break up as they let go of the old ways, the old life, and are reborn.

The Cosmic Christ is represented in the Gospel of John as the Word without which was anything made that was made. A ray from the Cosmic Christ enshrines every planet of the solar system, and constitutes the very life of the planet themselves, and all evolving upon them. Theses are the planets therefore. There are no other beings. Man alone does not live here alone, and are conducted through the evolution and the initiations of this solar system under the Cosmic Christ. Our way of life and the vibrations which the masses give off on this earth are felt across the cosmic reality of our solar system. Therefore, when you do ill to man or to this earth, you are doing ill to your brother on another planet and other places.

This is the way of the age. You can no longer hibernate within a small area. This is gone. The days passed. The Word was made flesh…The Word is made flesh. In all humility, the realization of this truth, and the awakening of the latent divinity into the active manifestation comprising the principle works of all the Aquarian Age. This is the time of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It was the planetary Christ, that Mind, that energy built up within the body of our Lord Jesus Christ when he returned from on high to take His place as Lord of this Earth which has brought about this manifestation and we are now ready to start the real work of the Aquarian Age -- of this Age.

Like it or not; believe it or not; it is. It now exists and is coming into fruition in the physical earth. The highest Initiate or the Archangels who encompassed and immerses itself and personality within the great Body, that great Body…Who immersed the Body of the Holy Jesus as His soul and His reality and His Body, as the cosmic body grew. As Its cosmic Body grew during those three years of the ministry, which commenced with the Baptism and concluded with the Crucifixion. And at this time, the Christ entered the earth with His Spirit and became its in-dwelling planetary spirit and regent. He then ascended into heaven to the right hand of the Father and then later returned. This is the Lord of the Earth. His sacrifice was not enacted once and for all as it was taught by the early esoteric religionists, but as an annual occurrence, and must continue to take place yearly until humanity has awakened the power of Christ within, and thereby won its own redemption. It surely reverberates at this time of the Resurrection, because it is the symbol through which the re-enactment takes place. But the Lord Jesus Christ in his great cosmic body is with us every day. The Christ is the Christ through the past ages. Many theologians use the word historical Christ. There is no such thing as a historical Christ; there is not such thing as a Christ of the Christ. There is but one great Christ, and Jesus was Christed, and He brought back through His anointed Word and reality the pure and holy spirit of Jesus at the time of the Baptism, and by virtue of which He became the most perfect man and the highest Initiate of earth's humanity. After Golgotha, Jesus Christ became the omniscient Christos, Son of God, the Savior. The first letter… Greek word…gives us the word e-i-t-a-t-h-u-s. This is the Greek word for fish, symbolizing the initiate. The reason and purpose of the annual sacrifice of the highest initiation of the Archangels who became the planetary Christ and who took upon himself the redemption of man and the earth is seven fold, and these are the realities of the Great One whom came back.

I would like to touch upon the subject which involves those things which we experience in Cosmic Consciousness and that is the subject pertaining to vision, produced by rhythm, harmony of our own being in harmony with the great Cosmic Mind and the Mind of God, produced by hymns that are sung silently or inwardly, in other words, through communion or inward prayer between the outer self and the inner Self, or between the outer self and the Cosmic, or God. This first point under the subject implores us not to create false vision through the use of orientation in our language, or by parading of artificial objects or artificial phrases or elegance of words. "Lest Thou be as a little child, thou shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." It is distinctly stated that God loves the simple and unadorned beauty of thought; says that the hymn…a hymn or prayer to God, or the Cosmic, should be simple so that it is like God. Any fire or fervor that may be needed in such a hymn or prayer should be a fire or fervor within our own souls and not in words that are used. The most simple of thoughts, and the more true our simplicity of our expression, the more accurate will be our prayer. Our hymns create visions before us that are like cosmic or heavenly visions. In other words, if we are praying to God, or speaking to or about any of the Great Masters, we want to visualize and have a vision of them before us. Our visions should be simple and not ornamental oriented, or ornaments so to speak, and in order that these visions may be simple and true, our words, our thoughts must be simple and almost childlike in their pristine purity of thought. Jesus said that unless one becomes like a child, one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, and thereby become like a child before daring to approach the kingdom of heaven.

We also must understand that while all great Masters in the past have chosen to live as monks or silent recluses, or as we say in the present day, go back to the simple life by living out in the open and away from the advanced and complex civilization, so that we may attune to nature and become closer to God and the simple things in life. All our speculations about the cosmic and the masters and souls' relationship to the universe, as well as to our prayers and all our contemplations of life's mysteries, should be along the line of simple thought, for it is true in the simple true nature, in the simple fact that the great mysteries of life are found in simple things and simple statements, words, and acts.

The next subject that brings us to the law of morals, that the statement is that "the body is the root of evil, just like intellect is the root of virtue." You may change the word "body" to flesh or physical existence; you have the same thought. Or you may change "intellect" to divine mind or cosmic consciousness and have the same thought. Perhaps the body made of flesh and earthly things is the root of evil or suffering pain. All sin must eventually reside in and be to the credit of the divine, and we can transmute it to divine mental intellect part of man. The physical body can never be, so to speak, virtuous, because it is born of that which is not in accord, specifically, with that of the reality of God in the flesh earthly sense. And it is true that it should…it would be of no avail since the body must be cast aside at transition, and take on that corruption, while the spiritual part of man continues to exist.

The next point under this subject is truly a very wonderful metaphysical law of contemplation. It is stated thus: Our body is a part of generation or sphere of time and sense, and the mere fact that all parts of the physical body are changing in accordance with the universal law of nature brings the physical part of man completely under the domination of the senses and the physical limitations of time and space. These limitations are unreal from a metaphysical point of view and are essentially where the evil or sin is -- the unreal -- there is no limitations. Through our senses and through the false concepts of time and space, here we have the sin. Sin is able to find power to manifest and at the same time we are able to find alibis for sinfulness. But it is the falseness of the reality --- limitations. A sin of any kind has the power to attract us through its fascination. Once that fascination is eliminated, appeased, or satisfied or overcome, we no longer need fear this sin. We must be masters -- self masters. If we are in the presence of it or its surrounding…it is surrounding us, or are we surrounding it?

We noticed some young men and women and people whom are not easily overcome by temptation because many forms of temptation seem to make no appeal to them. The same is true of many other forms of sins. Repressing our sinful nature without eliminating the fascination of it is no wise purging ourselves undoubtedly of the knowledge and study and the first laws of the land and society. The cultural development eliminates more of the temptations than any other factor of our formal life. Persons can become deeply interested in certain subjects of study, or in certain hobbies of an intellectual nature. They are less apt to be fascinated by any of the more sordid or commonplace sins of life. As they develop spiritually and mentally, they do not repress their tendencies toward sin, but purge themselves of the tendencies until sin has no fascination or temptation for them. Then they become no longer sins. They are not master of the man and his soul. He is master then of what he does when he does it and how he does it. So we may contemplate long and studiously on this matter of repression, suppression and bear in mind that by locking up our sinful tendencies and hiding them within us instead of purging them from the system, we are creating something that is equivalent to one major sin, so to speak. Error, which includes all of the minor ones. We are depriving the soul and the spirit of holding these sinful things in repression…when we repress them in us. We will understand, therefore, the closing statement of this subject of the ancient writings. And it says, "Defile not the spirit through that which is hidden within." I think that I have given you a general overall picture of this subject while certain other conditions are taking place within you. I am purposely trying to give you -- the inner Self of each of you -- sufficient time for certain changes which I know will take place, because they must take place at this period of your progress in the cosmic plane of consciousness prior to any other advancement.

John prayed, thus saying, "Thou it was whom did open my heart three times in the same year, and Thou did graciously bestow upon me other eyes which did not make themselves visible. Thou it was whom did deliver me from the fleeting fancies, and Thou did not keep me from life which endureth forever. Thou it was whom did make me to become a stranger to the madness and the evil in which ariseth in the flesh, and did make me to be remote from death which is better. Thou it was whom did deliver me from the second death, that is to say, the fire, and it's made me to stand up being a pure man, and now I have found Thee, and I have fulfilled the stewardship which Thou did commit to me to make me, therefore, worthy to enjoy rest in holy repose. Do Thou bestow upon me graciously the perfection which is in Thee, that is to say, the sinlessness and salvation which cannot be described. Grant Thou unto me the power to walk and to straighten me out, that I may find Thee in my time of trouble. I come unto Thee, my Lord, that I may receive the good things of those whom in the presence of their holiness."

The consciousness…the cosmic attunement could make all persons solve their problems, because the Cosmic is all-inclusive. These one thousand problems are merely different phases of one and the same problem. Cosmically speaking, there is no difference between a condition of the body that is clarified as the full. Cosmically speaking once again, I say, there is no difference between the condition of the body as specified during the ill health, and a wrong condition of the social, business, or financial world. Any situation that is an obstacle to peace and happiness is merely a problem and no different from any other problem as far as the Cosmic is concerned. Use these thoughts for contemplation. Think of them during your day.

Now, I say to you, God bless you all, and good night.

End of lesson 8

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