Lesson 7

New Cosmic Consciousness

TAPE #601 f

Father Paul Blighton

Good evening. This is our seventh lesson in Cosmic Consciousness. And tonight we are going to continue along the same line because there is no other line to follow of thinking or procedure. And let us start with one of the oldies that is stated and is nevertheless true.

The old law says, as given to you by a teacher, that when you are ready, the Master will appear or will come to you, but it meant that you had to be ready through study and development; not ready by merely sitting in a chair and waiting. The second law is quoted for you to think about is the metaphysical law that when the time is right, your mission in life and the Master who will lead you in it will come to you. This means that when you have reached the proper cosmic development, the Master of that plane will show you what your great work…what your real purpose is to be in this life, aside from the giving God the glory and following the ways and dictates of our Master, Jesus, that this is your mission. When you reach that sphere of vibration in this life or the next, it is something I cannot tell you, for each plane of consciousness or sphere of vibration has its particular field and dominion of activity, and each of us will do his best, and the greatest work on earth in one of those field will fill us with great satisfaction. We may spend ten incarnations on earth doing all kinds of things before we reach the one real plane or level of vibration in which we are to outshine ourselves and do the greatest work for humanity. There is only one way to reach that sphere of vibration more quickly and more surely, and that is through study and development to move forward from one point to another as often as possible and in each incarnation. Those who do not study or do not develop through the studies may take ten lifetimes to go through two or three of these levels or spheres of vibration. While those whom are studying, working diligently and following the exercises and attaining the spiritual attainment and the instruction may go through two or three of these planes in one incarnation.

God in all His mercy and His great work and great grace which He has handed unto us certainly has its way of giving unto us those things which we need at the time that we need them. So often man tries to determine what he can or what he cannot receive, and this is entirely wrong, for all things are possible in the way of Light, Life, and Love, especially through our Great Master, and through our Blessed Mother Mary.

Having covered some of the negative points of doctrine of the cosmic plane, I think it is well that we proceed to examine the positive features of such a doctrine, you might call it. So much has been said in the material science regarding evolution that the very use of the word seems to arouse in the mind of the average person the thought of physical evolvement of the body. Even as a young man, I could not see why the thinking mind of any person objected to the idea that the physical body of man had evolved. Taking the arguments of the most orthodox and fundamental of religious persons; that God created man in His own Image, and that therefore, created He him a perfect being, and never created him as a lower species of animal, such as a monkey or ape, and even such arguments would not do away with the idea that the physical body of man could improve through evolution. Whether or not man's physical body ever ascended from the lower types of physical bodies is one of no interest to us now. We may accept the Bible story that God created man in His own image after he had created all the other animals. We may accept the statement that God looked upon what He had created and was satisfied with it, called it man, and considered it as a creature after His own image. Accepting this as truth does not close the door against the possibility of evolutionary changes taking place after God had created man. No, this is not so. There are two forms found and may continue to find that men need improving and need slight changes and modifications to make him more and more qualified to carry on the individual mission in life. Second, man, by his own willful acts, by falling from grace, committing sin and injuring and defiling his physical body throughout the ages, may have brought a form of modification on and changed into his physical existence, which would be evolutionary also. There might be even a third form of evolution, a process whereby God is trying to overcome and slowly correct the many things and changes that the Father has forced into His physical body by the thing He has done.

If you don't believe that man has willfully changed his physical body by his own stupid acts, all you need to do is to study the feet of man and see what man has done to himself by the wearing of shoes. Wherever people have lived barefoot or with light and comfortable sandals upon their feet, we have better feet with a better use of the feet than in those countries where man has adopted the tight fitting shoes. We see what women have done to their feet as compared to men by wearing even tighter shoes. Women have gradually learned how they have been affecting their physical internal organs by their use of high heels or wrong shaped shoes, and after becoming aware as to how their unnatural posture was bringing about very serious evolutionary changes of their internal organs. They gradually adopted more rational footwear.

By studying the general styles of clothes that men have worn, we see much evidence of evolutionary change taking place in man's physical makeup. The women have finally become convinced that they would feel healthier and assist the normal functioning of abnormal organs and the abandoning of tight corsets helped a great deal. The same thing might be said about men's final abandonment of the stiff and high, hard derby hat.

Our general way of living, aside from dressing and our indulgences in various methods of eliminating hard physical work and exercises and giving ourselves more comfort and luxury and ease have also contributed to man's evolution during the last ten centuries. The mystics, however, say that even if man had not adopted any peculiar habits or customs that would have affected the physical body; if he had done nothing that would affect his physical body; if he had done nothing that would affect the evolution of his body, God would have gradually evolved it…evolved it to a higher state and to a different state of consciousness and physical appearance in order to keep man in harmony with the evolution that is taking place throughout the rest of the cosmic and earthly world. The mystics say that the purpose of God's creation of man was not to make a physical being that would seem perfect and leave that as an eternal standard for all time, and to have all men in the future created precisely as was the original man. The mystic shows that the purpose of man's being on earth at all is to evolve to a higher and higher state of existence and that all of his trials and tribulation -- all of his experiences on earth -- are for the purpose of furthering his evolution mentally, physically and spiritually. The mystics say and hold that if man were not able to evolve and God did not intend man to evolve, then there would never have been any reason for putting man here on this earth, for he is to glorify his Creator by his gaining of perfection.

Now, if the physical evolution is of any importance at all to the successful and happy existence of man, certainly some evolution of his consciousness would be even more important. In order that man might evolve in his consciousness and reach higher and higher in his harmonic relationship with God, there had to be planned some way for providing for the evolutionary progress, progressive steps of cosmic relationship. The plans of cosmic consciousness were conceived and put into use as necessary paths and ways and procedures of moving man through evolution, for this idea of steps in evolution is what we call degrees. It is not only in the cosmic scheme, but in the individual scheme itself. It is easy to look around us at the various types of individuals we meet occasionally or casually in our neighborhood or in our lodge, or in our Order, and recognize those whom have reached some height of splendor and glory in their character and their inner selves, and those who are still thought of only in connection with crime or some sordid affair of life. It is an easy thing to see that those whom have that faculty of attraction have reached in some way some degree of evolvement, which makes them a shining light unto other men.

Man's evolution therefore, in a physical or a spiritual sense has been gradually and progressive. Man could not evolve correctly as a mass, but only as an individual. It would be impossible to take a thousand people of one nation or of one period of time and evolve them equally and satisfactorily. Such mass evolution leads to no benefit to the individual, and would not permit the individual to reach greater heights as a result of his personal efforts. By eliminating the reward of personal effort and personal sacrifice, personal achievement and personal worthiness, mankind would be thrown back again into the mass classification and the glory of God's scheme would be nullified. There must be leaders. There must be those whom are advanced and who can act as pathfinders and pioneers. There must be those whom have fallen or who have weakened. There must be those whom have contacted the Light in advance of others and who inspire others to carry on and keep to the path. There have been such leaders throughout all ages, and there have been divinely inspired men and women and we cannot help but believing that they have had the approval and the sanction of God and God's laws in such a personal individual advancement.

In the consciousness of man, or in the soul or mental makeup of his psychic or spiritual being, there are stages of evolution through which man may ascent, like we say, climbing Jacob's ladder, just as there are stages of evolution in the physical part of man. By means of which his spiritual or inner consciousness might evolve gradually and properly to unusual heights. Here's where the stages of cosmic consciousness enter into our being and the realities of our existence, and we find a glorified scheme laid out before us like the itinerary of a journey to some distant land. First there are the necessary preparation before the beginning of that journey. Then we enter the first step of that stage of the journey itself, and with all of the enthusiasm and interest in becoming acquainted with those who are journeying with us, and in discovering the new path that we are starting on. There follows the learning of how and when it was established and where it leads and when we have reached the first path, and have gotten on our way through the first stage of it. We are happy in the championship which we have and in the power that we have attained, and being enabled to manifest the greater Light and greater wisdom unto us.

As stated previously, these stages of evolution are associated with the earthly activities, and not with any cosmic activities. That is, they are not tied together. We progress through these stages of cosmic evolution while here on earth and not while we are in the spiritual realm awaiting reincarnation. It is evident, therefore, that it is through our earthly experience, trials, and tribulations, suffering and labors while here on earth that the real progress toward the highest goal is easily and properly made. Every experience has a bearing on cosmic evolution. And there are experiences so important, so badly needed by some of us, that the cosmic places us in peculiar situations or brings us in touch with unusual conditions so that we may have these trials and problems in order to gain just those experiences which are necessary to round out or complete our cosmic attunement and advancement for the time being.

If you meditate upon these thoughts and examine your own daily affairs, you will find considerable consolation and encouragement in your present status of living. You can see now that poverty and privation at times may not be the work of the devil or the work of his enemies, or even the result of our own acts in being rash or two generous. Such experiences may come wholly from the cosmic in order that some element in your nature, some degree of understanding in your cosmic self will have necessary reactions to bring about the lessons that you need to learn only lightly may we learn more quickly. And we use this word lightly meaning through the Light we may learn more quickly and perfectly.

Now, you may think it is strange that as I read this to you and give you all of this data regarding the cosmic and its action. When I say to you, If you follow the Way of Jesus Christ distinctly pointed at Him and His service, distinctly standing with as much perfection as possible in His shadow, many of the foregoing reactions of the cosmic will be turned aside. Because Jesus came to us and went to Calvary to enact the great physical initiations here on earth, that we might see and might be left in the great cosmic mind this picture and the forgiveness of our errors of the past. Therefore cutting off a great deal of the karmic reaction, which normally would have come to us over the span of time. And the grace which He gave which brought to us this forgiveness, or the grace which came through forgiveness, should I say. This is what is known in the Church as "in their name"; our name rather for it is regeneration and rebirth. They say He brought the atonement, and this is true. He atoned and took on the sins of the world.

The wise are always contented, and the foolish are always discontented. There is no end to discontent and contentment, and it is the highest happiness. People whom have reached the perfect Way do not grieve; they are always conscious of the final destiny of all creatures. One must not give way to discontent, for it is like a very strong poison. It kills persons of underdevelopment and intelligence, just as a child is killed by the enraged snake. That man has no manliness whose energies have left him, and who is overpowered with perplexities when an occasion for the exercise of vigor presents itself, out of the actions are surely followed by their consequence. However, it merely gives us up to a passive indifference in worldly affairs, accomplishes no good. Instead of murmuring, one must try to find out the way by which we can secure exemption from misery. The means of salvation found, we must then free him from sensuality. The man who has attempted a high degree of spiritual knowledge is always conscious of a greater deficiency and instability of all matter. Such a person keeps in view the final doom never grieves, but doom is not used as a catastrophe, but as the final dispensation of matter on this level of density.

It is said of Jesus the Christ that He was the Great Prince of Peace. If we attempt to find the golden thread through His teachings that are stronger or greater than any others, we find two that are perhaps the most important of these. We would label them peace and love. Surely Jesus determined that what the world needed and what the individual needed above everything else was peace. A secondary, or shall we say, an important condition necessary for this great peace of mind, heart, and soul, was the universal love. Jesus did not concern Himself very greatly about the problems that existed between the tribes and nations of people, and when He spoke of peace, He did not have in mind primarily the unrest, or even the warfare that existed between the nations. He was speaking more of the unrest in the individual.

I do not believe that it is necessary for me to say to you that if the soul personality of the individual is at peace and understands the principles of the universal love, there will be peace between the people and nations of people. To attempt to establish peace between nations without establishing peace between the individual and the contact with the world is impossible. If you will think for a moment, you will see how futile it is for our statesman and diplomats of today to attempt to regulate the unrest throughout the world and establish universal peace in its larger form without making an attempt to bring peace and love into the hearts and the consciousness of the individuals who compose these nations. Such method is an attempt to attack the problem or solve the problem by beginning at the wrong end. After all, the warfare between nations is only an outer manifestation of that which is going on within the individuals. And you cannot curb or control the outer manifestation as long as it exists inwardly. We see, therefore, that whereas the great Masters preceding Jesus came to the world with messages of wisdom, illumination and transcendental mystical comprehension. Jesus came with a message of peace and love, and that He considered these far more important. Jesus had the advantage not only of evolution through all preceding incarnations wherein and whereby He had learned the fundamental problems surrounding man's existence, but He also had in his earthly studies in His last incarnation the opportunity to analyze the teachings and ideals of His predecessors, and to see wherein they met some of the problems, but without striking at the very root of the universal problem. If He therefore, came to the conclusion that the greater need of the human soul and mind was that of peace and love, we may well feel that it is after the ultimate analysis, the greatest blessing that can come into the life of the individual.

When we speak of peace within the human breast, we mean more than a mere freedom from worry or concern regarding the present or the future, for it must include the whole of our existence. It must include the past as well as the present, and the future. In order that this may be so, our contentment and sense of peace must be based upon our understanding of our lives from the very hour of birth in this incarnation, and it must include an understanding of what we were, or what probably passed through in the previous incarnation. The sense of real peace must bring us sublime contentment through an understanding of our place in the universe, our relationship to God and man, and our contact with all of the earthly as well as spiritual conditions. In order that such understanding bring us peace and contentment, our understanding must not only be complete and well-founded and profound in its broader base aspects - but it also must be free from fears and doubts, the misconceptions that are governed and they do govern the average being.

If we look at the other side of the picture, we will quickly see that the positive attitude of peace is as compared with the negative attitude. Those who have an unrest within are those whom are essentially fearful of the future. The average human being looks upon the past as something that is entirely gone or as a ghost hidden in a closet which may or may not ever come to life. The average human tries to look upon his past as something that is fairly well buried in oblivion of darkness, but it does come to life. But should it rise to comfort him at any time and comfort we should turn this work into "confront" him at any time in the future, he will try to meet it by the superior knowledge and the superior conduct of his life, which he has experienced in more recent times. He feels, therefore, that the past is not a really serious problem unless something unexpected should happen. It is this

Fear of the unexpected in relation to the past as well as the future that keeps many human hearts at continuous unrest. What if the sins of the future should demand adjustment or compensation? That thought undoubtedly instills more fear into the hearts and minds of human beings than any other does. Even the criminal and the one whom is not given to spiritual speculation fears the unknown element of an unknown law that may demand compensation for past and present sins. Compensation for past and present sins, this is a good terminology of karma. Adding to this the doubt as to what the future may hold and what the ultimate goal of his existence may be, he sees that fear is the element which keeps peace from being a positive dominating factor in his life, and in the lives of those whom do not understand the universal law and the laws of universal love.

Therefore, the man and woman whom is developing a sense of peace and contentment is one who is rising above the misconceptions and the doubts and the fears that have enslaved man through all ages. Early in our youth, we were taught in our copybooks and in the proverbs of the classrooms that it is the fearless man and the fearless woman whom can rise above the greatest stumbling block in the lives of the children and adults. And it is most certainly that doubt and fear which prevents the daring exploration of the unknown, and it is the unknown that makes man a coward and holds him from reaching the heights that he may reach.

The Buddhists thought that this great state of peace could be attained only by a degree of suspension of earthly consciousness, which they called Nirvana. Therefore, when our brothers says that they are finding the greatest manifestation of their development in the form of peace and contentment, they are frankly admitting that they are entering into what Jesus and the great masters of all times admit was the most sublime of spiritual attainment. In fact, there is nothing greater, nothing more wonderful or important as to be attained by the adept or the masters. Everything else begins at this point. Everything else radiates from or is attracted to the point of peace and contentment. Could the attainment of wealth bring any greater peace and contentment than that which the poor man or the man in medium circumstances experiences if it is sublime peace and contentment? Could the attainment of health or luxury of life or a high position in the natural world…or fame or honor…bring any greater blessing to the soul, the heart, and the mind of the individual than absolute peace and contentment? We know that the acquirement of earthly assets does not eliminate the worry and strife that prevents inner peace, but generally add to the worries, and make peace and contentment less possible. It is the man or woman who can rest in peace and contentment whom is able to attract to himself or herself those necessities of life, those rich blessings that will be compatible with the peace and contentment within, and not disturb his profound peace.

The Great Masters of the Cosmic contact us and work through us according to the various grades of cosmic consciousness, and those who are in the first grade, or first plane of the system of development begin their journey through the various planes by starting with a sense of peace and contentment. There are several planes of cosmic consciousness and they have nothing to do with any writings. It is true, however, that a plane of cosmic consciousness in this earthly life has its relative plane in a future state. A person who has passed through transition here on earth while in the first or second or third plane of cosmic consciousness will dwell in that same plane of cosmic consciousness in their hereafter until he is ready for reincarnation and it occurs. If transition should occur while the adept is dwelling in the fifth plane of cosmic consciousness after transition, he will not change that plane until the next time that he comes into development here on earth on this plane. You see that this is a quite different idea than that promulgated by those who do not understand the law and who have misinterpreted the very brief and mystical statement that have been made in a few semi-public writings of the great Masters regarding these planes or spheres of consciousness. The great Masters tried to refer to these planes of consciousness or planes of transcendental experience without revealing to the initiated or the unworthy the real facts. These veiled and guarded statements have been misinterpreted by those whom were not qualified to understand them and assume that in the future existence of man, or in a future spiritual existence there were various planes of consciousness through which he passed between the incarnations. They believed that at transition man went to the first plane of consciousness and then gradually passed to the second, and then the third and the fourth until he reached the highest of these planes, and then was either ready for reincarnation again or for some reason remained in the highest of these planes as a master worker in the cosmic. That is entirely erroneous and without foundation in the universal scheme of things. There is no reason for man to make any greater or more progress through the planes of cosmic consciousness while in the spiritual realm than he would make here on the earth plane. And furthermore, it is impossible to evolve through these planes of consciousness while living in a purely spiritual experience, for the progress of evolution requires tests and trials which are to be experienced only here in the earth plane, unless one has passed beyond the sphere of reality or has removed himself from the wheel of karma.

We see, therefore, that whatever progress man makes in the various planes of cosmic consciousness he remains here on earth or on another sphere, while the grace of God does give us help and that we do not pick up all of what some would call karma. The period he spends in spiritual existence is a temporary suspension of progress in these planes during which he enjoys the rich rewards of those planes that he has attained at the time of his transition. He must come back to the earth again, rise to the next level of consciousness. In this you see the answers to the questions as to why we reincarnate and what is the purpose of the successive lives and cosmic evolution. We have not been able to answer this question in the past because people were not at a place where they could accept it and would discuss it in the open door.

I suggest therefore the great value and the great benefit of contemplation and meditation upon the fact that you are now about to enjoy the benefit of this first plane of cosmic consciousness just through your work. It may be that some of you have already attained this and perhaps higher planes of cosmic consciousness in previous incarnations. If that is so, you will soon pass out of the first, into the second, third, and so forth, reach up to the point, or to the plane attained by you in your last life. And then we'll begin to reach out across the space into other states of cosmic consciousness. Later you will learn how you may determine this through your work and through your spiritual exercises that you may reach those places where you will know and have some significant memory of those things which you realize and you experience while you are in meditation or contemplation and how these things will help you even here in the material life, that it will help you to understand many of the great mysteries of life. Later I will talk more about the progression through these, and in the future, your experience your way.

This is the Way. This is the consciousness of our Lord Jesus Christ and this is why he was brought here and came to take on the great Messianic work of the world to bring atonement.

End of lesson 7
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