Lesson 5


Father Paul Blighton

I am about to give you the fifth lesson in Cosmic Consciousness and the Soul.

The highest desire any reasonable man can cherish and the highest right he may possibly claim is to become perfect. What that word perfect means, you or I know not. To know everything; to love all and to be known and to be loved by all; to possess and command everything that exists; such is the condition of being that, to a certain extent, may be felt intuitively, but whose possibility cannot be grasped by the intellect or the mortal man. To foretell…foretaste and foretell of such a blissful condition may be experienced by a person who, even for a short period of time, is perfectly happy. He whom is not oppressed by sorrow, not excited by selfish desires, and who is conscious of his own strength and liberty may feel as if he were the Master of the World; and the King of Creation, and in fact, during such moments, he is their ruler, as far as he himself is concerned. Although his subjects may not seem to be aware of his existence. He would be the epitome of a great Master Teacher, such as our Lord Jesus when he had been Christed.

Jesus the Christ, an entirely different character from that offered to the public as the founder of the Christian religion, the Bible, as the foundation book of Christianity, and the Christian religion, makes Jesus half human and half divine. A great deal of time and space is utilized to show that Jesus was human in many ways, especially in character and nature, that he was of human parentage, even of a definite family tree, without explaining why this was adopted, or why it was a good plan. I call your attention to it as responsible for much of the misunderstanding and the misconception of the Christian mysticism on the part of the thinking man and woman.

In the early days, the Jews wanted to claim Jesus as their own antecedent of a certain great Jew. For this reason, his biography is presented in the Christian Bible in different forms because it was so emphasized in the early Jewish writings and records. To the mystic, Jesus, as the Christ, was almost an invisible Master and a human side wholly and completely eliminated from consideration. Among the advanced, such as he has always been considered as an invisible and the greatest, the finest, the most perfectly balanced, the one who revealed the greatest amount of the secret facts taught. Jesus, as Savior and leader, and one of God's divinely created beings, was anticipated by the great mystics in Egypt, Persia, India and other lands. Neither his birth nor his youth surprised them, and they gave little thought to his origin and to his human side of his existence. I have found many writings amongst the manuscripts, which read as though Jesus had never had a human side to his existence. Nothing is said of his birth, nothing of his youthful training, his form, poise, or physical characteristics. In these old manuscripts, he is put in the same category as the Master Keij or Moria-el today. Whenever these Ancients spoke of seeing Jesus, they intimated that it was with their psychic sight and when they spoke of hearing him, it was in a psychic manner. Not one of them had an interest in the human side of his existence, and some of them did not even acknowledge it. We can see, therefore, that Jesus was looked upon by them as someone entirely different from the personalities presented by the present day Christian religions. Most of the disciples of Jesus who were intimate with him gave greater emphasis to his spiritual and to his human side. This, of course, might be understood because they were with him all the time.

It was not until after his final disappearance and the end of his worldly activities that some of the disciples and founders of the Christian church made a statement about the human and the physical side of his existence. In the establishment of the Roman Church, the holy fathers devout and sincere in their desires, turn the teachings of Jesus into a school of religious thought. They found it necessary, as the Church finds it necessary today, to teach as much about the human side of Jesus as was possible. In fact, they found that in order to reach the outer circle of worldly people, the people called the profane, the majority of the unthinking men and women, they had to present Jesus as partly human and partly divine. They had to eliminate as much as possible the idea that he was an invisible Master or spiritual being. They could not eliminate the fact regarding his birth, facts that revealed that he was divinely ordained and selected, neither could they conceal the facts regarding his previous incarnations or his appearance without physical form, although they did cover these and give little prominence to them. Nevertheless, they did hide the real mystery of the Christ by giving much emphasis to Jesus' activities amongst the people such as his miracles, his healings, and his general ministry. And in order to make this…to make this early church and him appear as human, as divine persons could be theses disciples and the early church fathers elaborated upon his human weaknesses and traits of character. They dwelt upon his going among the fishermen, the poor people, wrote of his being hungry and thirsty, of his having no place to…to lay his head, and of his asking for food and drink, and of his touching people, and of their touching him.

End of Chapter 5

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