Lesson 10

New Cosmic Consciousness

LESSON 10 Tape #601 i

By Father Paul Blighton

This is Lesson Number 10 of the New Cosmic Consciousness Series, recorded by Father Blighton, January 19, 1972.

Good Evening, I'm going to give to you the tenth lesson of Cosmic Consciousness. And as we start and proceed into this lesson of cosmic consciousness, let us paint you a picture of the man we're talking about --our Lord Jesus Christ -- as He came to earth. There have been many Masters that have come to this earth in the ages past, but it is a hard and difficult thing for most people to understand those beings which are willing to return to earth when it is not compulsory for them to do so. To perform some of the feats and the gifts which they give to mankind, and to give to man those things which he needs to learn in order for him to progress on this Jacob's Ladder, or the Way of Initiation, and the Great Way as our Lord Jesus so spoke when He said, "This is the Way."

Here is a man who came into this life with a perfect physical body. Here is a man who could have turned away anything that would have displeased Him. A person whom could have had all of the wealth and riches of the earth which He desired without violating any rule or any law of God. He could have had the most wealth of places to live in. But instead of this, in order that He might be near to and in the company of those which He wished to reach so that they would be comfortable with Him as possible; and this should be emphasized -- as possible -- because a great person such as He was and still is -- and let us emphasize that phrase -- still is -- would not have been accessible to the common people. For it was out of the common people that He drew His disciples and the Apostles. It was the fishermen, the tax collectors, the people whom were not too well thought of, in many cases, and whom really held no distinctive physical social rank. Although some of his Apostles were well read, well educated, they still were not notables in any way, shape or form.

Let us go again to this picture, and say here is a man who is of average height, and maybe a little bit taller than the average height at that time who was taking upon Himself the task of physically demonstrating the Great Solar Initiations so that man might be saved, that man might complete his mission on earth, and do it with full forgiveness of the atonement. Here's a man who loved beauty, who had been raised in a gentle home and who understood the ways of creation. If He had not wanted to be crucified, He would not have been; if He had not wanted to do these things, He would not have done them. If He had not wanted any one person to approach Him, they would not have been able to. As we look at this picture, we must remember that He had not been on earth recently when He came, and therefore, He had not had the previous experience of occupying a physical body as such. When we take into consideration that the ego functions in the blood and even though the blood of the Master Jesus was the purest and highest vibrational rate of the earth, it was very difficult for the Christian spirit, the Christ Spirit to function in a physical body at all. A part of the work was done during the forty days in the wilderness, and was devoted to overcoming the blood of Jesus to accommodate Himself to the limitations of the physical body, even in its purest state. Because at that particular time in that particular place, purity was not so well known. The Orthodox churches teach that He came to save that which was lost. This statement according to the mystic Christianity, is true, and applies to the straggling laggards of human life wave of that time. The accumulation of evil was so great, and the evolution had become so retarded that if Christ had not come, it would have been necessary for the earth to expel another portion of itself, a second moon, perhaps, in order to care properly for the most backward of her children.

Between the laws of…and times of… rebirth and the causation takes place… takes care of the majority, but the stragglers; they had fallen too far behind to regain their position, by the unaided operations of these laws. Therefore, the Master…it was necessary for Him to come to bring the gift of His love to overbalance the laws of physical matter and bring about the saving grace which He brought with Him. Christ, therefore, truly came to seek and to save that which was lost, as it is taught, both by the Orthodox, the exoteric Christianity. To cleanse the blood of egotism -- this is the mystery of the blood that flowed on Golgotha. The blood is the tally sheet of the Spirit, as you know, in the blood we carry the record of experience, and it is carried through the vibratory path to the soul. In eventuality, there where the record is kept, there where all things are summed up, there where this goes directly to the soul and is impinged there and there is where the great spiritual action with the Self would take place. One physically may be perfectly pure, but without this saving grace to give, His action would not be adequate to have done this particular job, to fulfill that particular mission.

We may be capable of studying the blood an individual possesses the one who is able to possess the key to that soul's development. The blood is the channel for the feeling and emotion. It is contaminated through generation and purity by regeneration, and the soul body and the golden wedding garment, as we call it, as it is called in the Testament, is that which the pioneer must be clothed, and who are to meet the Christ when He returns. It is the highest and most spiritual product…that memory of it in the blood.

With the flowing of the blood of Christ Jesus on Calvary, a tremendous spiritual power passed into the center of the earth, and this power increases each year when the Christ impulse is born anew. Thus each year altruism and brotherhood increase and man finds it easier to die daily to himself, and to live incredibly more for others. Thus it is that the Holy Order of MANS seeks to bring all of the Brothers together in unified action as we celebrate and prepare for the beings, for this celestial Host that will gather around us, and has gathered around us, for this is the great cosmic event that we may typify a pure symbol of the strivings of the Brotherhood, which will broadcast into the world a more pure vibration, bringing other persons of the earth closer and closer to the reality of Jesus Christ and the New Age.

The evolution is speeded up through the remission of the sins and the evil. Rebirth and the law of consequence having been taught through the ages, according to the old dispensations, it was ruled that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; but with the coming of the New Age… the coming of the Christ Law…was superceded by the love through which the redeeming power, all sins are forgiven. By repentance, restriction, and reform, the karmic sheet is swept clean. You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. A pertinent commandment which gives I unto You, that Ye shall love one another as I have loved You.

The veil which hung before the temple was rent. The call of the Christ is to whoever will come and partake of the waters of life freely. During the earlier dispensations, only a chosen few were permitted to enter into the temple of initiation and with the establishment of the Christ reign…initiation…the doors to initiation were thrown open to all. The Truth, which is revealed and acquired only by individual worthiness and merit, now is open to all people. Seek and Ye shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you, and this one thing, my Brothers, that you have not taken into consideration…how easy that door has been opened unto you. For Jesus has given to us the grace…the reality of it, and has made it so much easier to have that door opened unto you. The coming of the Great Christ Spirit brought to humanity the higher phases of initiation known as the Four Great Mysteries. All religions previous to His coming possess the teachings termed Nine Lesser Mysteries. These have been presented in various ways best suited to the development of the people to whom they were given. In some of the mystery schools, they have been divided into lesser and greater mysteries. As, for instance, in the Euclidean school of Greece, these mysteries, however, all deal with truth belonging only to what we now classify as the Lesser Initiations.

The Four Greater Mysteries belong entirely to the Christian dispensation and those qualified to receive their powers before supermen possessing attributes far in advance of the average humanity. Jesus and Lazarus were the first of the human race to become anointed with their power. Mary and the disciples and some others of high spiritual attainment received the first of the initiations on the day of Pentecost. From this time on, they were no longer mere men and women. They had attained the gift promised by Christ when He said, "The things that I do, so shall you do also, and even greater than these shall ye do." Paul states that Christ is groaning and travailing, awaiting the day of His illumination. I should think that this would be liberation, although the Light does bring the liberation and is necessary in order to do this. A full understanding of this statement involves a true center of Christ's redemptive work for humanity. The teaching of the vicarious atonement is but a faint reflection of the real truth. Christ did indeed down the human body to save humanity, as the churches tell. But we know that we teach it as a fundamental truth because that is the way it really is. What the church does not teach is that the currently accepted doctrine or truth is the method of that salvation. This is fully and recently explained by the esoteric Christianity which declares that faith alone is the redemptive work of Christ is insufficient; that man must still work out his salvation. His own right hand must save him, but this is possible to man even in his present fallen condition because of the cosmic loans and laws of the

Spiritual power given to him by the Christ, Who continues to make sacrifices for us as the indwelling Spirit of the Earth and his labors.

And one other thing, and that is the coming of the Teachers and Priests whom have been well schooled in the Old Mysteries as well as you do here in the Holy Order of MANS. And then we have those things which we were fortunate enough to have as a gift -- purification of the spiritual atmosphere and impregnating our planet's atmosphere with His divine radiation. Thus we make available to humanity better conditions in which to live and evolve and reinforce the human impulse to the realistic life of the living Christ in accordance with the spiritual nature and in harmony with the Divine Will.

This Will that we speak of is the one, which constitutes the redemptive work of the Christ to work its way in man through his heart. A work that will continue until humanity has attained to a state where in it is strong enough spiritually to move safely forward and upward without the personal aid. To sum it up briefly, Christ came to aid man to save himself. This adage, shall we call it, still exists in many of the mystic orders and fraternal orders, and it is a true saying and guide when we are interested in helping others.

We are all Christ in the making for the sacrifice on Golgotha, for it will continue to be an annual occurrence until release is gained through a Christed humanity, able to perform the work which is now done by Him -- namely, to guide the planet in its orb about the sun, and care for the evolution of all life of that life wave upon it. This, my Brothers, this is part of our duty…this is part of our responsibility…this is part of your duty--to bring the Light and to keep it there. This can only be done through the love of one another. For this reason, love becomes, as the Bible restates again and again, the most important thing in the world. Real Love. And for the mysteries of the four Gospels we have the pleasure of this, and many have gained the Light of Christ through it.

The law of attraction upon which the science of astronomy is based is but another name for the love power of the Cosmic Christ, which permeates the floods of the earth. The mystery of life, the essence of the fruit and the grain, is the concentrated force of this Christ life, and the sacrifice of the Christ does not mean dying for humanity, but living and infusing the whole of the life stream with the entirety of life. The entire earth with His Light, Life, and Love. He came that man might have life and have it more abundantly, as the Father said, "I give unto you dominion over the Earth and the fruits thereof." As previously stated, the stars portrayed and anticipated by the biography of the life of man, so also do they reveal the Initiate to the Initiated, the most perfect outline of life of Cosmic Man. Christ Jesus--when the fullness of time has come, God sent forth His Son, made of a Woman, born of the Law to redeem them that were under the Law. That He might receive the adoption of being the Son of God. Christ has redeemed us from this cursed of just law being made a curse for us. For it is written cursed to everyone that hangeth on a tree therefore. Then the severest of the law is also felt. It was added because the transgressions still have the seed and it should come to whom promise was made. It was ordained by the Angels in the hands of a Mediator.

It is for this purpose that we of the Order tend to walk the streets of the earth, bringing the Light to all men. For I, through the Law and the debt to the Law, that I might live unto God. I am sacrificed with Christ. Nevertheless, I live; yet, not I, but Christ lives within me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith and knowing of the Son of God, Who beloved me and gave myself for him. I do not frustrate the grace of God; its righteousness comes by the Law when Christ is dead in vain; then Christ is not dead in vain.

The inflowing of the Cosmic Christ is to the Earth the Winter Solstice…has been celebrated as a Sun festival. This great force permeates the physical earth and its physical envelope, lifting and purifying them, and imbuing them with the manifestation of life, with vitally important increments of the consistency of the New Earth and the New Heaven, and the vitally and the energy of the new Man and what he needs.

At the Spring Equinox, this great energy is released and passes into the higher spiritual realms, reaching the highest of those superphysical planes. At the time of the Summer Solstice, the down-pouring of the Cosmic Light stream turns again towards the earth in the early Autumn as the Sun passes into Virgo. Then the Cosmic Immaculate Conception takes place. And at the Autumn Equinox, the Great Soul is annually crucified upon the Cross of Matter as this spiritual force is again concentrated in and upon the Earth.

The Life of Christ Jesus is the perfect harmony of this cosmic pattern. He was born at the Winter Solstice, at the time when all the earth is celebrating the return of the Christ Light. He is resurrected at the Spring Equinox, and the gladsome Easter Season. When all nature rejoices of that beauty of the new efflux of life and love. He ascends to the throne of God, the Father, at the Summer Solstice, where He begins the perpetuation of the new spirit body which He brings into the earth when He is born again for man's salvation in the Winter Solstice, or the Christmas season. This body is immaculately conceived in the earth as the Sun passes into Virgo, and the sign of the Virgin--the symbol of service and chastity. "Ah," but you say, "You sound as if you are talking astrology." No, I am talking reality of the great Cosmic Picture of Reality -- The Cosmic Consciousness of man that can understand God's Creation. This is yours, my Brothers and Sisters. Look unto Him and He will give it unto you.

The Crucifixion is symbolized by the Autumn Equinox when the Earth passes under the sway of darkness and the cold of winter, and as we meditate upon this yearly sacrifice the greatest Christ Spirit...and the greatest Christ Spirit for man, we turn with a renewed reverence and a more devout understanding of Paul's words: "In Him, we live and move and have our being." This change of seasons, the alternate change of heat and cold, of dark and light, must continue so long as the earth planet occupies this place and present orbit and position and movement. The position of the earth and the status of its humanity will be entirely and only through and by the power of love made manifest in the life of man. Until that time, the annual sacrifice of the Christ will continue, and not until then will the liberation come for the earth and those upon it. The esoteric schools of the coming Aquarian Age will be devoted entirely to the development of love as a power. This love will manifest in the lives of the Pioneers who will assist in the liberation of the Christ.

In the earlier stages of Cosmic Consciousness, the Illumination is considered by the things of men and women as a form of divine obsession that seize upon the highly religious and devout people and change them so that their being was changed into a saint, or superbeing. Illumination is the first stage of the Cosmic Consciousness, and from that moment on, the food we eat was as I have shown it. These highly developed religious and devout persons are changed so that their beings were changed into a saint or superbeing. Illumination is the first stage of this Cosmic Consciousness, and from this moment on the food we eat--it is looked upon as being different food. We looked at that of the saints in the same way. The clothing we wore was considered to be filled with some power from his vibration, that would heal other people. The ground he walked on also became holy ground. The home he lived in became a temple and a shrine. His utterances were never taken at their face value. To take the ancient records therefore…the attempt to find in what way a particular person manifest cosmic consciousness is a very difficult one. Amenhotep IV, fourteenth century before Christ is used as a typical example. Even Jesus was condemned as being insane, and so were Moses and all the other great leaders. On the other hand, we must be careful about the word "insane" for the way some of the Orientals use it, and the meaning of that word in their language is not identical with our meaning of the word, "insane", today. In many of the oriental languages, the equivalent for the work "insane" is a word which means "mental distinctiveness", or "mentally different from the average person," and it was often used as a term of complimentary praise for the mentality of those whom were of so great a genius. The truth is that the cosmic illumination may manifest itself in one person through the expression of music and only through music, and another may be gifted in speaking and only in speaking; another may be talented in the ability to write and have a very large vocabulary. In fact, there are so many ways in which we may become manifest that we are so many ways diversified that the interest of human nature itself in the illumination very often varies and becomes complex. For the illumination is the key, or should we say it is the opening in the lock to the revelations in man and the sensitizing of his sight and his spiritual gifts. It is the reality that he is made of light and that some of this light is there at all times but he is not conscious of it, and is not strong enough, thus it is that we …the reality to his mind through helping him to see and to know and to look at those things which are real and to bring about the reality that he too is a god-being of light.

Therefore, as we bring this in, so to speak, and show it to him and reinforce it that it may become brighter until his body gets in the habit of showing it, so to speak. Then he goes to the Teacher or Priest and is brought into the attainment of illumination. This goes on for some time, for he should work at it for some time afterward in concentration and contemplation. 'Cause here it is the start of the regeneration--the rebirth--which is most essential.

Let us just give a few moments to the redemption of the whole universe. I will only go in brief, but let us take it from the standpoint of the reality of some of the things in cosmic consciousness. The indwelling Spirit that Jesus Christ sent to us not only imparts to our souls the untheological life of God through grace, but he exerts his influence on our bodies as well. And if the Spirit of Him Who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, then He Whom raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also bring to life your mortal body because of His Spirit Who is dwelling in you. But tied intrinsically to our material bodies that which are destined to be a future of redemption through the spiritual resurrection in the whole universe, Genesis 3:17 speaks of a universal curse of God upon the earth and all material creatures through man's turning away from God. Man loses his dominion over the non-human cosmos--the result of sin holds the universe in bondage until that bondage is undone through the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Thus Paul tries to tell us…inform us of the destiny of re-creation with man's sanctification. He images the creative universe empty of man waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.

The material world was made subject to vanity, that this was misused by the pride of man, not by choice of his own, but by that of man who cast the universe into the slavery of corruption by error and sin. The whole creation is like a mother in agony before giving birth, groaning and laboring in pain until now Christ's dominion over the whole universe is pictured more clearly in Paul's letters and epistles…who wrote in captivity, especially the Colossians and Ephesians. Shipped from Syria to Rome as a prisoner, Paul learned from his co-workers, Ephesians, of the rising heresy among the communities of Collosia, and these Asiatic Christians, under the influence of a false cosmology, were filled with a morbid craze or speculation about the heavenly spirits and power. False teachers maintained that the angelic power in turned in the being between God and Man, and in whom the fullness of the Godhead was dwelling causes of creation. They could exert great power over the birth and destiny of man and were to be worshipped. Gravity of the heresy consisted in the implicitly, denied of Christ's unique position as the whole Mediator and Redeemer of mankind; and for this reason Paul stressed in two clear messages of the uniqueness of Christ in His dual role as Mediator and Redeemer.

In Colossians, Christ exists prior to all creatures, meaning that all things are created and are preserved in their being through and for Him. Earlier in his Epistle to the Philippians, he has hinted that the Christ-- pardon me-- universal dominion over all creation. It is He Who by an exercise of power which enabled Him to subject the Universe to Himself will re-fashion our lowly bodies, conforming them to His glorious Body. And in the text from Colossians Paul points out certain created beings who exemplify the highest of all creatures in the heavens and the earth, both visible and invisible, whether thrones or beings, or dominions or principalities or powers; all creatures thereof have been created through Christ, and formed of Him. But how Christ affects them after their creation is not stated until verse 20. Christ's redemption of them consists of their reconciliation with the Father through His sacrifice on the cross. For it pleased God the Father that in Him…in Him all fullness should dwell and that through Him God should reconcile…reconcile to Him every being and make peace both on earth and in heaven through the bloodshed on the cross.

I am finishing this series with a few remarks regarding the new heaven and the new earth, and I wish also to give unto you some homely sayings, which I feel, and I wish you would pay special attention to these remarks because they have a particular significance to the work we are doing now, and the things that you may experience as you are brought into the Light of Christ. And perhaps if you are able to concentrate enough and to keep your mind under control that you will be able to reach the door of realization and have the veil removed between these two worlds. As the earth and the psychic world amalgamate--as they mix and blend together--beings in the borderland of the earth and in the psychic world will manifest themselves--that is, beings manifest themselves at times--so that things you will hear, please check. Because you will not be sure at times whether you are getting it from the Self originally, or some ornamentative instruction, or whether it is coming from someone who knows less than you. Remember that all things that you hear and see are not totally true. This we must take very close observations on if we are to keep our feet upon the path that leads to the realization and the understanding and the familiarities with Jesus Christ, Our Lord here on Earth.

There are many things which you will experience, and some of them good and some of them will be untrue, so this is the way you must work. Follow the Teacher and Priest, and when you find something questionable, write it in and question it, but write into either myself or the Rev. Timothy Harris, and he will give you a very good idea of whether it is true or not. If you write to me, I may observe it and would turn it over to him for answers. It might be, but I assure you that you will get an answer, and of course, the first thing to do is to go to the Teacher. If you do not think that the answer you're getting is just as exactly as it seems it should be, then write it in. Master Timothy is the spiritual director of education for the Order. And all of these things, it is true, comes under my observation and direction, but these other young men and women whom have attained and whom have worked for this and for this capacity of being able to train and being able to help the individual -- they are truly capable individuals.

There is one other thing that I would like to make clear, and that is anyone who is living in a spiritual and quiet place should have no trouble if he listens well to this. One of the things that I wish and would like to make clear and that is anyone whom is living in a place sponsored by the Holy Order of MANS who is not eating too well, not living in a good clean orderly center; anyone who is not being given classes regularly every week in training--in spiritual training--is not being counseled with, please write to me and I will see that these things are changed. For no man in the Order, no Brother, either man or woman, shall ever go without training when I know it. Sometimes I miss some of these things in the press of a great deal of work, and therefore, you will have to overlook this, but send the information in and we will see that these things are corrected.

I'm not saying that it'll happen, but if it does, I want you to know that the door is opened to your questions and your needs shall be fulfilled. Please always know that you are a part of this Order, and that the Order is your Order because it is under the Lord Jesus Christ. And now I ask you to be quiet for a moment while I give a last salutation.


Lord Jesus, to all those whom are listening, let the Light come unto them, that they may too enjoy and be able to experience the reality of Christ and thy Presence at some time in this Order with you, with us. For we are bearers of the Light, and thus we ask that Thou wouldst give unto us this Torch, as Thou hast in the past, and evermore so, Thou wouldst give us more service with greater precision on our part, to perform our duty. Oh Lord, from our Father on high, let the Light descend. AMEN.

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