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New Cosmic Consciousness

LESSON 2 — TAPE #601 A

Father Paul Blighton

This is our second lecture on Cosmic Consciousness. We have all been trained in childhood to think from a material standpoint of view; so much so that it is very difficult for us to acquire the wisdom or consciousness that there is more to the unseen than there is the seen. And that in those vast realms above us in vibration there exists a most wondrous creation of our Lord, our Father in heaven. And our Lord Jesus Christ, who has taken upon himself that arduous job of being Lord of Earth. At this time and period in the evolution of man, there comes forth the reality that the Testament is right. There shall be a new heaven and a new earth, and that this Order has been commissioned to bring the Light of the Christ to all man so that we can help to teach those who have dedicated their lives to the work of our Lord, and whom have been uniformed in some way, that we can bring this information to them and that the light of those about us and who are spread across the land, our missionaries and our priests, who are bringing the Light to everyone whom they touch. If one were to see this as I have seen it in the evening hours, to see this light, it is like a vast city with twinkling lights, many more than what we realize, for there are other people too whom have come into the Light and Illumination of our great Christ.

The acquiring of Christhood is an arduous task to some, others it is part of the Way, because there are some here whom have traveled this Way before and know intuitively if their memory has not supported it, have known intuitively that this is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

As I said, we have been trained since childhood to think from a material point of view, so perhaps we have never fully realized the other essential aspects of creation. We have not been taught that unless we can actually see, feel smell, taste, or hear a thing, we have no right to believe that it exists. This teaching is, of course, false. We know that we can sense, and many of us can see, and follow these five senses... six senses…through the many levels of vibration. This fallacy has been universal, although in recent years, there have arisen a few exceptions and out of the many schools, some of the great teachers whom have come to earth are here gradually but slowly bringing some great workers into the field. However, there are scientists and lay minds among men and women who still adhere to that policy, but slowly their bulwarks are falling and crumbling before the eye of the microscope, and before the examination of the many scientists whom are finding that the infinite worlds are revealing themselves even on the material plane.

We should examine ourselves and find out how far we really lean towards that same materialistic view in practically all our thinking. If I tell you that there are certain lights in this room at this moment; if I tell you that I am being guided as I give to you this lecture by one truly great, and you look for them; for the lights; for the people; with your material eyes and cannot see them, then you doubt the existence of those lights or that person and your doubt and skepticism seem perfectly logical and reasonable to you. We understand that, but we also know that with the coming of the light and the accepting of it, that these senses which give us the true picture of creation, of our great Father in Heaven, and the ways in which He has created this universe, this solar system, not only the visible, but the invisible. Likewise, if I tell you that in this room tonight there are in the air, floating in it and through it, certain sounds — words, music, chimes, and so forth — and if I tell you that the Master stands at my side and speaks, you say, "How can He be Lord of Earth and encompass the earth?" This is not an impossibility when we realize that there are a number in our own Order which are conscious of more than one level of consciousness at a time. You listen carefully and hear nothing from the physical ears. You may doubt the existence of such sounds; you …and your doubts will seem logical and reasonable. If I add that even though we close all windows and doors, that these same sounds will continue to come into the room from distant cities. You may think according to the way you have been taught to think that this is impossible.

Every city in the world has its personality and its own vibration, the same as a living being. Such skepticism, as I have spoken of, is logical and reasonable to you because that is the way you have taught since childhood to reason and think. Yet we would need only a prism or some other device to prove that there are in the room certain lights which you may not clearly see at the present time. While you cannot see them, they exist and can be seen. Also, with a very few small and simple instruments, I could prove to you that in the air of this room there are sounds floating about; and with these instruments you could hear these human voices speak from distant cities, and you would find that words, plain and distinct, are in the air, easily heard from the physical ears on any radio. By simply adjusting the instruments so that unheard vibration of the air would be properly attuned to your own ear.

You have sat down many evenings and turned on the TV and watched the pictures that "don’t" exist. You have listened to the radio and heard the music that "doesn’t" exist. You would find by such a test — a test that every experimenter with wireless work has made or can make, that sounds exist which can be heard when the ear is attuned to receive them. The whole secret, as an electrical scientist will tell you, and as the radio has now proved consistent proper tuning, that it’s just as true, yes, even more so true than other things which exist and of which we seem to know so little of. We must learn how to attune ourselves in order to receive the impressions because you are listening and you are seeing all the time. Whether or not there is such a medium as ether, there is medium of consciousness prevailing in all space, in all things organic, called Cosmic Consciousness. For it includes all things to all men. Mind of man, the intelligence, the consciousness of the mind of man is constantly in touch with the Cosmic Consciousness, for you are the tuning mechanism. You are the one who calls in the wisdom, the understanding, the reality. You only have to be willing to give up yourself; then you become a part of it.

Cosmic Consciousness needs no material means of communication with the human mind; it has the soul. What one mind thinks, feels, or knows, can be instantly released into the Cosmic Mind, and thereby sent into space to touch every other mind. Only two laws are necessary to produce all of these wonderful things. One: we must know how to cause our thought, our impressions, to be released from the human mind into the Cosmic Mind. Second: we must learn how to have our mind attuned to receive at any time the impressions which the Cosmic Mind can make on our human mind. And if you take the easy way — letting in the light of the Christ, will provide the energy and the way to eliminate the difficulties that our functions will work on a spiritual level.

Vibration of a higher nature can travel through space and matter without difficulty. Human thoughts vibrate without limitations to the ends of the universe. This makes it necessary for you to be careful in what you think, for what you are… the closest to your thoughts, and will be the one who will experience the uncomfortable things… the most uncomfortable things from those evil thoughts or anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, all other destructive vibrations. On the other hand thoughts of the love and goodness will add to the creative power of your body and keep you well and happy. Watch your thinking all through life, for when you learn the power of that thought, you will find that they are far more touchy and powerful than dynamite, in their ability to produce effects. For the Master has shown us the Way, and brought unto us the reality of this work. This is not strictly a new path. It is the Old Way with the new tools, and a total forgiveness which our Master Jesus has brought to us. You can never detach yourself from your own enveloping aura, neither in body nor in soul. Christ taught this when he said, "Let your Light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Your light. Remember. That word light is not used here as a figure of speech, but a statement of fact. A positive light surrounds you. It is inhaled and produced by your physical and mortal beings. And those among us whom have cultivated this inner organ… their inner organs of vision to see it before they see you, it can be of the purest radiance; equally it can be of a mere nebulous film. But whatever the moral and physical condition of man and woman concerned, it is always shown in the aura which each separate individual expresses for himself or herself. Jesus’ words are never wrong.

We are so informed through many channels, and it is so uniform is this point in the average experience of attunement with the Cosmic Consciousness that it isn’t one person receiving the light this way and some other person receiving the light that way. It is in a general way. All people experience many things the same. Symbolically, we are told to ascend the mountain of initiation, and there receive illumination. And when it is to be taken in an almost literal sense — not only did Moses receive his illumination and initiation and instructions while on Mt. Sinai, but all Masters before him and after him, including the Master Jesus found a mountain to be the ideal place for such contact. While it is more literal than symbolic, it does not mean that in physical actuality, we must ascent a physical mountain. For there are those who do try this and use it as a way of working, a medium on which to keep one’s mind as they do climb the mountain, actually and physically.

But here we have also a spiritual mountain, for the mountain is a very hard granite, physical substance it is made of -- the rock. And so is the nature of our thinking and the bulwark of the mass mind and its thinking certainly forms a mountain up which we may climb and must climb in order to get on the other side, and above it be able to find the true man within and receive the light of Christ.

There are Christians as there are men who remain unaffected by these feelings of anxiety or fascination, but there are others whom are alarmed by the aggregation or the attention invincibly produced in them by the new rising star. Is the Christ of the Gospels imaged and loved within the dimensions of a Mediterranean world capable of still embracing and still forming the center of our prodigiously expanding universe? Is the world not in the process of becoming more vast, more close, more dazzling than the Jehovah? Will it not burst our religion asunder and eclipse our God? No. But it will eclipse the mass mind of the non-existent Jesus Christ, for His presence will be proved and has been, and not too long ago.

Without darkness, perhaps, to admit to this anxiety yet, there are many whom nevertheless feel that deep within them, it is for those fools that I am writing and talking. I shall not attempt to embark on some metaphysical discussion of the light or some profound theological discourse, so listen to St. Paul telling of God, "Who made man that he might see him, seek him, love him." God whom we try to apprehend by the groping of our lives that our self-same God is the persuasive and perceptible as the atmosphere in which we are bathed. He encompasses us on all sides like the world itself. What prevents you then from enfolding Him in your arms, in your love, in your being? Only one thing — your inability to seek Him.

Let us now bring together the major minor of symbolism so as to grasp the link between them, and a conclusion; you, having accepted the Godhood of man, the Christhood of you. If it is true as we know from the Creed, from the Bible, that souls enter so intimately into Christ and God, and if it is true as we know from the most general conclusions of psychoanalysis, that the perceptible enters vitally into the most spiritual zone of our souls, then we must also recognize that in the whole process, which from first to last, activates and directs the elements of the universe. Everything forms a single whole. We begin to see more distinctly the great Sun of Christ, the King, our Christ, the Universal Christ rising over our interior worlds, little by little, stage by stage, everything is finally linked to that supreme center. The streams, which flow from the center, operate not only within the higher reaches of the world where human activity takes place in a distinctly supernatural and metaphorical form. In order to save and establish theses sublime forces, the power of the Word Incarnate penetrates matter itself. It does... goes down into the deepest depths of the lower forces, and the incarnation will be complete only when the part of chosen substance contained in every object given spiritual importance once in every soul, and a second time with our souls in Jesus, shall have rejoined the final center of its completion that we have accepted the regeneration through the light and the total forgiveness through the act of our Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary.

It is though…through the coalition, which He stimulates in us, that Christ starting from the all-created thing is consummated. To some of us, Jesus on the Cross is both the symbol and the reality of the immense lever of the center which has little by little raised up the creative spirit and brought it back to the depths of the divine reality. He represents, and in a true sense, He is Creation as upheld by God, the Father. It is… re-ascends the slopes, the forms of being. Sometimes clinging to the things for support, sometimes tearing itself from them in order to pass beyond them in order to eliminate the infirmities and the sins of the flesh, but always compensating by physical suffering or penance for the setback caused by its immortal downfall. The Cross there of not inhuman, but superhuman; not superhuman, but by a Great Master, we can now understand that from the very first, from the very origin of mankind as we know him, the Cross was placed on the crest of the road that leads to the highest peak of creation. But in that glowing light of revelation, His arms stretch out to receive you into the Divine One. We accept this…

End of Lesson 2*

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