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Cosmic Consciousness #1

LESSON 1 — TAPE #601 

Father Paul Blighton

…consciousness, which we are going to study and hear from our Teachers and priests in this Lenten Service. This is to bring us closer to the Lord Jesus Christ as we move toward that day when He too went through the great cosmic Initiation. Down through the ages, teachers whom taught of the Christ, taught it as our Lord and Redeemer. At this time they believed and knew, some of them, the true reality. But at … during the time of Paul, that truly was a time when man’s understanding and man’s hearts were tried, for at that period in the Christian church, there were many false prophets and many teachers whom were not teachers, and this is one of the great difficulties which Paul had in trying to teach the true Christ, the true Way, like that of the Master had taught, and which had been taught by the many great teachers down through the many centuries as far back as we could trace, back into the hoary ages of time. Some very unlearned, some very unprepared, some just charlatans wishing to make their living off of the needs and the pathetic conditions of the people.

For the reality of the Christos was a secret, as well as a sacred thought, and to mention Christ, or to refer to Him was considered a very sacred thing, especially in the wisdom schools. Around his life the great mystics built many traditional stories of their teachings in mysticism. The reason that many stories existed about Jesus was that to do and to bring what seemed coincidence with the esoteric teachings in his life is to become…because the angels which were spoken of did not seem real, and some of the revelations were a great mystery, because different than it is today; we speak of the angels, we are only thinking of another person who does not have a dense body in this realm, but a dense body in that realm, and who bring certain truths and teachings out of the Mind of the Father to us when we are in need. The true teachings of Jesus, which coincide, with the esoteric teachings in his life has become the angel at which various writers and teachers look upon him. Here we have the beginning of the theologian’s work in Christian orthodoxy.

There is nothing wrong with a Christian Bible if you understand how to read English, and if it is backed up … your teaching or your learning … is backed up with the mystic teachings, where you can see where they coincide with one another. It is the present day Christian church fathers which have interpreted it and have understood the Christos and Christ Jesus on the visible and invisible plane, as well as human and divine level of consciousness and reality.

The true teachings on the other hand, make Jesus a being in whom there dwelt, for a time, the Christ consciousness, and extension of the consciousness of our Father God in heaven. The references of this by the ancient mystics, to our Lord, the Christ, refer to the great spiritual and invisible Christ, not the dual character presented by the Church. In accordance with the esoteric teachings, the Christ that was to come and did not come to earth was the result of many incarnations of spiritual development. His final and ultimate manifestation was the result of the spiritual consciousness that he brought into the world, for his job was to personify the spiritual development of man, and bring it into the earth into manifestation, for here he tool on the greater initiations of the Cosmos in a realistic and real material way. And from the esoteric side of things, the work of the Christ consciousness is in all human being to some degree, conscious, existent, regardless of whether they know the name or title or what to call it by. There is a certain consciousness which exists. It can be attuned to the divine Christ consciousness, which came to earth and manifest in the personality of Jesus. For he said unto us, “of all these things which I do, so shall ye do also, “ and of this Way I take you on the same path which I have trod, so shall ye trod also, for out of the many ages of the past come the great truths of all humanity. He was … He is and evermore shall be, as far as our finite minds are concerned, the Lord and Master of this earth. To those who will see earth, sincerely seek and are truly seeking to know him, now, this manifestation of Jesus is not a case of Jesus himself as a being, which encompassed the earth. And this will be hard for you to understand, perhaps, taking on the form of a body of man and then returning, for this would be impossible for him to visit that many people upon the earth and perform this feat. But it is possible for him to project his magnetism and his great body as it was released when he left and rose up in the resurrection and then in the ascension, when he came into the outer sphere, where no longer was he confined by flesh. Then his atmosphere became filled with his being and he encompassed the earth. But it is possible for him to project his magnetism in several places, which is not an uncommon for teachers to do, even those in an earthly form, and also to speak to those whom work … whom worked to bring the revelation and the instructions. Even to do healing, it is a true spiritual voice that touches the individual, and with its tremendous power and the magnetic forces of his voice, the healing takes place in what would have been a miracle in those days, and was.

We are told that Christ Jesus walked on the water and performed many other great miracles which are marvelous for the multitude to see, but hard for them to understand. This was an entirely different function, but still not a miracle, but a reality. Most people, even of the old mystics, would like to have the reality of his walking on the water and be able to accomplish it and other such phenomena. Be reduced to strictly mythological things happening, but his faculty of walking on the water, walking in the fire, levitation and other spiritual phenomena are not known by too many today. But they do exist in our world.

There have been a great many profound students of Christ who have sought the reality and the mysteries of the Christ which were by no means Christians, and this is not an unusual happening. Many of the theologians and religious students of the Orient long ago gave up the search regarding the Christ mystery, and as long as the world lasts, there will be those that do not understand because they have not given up to it of themselves. And this world will stand, but the old world is passing away. It will not be solved by mind, and the mystery depends and deepens … depends on us and it deepens as time passes.

The real secret of the Christ’s visit to earth from the body of our Lord Jesus is so simple that it flaunts the mind, the physical mind of man; it flaunts the mind of the logician, the thinker. Because you’ll remember what he said, “lest you become as a little child, you may not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

In the first place, the average student of the life of Jesus attempts to discover the secrets of Christhood, but forgets to comprehend the duality of the character and the divinity in principle in the life of Jesus, despite the fact that wise men knew in advance that Jesus was to come … become a great messenger from the time he was born until he was baptized in the River Jordan by John. Jesus was a great Master, and was a human being, who only carried the divinity of the great Teacher, the Great Logos of God.

It was at the time when the dove descended upon him, when the great enveloped him at the River Jordan, that the Christhood was evidenced by him, and Its mantle of infinite wisdom became a part of his personality, for it was at the moment that the dove descended at Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan that he was a dual … duality of which was not properly dealt with. And it was with the Christian teachings … the Christian church, possibly it was evidenced in the Roman teachings also. But he was not known; neither are many other teachers known.

Jesus remained a man, human, but the Christ consciousness associated itself with a physical body and the Christ consciousness was not improvised into the body of Jesus, but became a part of…that great mind of this spiritual Being…became part of his soul in reality for it dwelt apart at the time of the physical body, for it was easy for the Christ body to separate itself from Jesus and go forth among the people in its secret meetings and its closed Caucasus. The ministry of our Lord Jesus, if we look at it closely, we find him mingling with men and women, teaching, lecturing, preaching, carrying on the work of a Master Leader and Teacher. This was his human side of his work. There was another side of his nature o his ministry in occasions where we see him performing the miracles, and then suddenly appearing somewhere far away from where he had been. This indicates the spiritual side of his nature, separate from that of his human side, and occasionally these two sides would unite for a few moments, and suddenly be separated to perform some other wonder to leave an everlasting stamp across the minds of man to carry down through the ages of history as no man’s word has ever lasted.

We have the stories of the Testament, which have great cognizance and depth in the Christian reality. One of them where Jesus found the woman by the well, and turned and said, “I am thirsty and would like to have a drink.” She, being a Samaritan woman, was quite surprised that he would ask her this, for she was amongst those who made their living by the pleasures of man. This made no difference to him, to our Master, for he was bringing her to a point where he was giving to her an opportunity to teach and preach, and when he said, “There is another kind of thirst beside the physical, and that to those having it and who drank of the living waters would have eternal life;” this sort of symbolism puzzled the woman just as it puzzles many others today. For by giving him a drink of water, and he drank with appreciation, for she had helped to sanctify the human body that was tired and thirsty. He was here to bring the great atonement for those people who were considered sinners and were.

Likewise, in this day and age, man moves out across the span of time and the life cycle which he takes on as he comes into this earth plane seeking and with that great thirst, and that thirst can only be quenched with the Light of the Christ within.

We will now consider the development of Cosmic Consciousness for a moment. Now we shall consider this development as Jesus spoke of it...this in many veiled and mystical ways, knowing full well that only his most developed disciples would understand what he was talking about. He knows also, that most of the persons in the mob audiences around him would not only fail to understand what he was trying to say, but would probably also misinterpret it. It is true that in the time of Jesus as well as of all great masters who preceded him there were all kinds of superstitions to which the people were bound by tradition and by faith that seemed to be unshakable. If we read the list of old superstitions prevalent in Eastern countries at the dawn of Christianity, and think of the people as trying to live up to these superstitious beliefs, we will see that most of them must have been afraid to do anything from the time they awakened their consciousness or opened their eyes in the morning until they went to sleep at night. Some would be afraid to walk across a piece of ground that was unholied where unholy persons had walked on; others would be afraid to look out of the window and see a star; others would be afraid to eat or drink without some special ceremony; others would be afraid to put on clothes that contained certain colors; still others would not move without saying certain prayer words, and so on. There were superstitions and beliefs about food and eating, about bathing, where to bathe, about the manner of sleeping, and the manner of going in and out of the house, of travelling along the road, the kind of clothing to war, what food to eat, and what animals to keep around the house, and thousands of other subjects.

The man from the distant country who lived in Palestine not only had to keep up with the superstitious beliefs of his own country, but in order not to antagonize the Jews and others in Palestine, he had to follow their superstitions as well. When he realized that Palestine was a cosmopolitan center for the world, with over 18 nations of people living there, and representative of several hundred other nations, or parts of the nations stopping there for a while each year, we can see that it must have been a center of confusion most of the time. In fact, it is a fact that the more tolerantly and more sympathetically we attune ourselves to the minds of all beings and to cosmic law, the broader becomes our vision of those living and their superstitions. For in Jerusalem, while it was a cosmopolitan center and… most of us think of Jerusalem as a place or city…as a place where mostly there is predominately Jewish people, and this fact is not so, for it was predominately of other races and other nations of all the world, and at this time of which we speak, the time when Jesus started his ministry and so forth, there were about 30% of the Jewish people in the city of Jerusalem.

As your inner spiritual Self awakens and develops you are lifting your consciousness to greater heights, and you are actually ascending the greater mountain which is frequently spoken of. The first thing that will happen when you are allowing your real Self to extend and broaden is that you will rise higher and you will seem to have a broader vision not only of the whole of life, but life’s problems, and individual peculiarities of every person you meet. Human being themselves will take a different nature…take on a different nature for you will see them not as good and bad people, but as different people, and so called sins of the world, will change from sins to different forms of goodness merely improperly expressed or unconventionally expressed. The greatest effect ever will be upon you once you enter into the spiritual illumination and the spiritual awakening. You will find all of life becoming an easier problem, and even health and transition are not so difficult to understand. With this broadening of the vision or extension of the consciousness comes an increasing power and mastership and an increasing ability to foresee intuitively or otherwise the events of tomorrow and the net day. There also comes the power to meet all obstacles or all incidences that might frustrate our plans, and we are unable to override them or make them something entirely different.

Now, if you keep this in mind and concentrate upon your thoughts…upon this development of consciousness instead of expecting some manifestation…spiritual manifestation of some kind, you will see that a greater change has taken…been taking place in your mind and in your thinking during the past few weeks or months. You will see that it is possible for you to have more of this awakening and an extension of consciousness even though there is no unusual demonstration; as your consciousness extends itself, it is going to come in contact with the consciousness of others who are going through the same experience that you are, and it is through the help and the work with your teachers and priests that you will find the answers to many things, but many things will come from within if you will just listen and not concentrate upon your problems. And it s going to blend into the cosmic consciousness until you find yourself being a part of the general consciousness to a grater extent than you have at any time in the past.

And with this, I want to give to you my blessing, and go forth, and during this time of the year in the Lenten Services and the Lenten Consciousness, let this be as if you were personally preparing yourself to walk with Jesus on his road to Bethlehem, where he was to partake of the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. Good night and God bless you.

End of Lesson 1


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