6 Cosmic Consciousness

Lesson 6


New Cosmic Consciousness

Tape 601 E

Father Paul Blighton


Good evening. This is Lessons of the Cosmic Mind, Cosmic Consciousness Number 6.

With all our talk of Cosmic Consciousness, I’d like to make a simple statement which very definitely categorizes Cosmic Consciousness. The Cosmic is an attribute of God. Now isn’t that simple? It is the orderly manifestation and extension of His Intelligence. If God is the Mind, and not a mechanistic force, then that denotes a Divine Intelligence which pervades all, and since God must be, of necessity, be everywhere, or He would not be supreme. This Intelligence accounts for all phenomena those of the microcosm and those of the macrocosmic world. The reality of the universe are the movements and those of the macrocosmic world. The reality of the universe are the movements and force of this Mind of God. It follows as a corollary that all things are of the order and nature of this Divine Mind. Consequently, the Cosmic is the orderly manifestation of the Intelligence of God which we commonly designate as spiritual and natural law. Being of God, these laws must be impersonal in their application to the affairs of man. It would be inconceivable that these laws would favor one individual, group, or class of humans in preference to another. It is more consistent with our inherent feeling of divine justice that these laws can be invoked by any human under proper circumstances.

Summarily, then, all men stand before the Cosmic alike, insofar as being human is concerned. If one man or woman were to be helped merely by virtue of act that he or she was a human, all they would need to be…they would need to be a personal friend of God’s. Can you imagine this? If one individual’s life were to be constantly guided, directed and freed from obstacles and suffering, and made extremely happy because he wished it, every human who desired likewise would experience the same earthly utopia, since almost every human wants this liberation from earthly trials and tribulations. The fact that the very few attain it denotes that the Cosmic is not assuming the task of living for men. If the responsibility for human well-being or happiness were vested entirely in the Cosmic, man would not need to possess any self motivating action or choice. Man would not need to possess many of his properties, personality, realities, or potential. He would not need moral discernment, and such notions as right and wrong; good and bad; just and unjust. There could be but one state of existence for him. However, man is able to get himself in and out of difficulty, and he is permitted to do so. He may submit to or master adversity. And that should be sufficient proof to the average intelligent person that the vicissitudes of life are largely his own doing. This being so, we have no right to expect the Cosmic to assume our problems entirely for us as we encounter them.

Suppose, for example, ours is the problem of employment. Perhaps on very small notice, we have been suddenly dismissed from a much needed position. Our financial resources are low, and our obligations many. It follows that it is imperative that we find other employment quickly. And there are two ways in which we may go about it. We may elect to visit daily every employment agency of which we have knowledge. We may, in addition, make a study of the city directory to determine what business might use our particular services and canvas each one. We might also answer personally or by letter each help wanted advertisement in the daily press. Perhaps, or not, we were experienced in the line of work if we thought we could properly qualify. In other words, we could be diligent in exerting every effort to obtain employment. It is this misunderstanding of what the Cosmic will do for man that causes many people, eventually, to lose faith in cosmic efficiency.

Often we hear people say, "I turned my problem over to the Cosmic, and I have had no indications after a long wait, of any improvement in my affairs. Consequently, I do not believe that we can expect cosmic help." We must not believe that Cosmic will do for us what we are often quite capable of doing for ourselves if we use our intuitive. Some may reply to this by saying, "Suppose we do not know what to do for ourselves." One who is blind is capable of locating a lost article, but one who can see and makes no search for it is to entitled to help. It is quite different to ask the Light that you may make a personal search for something than is to ask another to do it for you when you can see perfectly well to do it for yourself.

When we sincerely want to solve our personal problems and are willing to extend mental and physical effort to do so, but lack the knowledge of how to proceed, it is then proper to petition the Cosmic to exert the law, and our petition should run something like this or the use of the law and how the prayer would be worded. But we might petition the Cosmic by saying "Cosmic Mind and God of me, this is my problem," briefly explain it, "I, in good faith and before my conscience believe I am entitled to what I seek and that I am not injuring or depriving another of what is his just due. I therefore beseech Thee to inspire my consciousness with the idea or concept which will constitute the way by which I may obtain or attain my desires if they are proper." By this procedure, you have turned to the cosmic not as a master to a servant, or as an employer to an employee, but as a humble human seeking advise from a benevolent Intelligence. You are not negating your own power, but instead asking that you be shown how best to use them. The one who resorts to the practice of shifting his problems to the Cosmic without first making a personal effort toward the solution is adopting a negative attitude which will eventually leave him sadly disappointed.

Likewise, the law of prayer may be used, and you can contact the Father first, as we have said many times in lessons before, and make the pattern of that which you need, and then, throw it over your shoulder with thankfulness for having received and go your way; and go out into the world. Make yourself accessible and try yourself to do it, but make yourself accessible to where it can be brought about. Conversely, man must not be too presumptuous and attempt this particular stage of his development. Man must not consider himself a modern Alladin whom can rub the lamp and have his wishes fulfilled by the Cosmic — with his understanding at the present time. Often we may in our finite, limited, and frequently selfish consciousness honestly believe that what we want or what we need…what we think we need should rightly be ours; well, maybe it should. Maybe it should. But are we willing to open ourselves up so that we can receive it? Can we take care of it after we get it? Actually, our lack of knowledge of cosmic principles may cause us to ask inadvertently for something which is in violation of what we cosmically and rightfully think is just in our own judgment, will not permit us to, especially when we are innocent of the wrong-doing or jeopardy.

In other words, we are asking for right action in our statements. We govern our lives, and our lives are seriously…seriously thought of, but more seriously when we are in distress than when we are happy. Thus we lose, very often, our daily contact, but by appealing such a request, the Cosmic is being given a way unto us. To demand the Cosmic comply with our wishes would be wrong if we did not know the full reality. Then for two apparent reasons; first we may be asking for something to be brought about that is detrimental to our good because it may injure someone else. Second, man must be in relation with the Cosmic and admit his humble station, and not be vain enough to dictate demands until he has become a selfless being, until he has taken certain steps that he knows of his own deserved rights. Regardless of the situation…regarding the situation of finding oneself out, first we would analyze ourselves, and try to be impersonal as possible. In other words, let us be that much thoughtful of others around us.

This is merely one little facet of cosmic attunement. It is a tremendous facet because out of this particular phase of cosmic attunement rises many other things. As we said, cosmic consciousness is a part…it is the way of the mind of God. Cosmic consciousness by means of plane after plane or level of vibration after level of vibration. So we are going to talk about higher beings and cosmic consciousness. But just as the stairway or ladder had an ultimate goal and a final and ultimate end, so they believed these planes of consciousness had an ultimate plane beyond which no one could ascend, because there would be no future need for more evolution, development in spiritual purity and mastership. They did not attempt to state how many of these were between the beginning and the end. "World without end" saith the Bible. This I believe.

Out of the early schools of mystical philosophy, through a group of philosophers known as Gnostics, which grew very rapidly and later on became a very serious obstacle to the rapid spreading of the Christian speculations, so let us capitalize SPECULATIONS, because the Gnostics tried to exemplify what the name gnosticism meant — namely, knowledge or knowing. The Gnostics were knowing ones who taught nothing or stated nothing that they did not absolutely know. They eliminated from all of their teachings every possible doubt of belief based on lack of knowledge or based upon faith. Faith is alright, but let us not create the world of faith, but on experience. That is, our world. Some books or manuscripts written in more modern times include the logical thesis that since all division of time and space are based upon the triangle and the square, or the triangle with a circle; and since the triangle represents the number 3, and the square represents the number 4, and the circle represents 9, that a multiplicity or combination of these numbers give the universal number of 12, which is the number of the division of the zodiac, and the number of the months of the year, the number of hours in each day and night, and other significant divisions of earthly and cosmic conditions. That, therefore, there probably were 12 planes of cosmic consciousness. And if more than 12, there would be 12 times 12, or 144, like the cycles of man’s life. All of this sounds logical and reasonable, but the Ancients never ventured such a statement, even as a definite opinion, let alone, a positive fact. Certainly it was immaterial to us how many planes of cosmic consciousness there are, or how or when we will attain the ultimate.

Looking at it broadly then, we find that the progress of man through the process of cosmic development or the development of the cosmic consciousness is divided into various planes or states of vibration each of which must be slowly and carefully attained and mastered. Now, the Ancients allotted to each of these individual planes a godhead or a god, and perhaps a goddess. Each of these gods had control and charge of one of these planes. A symbolical name or a symbolical personality were given to each of these gods, along with a symbolical emblem which represented both the god and his plane or state of vibration. These gods were understood by the mystics to be lesser gods than the Supreme God ruling the universe. Later ecclesiastical authorities and so-called leaders of Christian period misinterpreted, misunderstood this system of cosmic gods and looked upon it as a form of heathen worship.

One of the early Christian authorities wrote a treatise on this subject in which he states that these gods were not secondary or unimportant gods in the worship of these ancient mystics, because there was a total absence of any reference to a supreme God; that is, no individual name or a symbol of a supreme God was given. However, the ancient mystics absolutely refused to give any name to the supreme God, or make any difference of the symbol that would represent Him. Later, when Amenhotep IV found that the so-called heathen priesthood of his country had adopted a religion that was contrary to the mystical religion due to the priests willful misunderstanding, the mystical brothers put in quite a stir about it. He publicly called attention to the fact — Amenhotep — that multiplicity of gods invented by the priesthood in their contemptuous imitation of the few secondary gods spoken about in the mystical literature was an insult to the true mystical religion, and that the mystics did not look upon these gods as superior, but as secondary gods. The public, however, or the mass of the people in Egypt, had been so greatly influenced by the priesthood and its many gods which were so convenient to worship that they refused to understand the criticism made by Amenhotep. Realizing therefore that he could do nothing to change conditions through the process or methods of education, he decreed certain changes by law, and therefore enforced them, whether or not the priests or the mass of people wanted the changes. It was then that he issued the degree that there was but one God, an ever-living God who was God of all gods. And this was the beginning of the public and worldwide establishment of a so-called monotheistic religion, and all authorities on religion pay homage to Amenhotep for having established the first religion that recognized a one Supreme Deity as God of all gods, and gradually eliminated all worship of secondary gods.

It was Amenhotep, too, who explained about the same time that the sun disc used by him as a symbol of divinity was not a symbol of the sole and everlasting God, but of the manifestation of God. He said that while God’s name could not be pronounced or even known, on the other hand, God’s manifestation might be adopted in symbolical form, and through these manifestations we would become better acquainted with God or the Supreme Deity, but as a symbol of His manifestation of power, giving light, life, and love to all living things. This was earlier understood by the educated persons whom had found that sunlight was the giver of life and also the cause of many mysterious influences in the universe.

Thus, the sun disc became a symbol of the manifestation of the everlasting God, and not a symbol of God Himself. He therefore had removed all of the symbols of other gods created by the priesthood, and the sun disc was made the dominant symbol of worship, with the wording of the adoration plainly making homage to the invisible personality and the invisible Deity back of the sun disc.

Now we find a remnant of this attitude in the earliest expressions and writings of the Jewish people. After they left Egypt and came to their own new land, they too had no symbol for God, and refused to pronounce His Name. They would pronounce the names of all the lesser gods, and talk about them, but of the one great Jehovah, they used only the initials, or hieroglyphs marked to mean that the name was unpronounceable, unwriteable, and even not understandable. The careful reading of the present day New Testament will show how widespread was this law regarding the mention of Him, or the attempt to mention the name of God.

The reason for assigning gods to each plane of cosmic development was purely for the purpose of symbolizing that plane and making it possible to talk about it and write about it — the occurrence of each plane in such manner that reference to the symbol of that plane would make it easy to remember the various gods. We must keep in mind, however, that the ancient mystics did not believe that any one of these gods which they assigned to each of these planes was either an individual or a being of any kind. They believed instead that the god of each plane of cosmic consciousness was a creature that was purely psychic, and that the intelligence exerted by this psychic god or spirit was more in the nature of a principle or a law. If you look upon each plane of consciousness through which you are passing as a classroom or a phase of your development, and think of each of these gods as symbolizing the principle or law of that particular class or phase of study, you will get a fair idea of how these many gods came into their mystical existence. But do not lose sight of the fact that the mystics were very precise in explaining early in such studies that above these symbols, God was the one Supreme God Whose Intellect ruled all others, and Whose power was the power that each of these gods used in whatever it accomplished. If you can visualize this and contemplate and analyze the whole matter from this point of view for the next few days, I think you will readily be able to feel and realize that these mystical gods carried certain realistic personalities which became more closely related to the material plane than some abstract name. And then the person was ready for further explanation of this very mysterious and fascinating subject of their reality.

It must also be remembered that in ancient alchemy, it says that you shall reach the heaven which you seek. Therefore, any name which is used as a symbol and is recognized as a symbol becomes a reality in the mass mind, and therefore we are able to attain to that principle which symbolized this particular being. The name was merely a motivator and not a personality. It was a group of laws or factors, the same as that of Mars means…first, it’s iron and metals; Mars has to do with the red blood of the body. Mars has this influence. What difference would it be if we called it Dumpty Dump. It would have no difference whatsoever, except if we changed the meaning and the reality of what we had accepted it for. It is thus that we seek to understand the ancient religions, not that we need the names of all these gods, but we need the principles and the laws which they stood for. It is therefore necessary for us to understand the Ancients; then we understand better those things which we read in the Testament and it gives us a better understanding of what was said in the ancient parchments.

A short while ago an old Teacher passed from this plane. We knew him as Dr. Sam, and we knew him as a great man, a man who many people knew not, but who left his mark on human civilization, regardless of whether he was known by many or not. He was known by the few, and we knew he did what he came to do and then left willingly on his way.

Ra is the beginning of all things — the Great Sun in its finest essence — and further down the line, it can come with Art, that is A — R — T, Art, which is a science come down through the sixth heaven into one of earth. Alpha and Omega is only because of the difference in language and the final vowel sound is the long "o" or o. Even in OM. All things begin at "r — u", "ru" or (intelligible), the breath of God, and go into the hardness to return back up whence they came. This is out of the Hebrew. As we breathe out, we give forth light. It is more blessed to give and inhale…inhaling is giving…is taking in darkness as night not the dark. The evening or the morning…all the Hebrew holidays start with the evening and the negative preceding the positive.

Things of this nature came from him, and I’m going to give you a series of his sayings:

"Anointing is giving the Holy Spirit by a prophet to another to accomplish a purpose."

Second, "If you turn on lights out of season, blooms may begin to sprout, then a frost comes along and freezes them all." Think on that.

Three, "Jesus was anointed by John. The one who anointed was always of a different Order, always a human being, but not usually as great as the one anointed."

Four, "Don’t become so involved in theoretical theology that you don’t use it in the things you’re doing next."

Five, "The entering wedge into the virtue is life, and life tempts. Having eaten of the first tree, one might eat of the second. Having judged good and evil and become all good, one accepts Christ, the pure Bread of Eternal Life. The first attunement…first attainment is God. Overcoming the ground forces. Life is the entering wedge of virtue. When one reaches the point of standing above it, he is behind the pulpit. There, the toes are warmed."

Six, "There are two kinds of blood; blood going out is Adam, coming in is Christ. He said he feared the weakness in the strong person. God’s strength is made perfect through our weakness. The idea now is super-law and order, not breaking law and order, to fulfill not to destroy. Each one of us is reborn in movement of blood through the body. Christ is in the Blood. The mental grasp is the shadow, not the reality. God’s power is Elohim; God’s life is Jehovah. I AM that I AM is really I Was and AM and Will Be. We needn’t worry about any of the gods, or pray to them, if we pray to Christ Jesus for whatever, he contains all the aspects, supercedes all planets. We are transmitters as a power plant. Our wish to hear God creates vacuums. The person to watch is yourself."

Of these many things, so…These were the thinking and meditations of one whom truly knew.

Of man’s two minds, if the mind of man is dual, where is the character. One must be subordinate to the other. The subjective mind is always controlled by suggestion. The subjective mind is incapable of inductive reasoning. The three portions furnish the whole key to psychology. The soul is the subjective consciousness and has transcendent powers in some direction, yet remains in idea an intellectual function under the control of a finite, perishable intelligence. God made man free and gave him responsibility for his soul, and his soul is an organized entity possessing independent powers and functions. The intellect is a function of the physical brain with no power independent of the body.

When the soul is fed from the physical, it ascends to its negative realm of truth, the untrampled…and untrampled by false suggestion or imperfected knowledge of the mind. It sees God as He is; embodying truth from its eternal source. The subjective mind cannot be forced or beguiled. It will cooperate with the subjective only after a certain trustworthy relationship is established between the objective and the subconscious. It must be convinced of worthiness, having faith in capability.

The inner man has communication with all the inner planes, with the Masters and with God. The outer man only has means of communication with the outer world. Each has what he needs. The physical man has only physical powers; the mind being master of the physical realm. But he must convince the soul of his principles to establish a harmonious relationship within. Then the soul uses its power to contact anyone whomsoever. It has access to all on earth; to Masters and free beings upon the upper planes. We cannot command, but become worthy recipients of service of the universal forces. The soul needs not feel presumptuous, but freely calls upon the great world of unseen Masters, of which it is a part. One need not struggle to force his will not his psyche to perform. He has a true friend within for advise. A better power to direct, a stronger energy, a keener worker in this unseen than his brain. He need but communicate, express, ask, seek, wish, pray. He will be answered as long as the outer man remains tolerant, unselfish, and highly idealistic, quiet. The outer man eventually may attain almost as much through comprehension — seeing through the veil of outer appearance.

When man realizes his own spiritual nature, he has attained the spiritual image of God. When man first listened to the small voice from within and permitted the soul to speak and reveal itself, man discovered God. God’s soul essence was in man’s body, but only in sensing, realizing, and comprehending the existence of a God did man create God in the world of his realities. The essence of God was in the universe everywhere — and uncreated God. But when man evolved the consciousness of his soul to comprehend the God-Essence, man opened to the Essence, the concept of supreme attributes. This was the creation of God in the world of reality. Henceforth, man and God were attuned. The consciousness of God was in the consciousness of man, and the man became a living conscious soul, not a living body with unconscious soul.

When the Mind of God extends itself into matter and becomes soul in man’s body, God has self-consciousness, and self-consciousness of God is therefore found in man’s consciousness of his own soul. The soul — the God Mind and Consciousness — feasts upon the rituals and ceremonies and builds its consciousness therefrom, adding to the soul personality through sense…in symbolical sense, light and sound. Messages reach through the soul within and give it life and breath. You are subjective when thinking because you are not listening or looking or feeling anything outside yourself, but when into deep thought, you are not subjective in the spiritual sense. The ordinary thought is composed of two kinds of senses…sensations. First, those which are of external organs with impressions seen or heard, for example. Second; those of internal operations, of thoughts, possessions. The latter consists of reason — on concentrating on a problem, organizing facts and figures into some new objective form. It is in the objective state of consciousness as though looking at pictures.

Consciousness — there is a great medium which fills all space, transmits light and impressions. This medium being labeled consciousness whether or not there is an ether; there is a medium of consciousness pervading all space and all things organic called Cosmic Consciousness. Imagination is the thread into the future and is scale or keyboard of mind which permits achieving new causes and effects apart from those already begun.

Let me sum up with this word. For God gave the Word to man and our Lord Jesus said in the upper room, "The Father gaveth to me the Word, and I give it unto you."

Fellow members of this Order, my Brothers, my Sisters, for they are all Brothers, isn’t that a wondrous gift. "I give it to you." The power of creation that He gave to you that you might be as He, the Lord and Master of your world. Amen


End of Lesson 6

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