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Prayer is the scientific method of communication to our Creator, scientific in

that Jesus said, "Whatsoever ye ask in my name shall be given unto you," and anything that is scientific--that means you get results each and every time--the Law of Prayer works each and every time. This shows the eternalness of the giving of the Father--that all you ask for is given to you.


The scientific method of prayer is: before you pray, know what you are going to pray for. You know in detail that which you want. Draw a mental picture of what you need for there can be no confusion in your mind as to what you want.


Then, establish contact with the Father. When this contact is established, you can feel it for He is here closer than your hands and feet.


Getting in contact with the Father is like contacting your friends. When the phone rings, the person on the other end of the line picks up the receiver. Upon the picking up of the receiver, you know that contact has been made without his saying a word. As in the mechanics of the phone--the wire being the contact between you and your friend--so your thought is the wire between you and God.


When you have established contact, then ask for that which you want or need.

You ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, as Jesus said,

"Whatsoever ye ask in my name shall be given unto you." What you have asked for is then yours. It has already been given to you so you go about your business and forget about it, or, as students say, you let go and let God. But, thank the Father for what He has given you, for it was His power and His force that brought this into your life


The Law of Prayer is shown in the symbol of the Triangle, giving you a picture of what it looks like graphically:


FATHER                                  SON (SUN) 

                   HOLY SPIRIT


When you contacted the Father, you were at the uppermost point of this triangle, marked "Father." When you asked for what you wanted, you moved your consciousness from the "Father" point of the triangle to the "Son (Sun)" point of the triangle. When you received that for which you asked, this is shown in the motion from the "Son" through the "Holy Spirit"--the third point of the triangle.


For many thousands of years, the triangle has been used for this purpose, so that man could see the action of this Great Being within whom he is living.


The Master Jesus manifested the second point of this triangle--the Son (Sun), which St. John called the Logos, or the Word. The Son is the eternal word of the Father. At this point of the Law, you use the Word as Jesus said, "The Father gave unto Me the Word so I give it unto you."


This triangle shows the action of God--from the Father to the Son, then to the Holy Spirit. So, in using the Law, you must start with the Father by contacting Him.


In the New Testament, Jesus talked about the Pharisees and their prayers--how they would stand on the street corners and make long and beautiful prayers so that those around them would hear them. They forgot to contact the Father. For if they had, their prayers would have been fulfilled.


The science of the statement Jesus made, "Whatsoever ye ask in my name shall be given unto you," is nature abhors a vacuum. For, your asking creates a vacuum which shall be fulfilled. A vacuum is a space, or something, that is missing. The Word creates the physical vacuum which is physically fulfilled.


The Law of Prayer--being scientific--is also extremely simple. If man would use pure logic--the reasoning of a child--he would have known his Creator and would have all his prayers answered.


Prayer is a tool for all man. It is one of your tools of life whereby you can govern you life and control you personal universe--accepting into your life that which you desire and rejecting all negative things for your health.


For man is not a ship on a storm tossed sea--being tosses to and fro at the slightest whim. He is a creator who designs his own destiny. For without the knowing and use of the Law of Prayer, it is an impossibility for man to be the creator he is.

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