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This is a way in which to step up your day and your way so that you may obtain the consciousness of meditation.


Step 1:      Keep in mind upon going to sleep that you are going to rise and meditate before breakfast. Thus, you will be wide-awake and obtain better results. This is also a good time to pray for something for the mind is yet uncluttered.


Step 2:      Get yourself in the habit of thinking of the Father first. Then, call on the Master Jesus so that your consciousness may be immediately lifted.


Step 3:      Try to use the same place whenever meditating and about the same time. Donít allow other things to interfere if possible.


Step 4:      Body, Soul and mind are to be trained simultaneously to gain the necessary spiritual poise.


Step 5:      Donít think of hastening spiritual development.


Step 6:      Consider it a sacred duty to practice the exercise of meditation daily.


Step 7:      Be kind, generous and tolerant of others, but be very exacting with yourself and your spiritual exercises.


Step 8:      Do not criticize or condemn others. Keep your own doorstep clean.


Step 9:      Donít talk about your spiritual development except to your teacher if you have a true Teacher or Priest.


Step 10:    Spend as much time as possible with your spiritual work without shirking your daily duties. Man is subject to habit. Once you are accustomed and feel the benefits of the cosmic contained in meditation, you will not be without it.


When starting meditation, pick a spiritual subject--unless you have a mundane problem. After entering into a spiritual attitude and forgetting all that is around you, set up your subject. Then clear the mind. Do not blank it. Let it stay alive--but do not think.


The thoughts that enter should be strictly related to your subject and should not be foreign to it. This will not work, however, if you have not learned concentration and have not mastered it.


Do not try to repeat this immediately unless you are successful the first time. Then you may meditate on other subjects.

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