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Meditation is the second stage of scientific enlightenment. It follows after scientific prayer, and is not to be considered lightly, but it is to be observed with all diligence.


Meditation should be silent because you cannot pray through meditation if you have a noisy mind. This is why we recommend concentration first. Through concentration, you can gain control of the most unruly mind.


The Force and power of concentration are brought about into focus as scientific understanding. Contemplation is brought to focus in scientific Illumination.


The psalmist said in Psalm 119:15, "I will meditate on Thy precepts, and fix my eyes on Thy Ways." The Laws of God and nature are so evasive, in order that we may become spiritual, they must be meditated upon. The precepts of God must be studied, and our eye must become single and observe the works of God.


Meditation is the silent weighing of the answers one gets to questions, or the silent waiting for the answers. When we meditate, we must block the mind of scattered thoughts--for the mind of the average person has many scattered thoughts per few seconds. But, the mind must not be blank. The thought process should flow freshly. He who does the meditation should bless and praise each thought as it enters into his consciousness.


Psalm 119:16 says, "I will delight in Thy statutes; I will not forget Thy Word." Here, the aspirant--the spiritual student--tells the Creator that he will be happy and elated in the statutes of God, and that he will rejoice over the responsibility and obligation which they impose upon him. Next, he makes his spontaneous scientific decree and solemn vow, "I will not forget Thy Word."


Psalm 119:34 says, "Give me understanding, that I may keep Thy Law." Meditation brings along with it the spiritual and scientific power of understanding. The results of meditation are shown to us in Psalms 119:44, 45, “I will keep Thy Law continually for ever and ever, and I shall walk at liberty, for I have sought Thy precepts."


Again we say, he who meditates properly will automatically keep the Law and walk in liberty, because in meditation, the person has sought after the precepts of God. Psalm 119:45 says, "...and I will walk in liberty for I have sought Thy precepts."


Meditation will teach you good judgment. It will help you achieve the Christ Mind. It will cause you to stay away from transgression and shame. It will heal your entire cosmic structure.


He who cannot concentrate, is not well balanced. He needs to obtain equilibrium which is the password unto the Kingdom of God . Fatherhood cannot be achieved without it.


David said, "I will meditate on your Laws by day and night." He also said in Psalm 119:97, "Oh, how I love Thy Law! It is my meditation all the day." In Psalm 119:99, he makes mention that the Creator’s testimonies are also his meditations.


By meditation on His precepts, testimonies, and His Law, we obtain divine understanding. Through divine understanding, we obtain divine Illumination. Through divine Illumination, we arrive at the point of finding the Self. And, finding the Self is the quest of this course of study.


1.     Start with concentration. Pick an object in the room, and look at it for 10 minutes under full light. Do this every day for 4 days. The next week should be for 3 days, and the third week for one day--preferably Wednesday of the week.


2.     Then, we start on the fourth week with a darkened room. Concentrate on the same object under the light of 3 candles. Do this for 5 minutes every day for 4 days the first week, daily for 3 days the next week, daily for 2 days the third week, and in the fourth week on Wednesday.


3.     The final exercise should be done in a completely darkened room. Start to visualize the same object for 15 minutes for 7 days.


4.     Then, do this in the light and dark alternating--10 minutes in light, 10 minutes in dark-- once a day.


This shall establish the power of concentration. Meditation is then a retroactive function from concentration. It will carry you through.


Contemplation is merely a workable way of retrospection--a review of what we have learned in meditation.

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