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In the previous lesson, we learned of the Creative Force and the Power of the Spoken Word. This gives to man ADAM a choice and a control of his life--which we will learn of in the lessons of the Law as taught by Jesus in the Level 2 lessons.


In the lesson on the Creator, we are actually covering the ACTION brought about by the God-force. This lesson is the covering of the "WHAT HAPPENS" in the dense material world which we handle everyday.


By observation of the denser matter and condition the world is in today, you might have guessed--by this time--that the Creative Power has been abused. This having happened necessitates the presence of a Mediator, or, if you prefer--a Medium. What is a Mediator? It is a person who is the go-between--the channel.


In order to clarify this word, let us see what Webster says, "Something intermediate; a middle state or degree; an intervening thing through which force acts or an effect is produced; any means, agency, or instrumentality."


Our first scripture reference is I Timothy 2:3-5:


Verse 3: This is good and it is acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.


Verse 4: Who desire all men to be saved and to come to the Truth.


Verse 5: For there is one God and there is one mediator between God and men; the Man, Christ Jesus.


The situation in the world as it stands today is that all planes of consciousness need an awakening.


The VITAL FORCE, which is Divine and which should be manifesting itself through man, is absent. Sin is transgression of the Law. It is also ignorance of the Law.




When man, who is also spirit, violates the Law, the spiritual state of MIND is disturbed. Manís denial of Truth and acceptance of ONLY the apparent has caused the state of Mind to manifest--then death, which is a chaotic condition. A false state of consciousness swoops down over the creation and lulls it to sleep--KNOWN IN VERY SEVERE STATES AS DEATH.


The divine Son of God must then become the Herald--the Messenger of the Mediator. The Herald shall declare, "Arise and shine! for the Glory of the Lord is risen upon the Earth."


The Mediator seeks and saves that which is lost. He is the Divine Humanist. Paul said that the Mediator is between God and Man--the Man, Christ Jesus. The Christos translated is to be interpreted "the anointed Savior."


Once we are fully aware of our Creatorship, we begin to mediate between Light and Darkness--between the apparent and the real. This is not saying that the dense world around us is not to be mastered and worked with, but it does say that the Law is changeless and eternal. Also, that the cause of what is apparent is the Law working through the Mind and the pronounced word by man given by the Creator.


Paul says in 1Timothy 1:8, "Now we know that the Law is good, if anyone uses it lawfully..." Understand this! The Law is not laid down for the just, but for the lawless and disobedient. The Children of Earth today are disobedient. That is why all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.


The Mediator--also called the Son of righteousness with healing in His wings--therefore, brings into manifestation the Law. The infallible Law, therefore, changes the atmosphere from a negative cycle to a positive cycle, transforming Heaven out of Hell. Since Paul says, "Be ye transformed by renewing of your Mind," we must, therefore, come to the Consciousness that the Mediator uses in operation of the Law.


The Holy Order of MANS teaches that Mind is the Father, that the Body is the Son, and that the Spirit is the Holy Ghost. Therefore, the Godhead, Itself, manifesting physically becomes the Mediator.


Jesus says, "I and the Father are One." "I go to prepare a place for you and I will come and get you, that where I am, you may be also."


Though the Power operates through the Son of God, which is manís physical body, it is still another form of Mind; for Mind is the primal will for good--the operator of the Law.


Salvation is the cleansing and the perfecting of you, individually, through Christ--the anointing.


We are the congregation of the Earth gathered in the outer court of the Temple of Life . The divine Man is the MASTER. It is He who has become enlightened and perfected and is the High Priest after the Order of Melchisedec.


Read Hebrews 7. While reading, keep in mind the following, that you may understand yourself better:


1.     Know that a real Order of Melchisedec does exist, and that in this chapter many things about it are described.


2. Our bodies are the Temple .


3. Our will and personality, the lamb of God for sinners slain.


4. Our hearts, the Altar.


5. The Law operating through us is the High Priest.


By enlightenment of Mind, strengthening of Will, the singleness of purpose, we can save and unite the world--the entire Cosmos--through Jesus Christ, the Way-Shower--the first among many Brethren.


Christ must, and is, returning. The return of Christ will be complete--the return of Law and Order, Peace, Joy, Justice, Love, and Compassion.


The Divine SELF will reconcile us to the infinite Law of Cosmic Creation which, up to this time, has been accursed and cut-off.


The key, which make you one with the Mediator, is the manifestation of the Christ Mind in you. The Christ Mind is the Annointed Mind, the Perfected Mind, the Mind of the Father through the Son (flesh). That is why Paul said, "Let this Mind be in you...which was also in Christ Jesus, who walked not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."


In conclusion, to be finite-minded, or as the Holy Order of MANS teaches it--to be Lawlessly Minded is Death. But to be Spiritually-Minded is Life.



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