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Of all the Bible teachings, the most misunderstood is life. When someone says, "Life," the first thing a person thinks of is this world and the things they have encountered while they were in the world.


To a carpenter, Life would consist of him getting up at a certain time each morning, eating, and going to the job, finishing his work in the evening, going home, having his dinner meal, and then having an evening of TV, or something of that sort.


To most people, Life is a combination of experiences which lead up to his understanding of other people and other places. In reality, this is not Life at all; this is his understanding.


Life is movement of power within your own body. Life is a force and not a concept or understanding.


In the Bible, Jesus said that if you lose your Life, you shall have eternal Life. When a person gives up the idea of himself having his own personal time--his personal understanding of things--he lets it all go and gives himself up totally over to the Creator. Then he will feel the surge of power run through his whole being; then he will begin to live of the Creator.


In the Great Christ--the Son/Sun of God--is the source of all Life. The Christ gives Life to the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, to man, and to all other kingdoms.


Plants definitely have Life for they grow. They propagate themselves, but they do not think. They do not build their own mental concepts. So, life is not a mental concept. It is the living, moving, dynamic power and force running through your body without thought--without concept.


Manís biggest trouble is his own opinions. He will--with his half-blinded physical eyes--see the world and proclaim his opinion on things he only half sees. And, he will label these things scientific facts.


Life is universal because it has one great source. Therefore, all things that contain Life are truly linked together.


When you let go of your opinions of a race, a creed, or color, and look into, or at another man without labeling him with any of your biases, or narrow-mindedness--just take him as he is--you will feel, see, and know that you two are not as separate as you feel and look. This does not mean you are him and he is you, but this is the explanation of unity and the Brotherhood of man just as cells within the body are closely knit together. You and all of mankind are closely knit together through the Christ.


St. John 10:9 says, "I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. But the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly."


The Great Christ permeates the earth with Light, Life, and Love through the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the channel of Life for the earth. Man must become conscious of this reality, because, until he does, he will remain dead.


In the Bible, Jesus talked about the living dead. These are people who walk and think, but who have not the power of the Christ running through their bodies. For it is this force and power that regenerates your physical body.


Due to a lack of Life-force and power, man is plagued by the dis-ease of old age. Old age is deterioration of the physical body due to the lack of the Life-force.


He who knows God and knows the Lord Jesus Christ will never grow old because he will have the Life-force running through his body continually which will keep him healthy, wealthy, young, and wise.


The teachings of Jesus Christ are real! As for those who do a lot of talk, you can see their fruits by the shape of their physical bodies--because if they are growing old, they havenít known Jesus, or the Great Creator, or it [the aging] would never have taken place.





For what man looks at these rolling spheres

After through life he has tread this earth in pairs

And thinks to himself all the time that he has been away,

Away in mind, when life I was looking to express.


Another body I sought

That I might the Creatorís works have wrought

In the dayless, nightless march of time

Tis but the following out of the pattern in Godís mind.

Science knows the things it finds

On the narrow bend of the spectrum line.


But the mystic scientist, when his light shows strong

Seldom upon a path goes wrong.

For the range of his spectrum is wide and bold

And its evolution can be foretold


Man, O Man, the crawling ant

With the power so great, so small.

According to his understanding of it all

Reach out and observe these moving orbs

For as you do in your brother, youíll become absorbed.


For thus we have but one Law to work,

Be it English, Russian, or Turk

When man creates, he is enfolded

In Godís great world of work unfolded.


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