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Lesson 6 - Level 1

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The lessons are in their original form with the exception of correction of grammatical errors and in some cases even those were left as written.

Please keep in mind that these lessons were written prior to 1968 and as with most spiritual teachings, they were founded on material that came before it. To keep the essential elements and transmission clear the verbiage has NOT been changed to the more modern inclusive language of today. In places where the “male” pronouns are used it was, and is, understood that females are included. The same understanding is used for “man” as meaning mankind or human beings.

Although the Holy Order of MANS no longer occupies a physical existence, those words are also NOT taken out or replaced from the original. The Holy Order of MANS is the foundation from which these teachings sprung. It is my understanding by sharing them in this day and age they will grow and change just as all living things do.

Listen well to the voice from within if you choose to modify what is written here. Remember that in growth a slight alteration can create a far greater divergence in outcomes. Rely always on Christ to guide you.

In Peace and Love, 

Rt. Rev. Mother Mariel Ray, MT, IHSM, RO

(ordained Rev. Mary Rodgers, September 23, 1973)