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We have called these studies a science because it relates to the use of the tools God gave to man, and how to use the force and power of God in its various manifestations.


There is an interesting reaction to the above statement which has been made many times. The reaction is that they feel this attitude towards GOD is cold feelingless. But, that is not what is being said at all--in reality.


What is being said is that you are making this God a real dynamic force and power, and that you do not get your prayers answered, then you must look to yourself to see what is wrong with your thinking, and you canít blame GOD for it. In other words, there is no room for excuses--no alibis. THAT is right!


Where there is Law and Order, there is science and an overall pattern, and things in the act of being created.


For example--on the earth plane is an ebb and flow there of all things. "As above, so below." It is true in the microcosm of the human heart, as well as it is true in the macrocosm of God, the whole, the One Mind.


Our heartís diastole and systole--commonly called heartbeats--are in harmony with the bloodís ebb and flow--a rhythmic pattern as in the lungs with inspiration and expiration, or as in the psychic bodyís throb with electronic manifestation of spirit energy.


The ocean tides come in and go out; day succeeds night; seasons arrive and pass; the ages of time incline and decline, constituting the eons of time.


So vast is this latter conception that we are careless about retaining it within consciousness of mind and tend to dismiss it from consideration, with the same attitude we carry toward other abstractions--such as the vagueness of a poetic statement as belonging to the whole of Creation, or the life of the gods as of no comparable relation to this mundane life here.


Involution and evolution forever succeed each other and may be known in the wide horizontal view as the heartbeat--the ebb and flow of the manifestations of God. Time, itself, is not existent in Godís world. But time in the plan of earthís limitable is but the tick-tock with the existence of God.



Thales--one of the ancient sages--in talking of God said, "The most ancient of all things is God, for He is not begotten; the fairest is the world, for it is His Work.


"The world is animated, and that God is the Soul thereof, diffused through each part whose divine moving virtue penetrates through the element of water."


Thales, on being demanded what God was, answered, "That which hath neither beginning nor end."


Socrates said "Philosophy" is the way to true happiness-- the offices whereof were two: to contemplate God, and to abstract the Soul from the corporeal sense.


It is not that we cannot picture God for you the same as the ancients, but realizing that these quotes were made five and six hundred years before the Master Jesus was here. Somehow people often feel that this business of getting aquainted with God is a new deal; in a most abstract sense it is, for the conditions electrically, mentally, and from all sides are different.


The point, however, is that we must all be philosophers to some degree if we are going to survive the radical changes taking place.


In Chicago , on June 13, 1963 (UPI), an article was headed, "A Scientist Looks at God and A-Age."


In the article, he [the author] says, "A nuclear scientist said this week science seems to be on the verge of discovering God on every frontier, not as an ideal, but as the most fundamental fact of nature."


Francis B. Parzel, Senior Scientific Advisor of the Armor Research Foundation--addressing the City Club of Chicago--says, in appraising the nuclear threat, "Readjustment to the nuclear age hinges on what we put first--to abide by universal moral and logical rules subsistence for the sake of humanity as a whole? Or, merely to have our own way?"


The best way I know to tell the difference is to ask to question, "Do you really believe in God or not? And, to what extent do we regard the existence of God as an issue in the cold war?"


Again, it is a case of whether you really want the peace taught by the Master Jesus, or must your ego be fed?


The first step to understanding the GREAT CREATIVE POWER--GOD--is to get to realize "IT." ENERGY is power. It is that which the Spirit motivates. It is the Life Force after it has taken on the characteristics of the Christ and His Principles. You are using energy every moment of you Life. It is Light. It is God in action.


You could not live without energy. It is manifest on every plane and in all the multi-waves. IT IS ALL THERE IS.


Be consciously aware of this mighty force and consciously try to work with it.

The greatest of all mysteries is that of Godís consciousness in Man.



Use these and repeat them over and over again.


Take one and use it as the Dayís Thought. Carry it on a card, and read it until you can repeat it from memory.


MONDAY: I cease to think of God as external. "IT" is within me.


TUESDAY: It is "I"--Man--who is IN the Universe, and not on it, or merely of it.


WEDNESDAY: The consciousness of God is Life, but is more. It is love and it is power unlimited.


THURSDAY: The greatest attribute is LOVE. Love is creative and protective.


FRIDAY: Love is inspiring and illuminating; therefore, it gives Life and Light.


SATURDAY: There are existent actions. If man will consider himself as the Light of the Life, in the Love of God with Him.


This is a prayer or poem which is the starting point of understanding:



I thank the Father For this Way.

I thank the Father for this day.

I thank the Father For a world so gay,

So tonight with Moon So bright,

We rest in pure delight,

In the shadow Of Godís Night.

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