Tree of Life Lessons

Universal Tools of Man

Level 2  Lesson 4 Part 1




More and more do we realize that revelation must keep faith with reason--that religion must stand arm in arm with the Law. Both the Law of the Trinity and the laws of science must stand as shadows of one another's perfections so that, within the network of this exactitude, intuition may spread its wings into the unknown realms through (what the average individual might call) flight and fancy.


Flight and fancy is being justified daily by the minds of science in the revolutionary discoveries in the mind of research into the invisible realms of matter.


In this day and age, man seeks his freedom. He naturally rebels at any thought of a Creator which holds him in bondage. This, to us, would not depict a Creator of love because love is giving. This has been demonstrated by our Creator.


Man is only bound by his lack of experience to this Solar System. When he has attained full knowledge, and is able to operate through the SELF, he may gradually work to the point where he will not be bound to this Solar System--neither to the material world, or the unseen world; for it is not the Father who binds us, but the lack of our own intelligence.


One of the things that every student must remember is that his individuality must be a spontaneous thing. It is not, and never can be, automatic. Man cannot be supplanted by the machine. He may only create a likeness of himself in mechanism, but always, there instruction which cannot be mechanized.


Thus it is that the youth of today rebels at not having laws to follow in religion as well as in science; for the inherent nature of man is forever seeking to express itself in terms of freedom. And this is only because of the great love of the universe, which God created--which is one with the great Law of the Trinity of its own Being within which we live.


So it is that we approach love through the Law. Thus, we have the teaching of love and Law. As the love of God is perfect, so the Law of God is also perfect. What we need now to know is how to use it; for from proof alone can we know we are dealing with a definite Law. It can be proven only through a definite and certain result.


Science, in its attempt to delve into the mysteries of man, and the mystery of life, has crated a science of mind called "Psychology". Man has done a wonderful job in aiding man to understand himself; but as in every new science, man takes hold with his finite mind, so to speak, or finite thinking to be more accurate, and immediately, complications set in.


Man's one great error in probing this science is that he has tried to individualize it rather than universalize it. Thus, in a sense, he has propagated one of the old ideas of the theologian who misinterpreted the Testament.


If I tell you to mix the colors red and blue so that you attained a purple, and you do this with paint or oil, and I tell the same thing to another man and he does likewise, he will come up with another shade of purple; for only a machine may define and come up with the same shade each time. The reason for this is that two different men perform the same test. This is not a mystery. This is merely two men who are different.


We think sometimes of theology or metaphysics as something only the profound thinker knows, but we, too, are thinkers. Let us realize the power and the potential which the human intellect cannot fathom until it accepts the universal principles which are never respecters of persons; for the Law will work for one man the same as it will another. The error science has made is that it has created two minds rather than one.


Mind, It, God, Spirit Causation--it is looked at as being beyond; but it is not beyond our grasp. It is so big that it is within and without and we are It to the extent that we grasp it. But since it is infinite, we may not encompass it. We may not encompass God; yet, we shall always be in God and of God.


There is no such thing as two minds. There are only two names employed to describe states of consciousness--the objective and the subjective consciousness. The subconscious or subjective state of mind (sometimes called unconscious state) is a part of the mind which is really set in motion as a creative thing. The extent to which it is creative is determined by the extent to which we know we are created. Although we create nothing of ourselves, we merely set into motion through our acceptance.


Remember! That our use--our individual use--of that greater subjective mind, which is the seat of all mental law and action, is the servant of the Eternal Spirit throughout the ages.


Remember that man--through what he calls the subjective mind--seems limitless in power. This is because he is one with the whole on the subjective side of life. HE KNOWS HIS WORD SHALL BE FULFILLED.


 There is but One Subjective Mind. What we call our subjective mind is really the use we are making of the One Law, and we maintain our identity as an individual in the way we use it and in the way each man draws from life what he thinks into it. To learn how to think is to learn how to live.


Thoughts go into the medium that is infinite in its ability to do and be. This is not done by "holding thoughts", but by knowing the Truth. The conscious mind is superior to that of the subjective. Great as the subconscious mind is, its tendency is set in motion by the conscious thought. In this possibility is the path of freedom.


Remember! Karmic Law is not the Kismet. It is not fate, but Cause and Effect. It is a taskmaster to the universe, and a servant to the wise.


The simplest way in which to state this action is to say that we have a conscious mind that operates within a subjective field that is creative. We may also state: think of the conscious mind as the Spirit--the motivator--and the subjective mind as the Law; for one is a compliment of the other, and no one's individuality could be expressed without a combination of both.


Remember this! There really is no reason (that is, there can be no reason given) why the Truth is true. We did not create the laws and principles, but discovered them through the Testament and ancient works. Our mind and spirit are our echo of the eternal thing Itself---IT, God. The sooner will we be made free and happy when our universe is filled with the Spirit, and filled with the Law. And around the reaction of our spiritual or material concepts, we build and rebuild according to our beliefs and faiths.


What difference does it make if I make the laws or whether they are already made? They do work. If I can travel this Eternal Way from life to life in happiness and freedom, whether I be on the material plane or the spiritual plane (or should I say, the seen or the unseen planes), what difference does it make who created the laws? My concern is with my path of adventure, and the glory of it.

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