Symbolism of the Tree of Life

Lecture by Father Paul Blighton

Tape 502c 1/07/74


(He is referring to the orderís Tree of Life diagram, which is helpful for use with this lesson)

This is a link to an interactive web site of the Tree of Life. A much better reference is the one from Mother Ruth and the Tarot.


The last two nights weíve been talking about symbolism. I also was speaking about the first symbols and the first bracket of the Tree of Life, and God and Jesus; and the last one I didnít say too much about. Letís leave that till some other time. Now I want you to follow me through this work, I want you to follow me through the Tree of Life so that you can get to understand what weíre talking about in symbolism, a little bit. Also for another purpose, because I want to go one step further tonight in this work of the Tree of Life, which I seem to have been a little bit slow in picking up, a great many people have.


We come into this first bracket here, of Creator, Mediator and Creation. Now we talked about that and we called this symbolism. Why do we call it symbolism? Of course you know what this means, that first bracket. Thatís Creator, Mediator, and Creation, right? Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Now you go down into the symbolism, then you come into the material sciences or the material manifestations of this, and you find it comes out in our physical sciences in chemistry, physics, astrology, the origin of writings, color, sound and mathematics. And these are the backbone of all the physical sciences, right here; and yet all of them are founded on these same three symbols.


You have gases, the formulas for those gases and how they become solids, donít you? There are three states of matter, gas and hereís your mental or your form through which it passes, and then it comes into creation. Do you see what Iím talking about? Thereís absolutely nothing in creation, in this world, that cannot be founded here. Nothing. Itís all right here, itís all right here, no matter what it is, itís right there. Because I have yet and I have challenged many different times, to show me something that wasnít included in the Tree of Life. And Iíve never been shown anything yet, and that is still a challenge, an open one. If anyone can find to me something in life, in the material world or the spiritual world, that is not here, that I want to know. All right. Now is there any questions on that first bracket?


Also you see, if you take the first level, you can also put this first level, the first you can call this the first level (he is drawing on a board to demonstrate) level one, you can go right down and talk about level two, and then over here you have level three; do you see it? No matter what you do, youíre going to find it spins right around the center of that equilateral triangle. Now is there any questions for that first group, first column? Creator, Mediator, Creation. Symbolism, physics, chemistry, astrology, origin of writing, color, sound and mathematics. They are all in one group they are all related, and the symbolism is in the very center. Any questions now, letís have the questions as we go. Yes?


Q: about level four?


A: Level four, is there one?


Q: It says level four ...


A: Well, this is the priests training group; thatís what the priest must cover, and he hasnít been able to cover the healing work yet, because we havenít had it, only just a little of it. All right now, is there anything in these first three levels that in the first brackets, that you have any questions on? Yes?

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Q: This same level, this is where the symbolism is shown ...


A: Yes. You see in mathematics, it is a science of symbols, isnít it? In sound, you have the science also which comes out in sound is also in color; because color is sound and it is part of the, itís this, coming through here, (demonstrating) and here that creates the sound. Because sound, like light, has a certain frequency; and it is caused by vibration which comes through creation, through the has been set up by the Creator, comes through the Mediator, through the Christ force, on through into the Creation.


Color is related to this. Writing is merely the communication. It is a mediator between the ages, you see. And astrology is the ancient science of the heavens, which is part of the Creatorís creation. Chemistry is part of mathematics, which has to do with the formula, and itís a mediator between God and man that shows the laws of God coming through the Mediator to earth, and how they work, the power of God and the material of God manifesting in dense matter.


Physics is likewise the same thing. The only thing, it shows its work in crystallography and in other denser forms. Also in forces, of course. But they are definitely the sciences which are the foundation, being number one in creation. They are the first part of creation. They are the foundation that had to be established first before the rest of these things could happen, before the rest of these things could come into being and become a part of the progression of man.


You see after ... started with the means of communication: prayer, meditation and blessing; communication. Now what kind of communication do we have? Well, we learn to interpret things, signs, movements, sounds. Study of speech. This was a language that we built up, erect a symbology of sound, hieroglyphs in sound. They were nothing but symbols, symbols in sound. Did you ever stop to think, when you walk up to a German or an Italian or a Spanish person, what a strange sort of being you are: youíre a foreigner! Thereís a person that donít understand me. What a strange sort of individual he is; he talks another sort of gibberish of something or other and I donít understand his language. I donít understand his symbols. Theyíre nothing but symbols. Theyíre man-made, theyíre not God-made. Did you ever think about that? Did you ever think of how queer you sound when you walk up to a pure-blooded Italian that speaks nothing but Italian? Because all of this speech is nothing but man-made; it isnít anything God created. He created the increments of it so that we could make it. You know, this is one of the most educating things that can happen to a person, to be dropped into a country where they donít understand the language, and then he'll start to learn how stupid and dumb he is, because he thought he was really educated before. You get dropped into a couple of those countries, and youíll really learn how little you know. Not because you donít understand the other manís language, but because youíll see how foolish you were in thinking you knew something because you knew how to speak English or whatever your national language was. Because yours is not the only language that is spoken on the earth thatís got any sense to it. Right, how about that? Yes; but itís only when we begin to realize this that we reach any degree of human humility that we can really understand anything. Itís the same with the rest of our sciences too, which has happened.


Then we have the control of thought; and you say, well, wait a minute now, youíre talking about communication. Thatís right. Weíre talking about meditation, prayer, blessing. What do you mean, control of thought? Well of course you have learned, most of you have learned most of you, you notice I said, concentration. Iím not going to embarrass you by asking who has mastered it at all,


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because I know it would be embarrassing if I was to ask that question, because I doubt if anybody in this room has mastered it.


But control of thought is a method of speech. Itís a way in which you give thanks. Itís a way in which you teach, itís a way in which you teach Jesus Christ, and one of the most powerful ways.


ESP, extra-sensory perception? Well, we hope that you got some of it when the light came, some of you. I presume you didnít recognize too much of it because you had too many of your own thoughts in the way which kept you from getting to Jesus.


Concentration: of course you understand what this means.


Contemplation; do you understand what that means? What is contemplation? Do you know what contemplation is?


Q: Itís meditation and concentration together.


Thatís right. Boy, one for Christians! The art of seeing; that of course comes as a gift when you really receive the Light, truly, fully, then you begin to see, really see.


Now these are methods of communication, and they are vital methods of communication. Because if we donít communicate with the other world, how are we going to do our work? How are you going to get direction, if youíre off there in yonder field somewhere? Because there are a lot of places on this earth that mail doesnít go to, too often, and Iíve thought very seriously of sending some of you there, to some of those places. Thatís for sure. No, this is true, but you see most of the time you think constantly of communication as prayer or meditation.


Once in awhile you get the idea that blessing is a means of communication. Well, it is. Itís a method of communication, of giving Godís blessing, Godís energy, Godís power to somebody else. Thatís what blessing is, a communication; you as the mediator pass down from the Master, or God, to the other person who hasnít reached that where he feels that he can reach the Master or the Father in receiving that blessing.


Now prayer is something you, well, youíve done, but I wonder if you realize just how much that is communication. You say, oh yes, I understand. Iíve prayed to the Father. Thatís right, you did. Youíve prayed to the Father and you've prayed to the Master, and asked for intercedence, or asked for some particular help, thatís true. But you have done something else too. You have not only asked the Father for the fruits of this prayer, but donít forget one thing: you have the ability and the prerogative of the law that is given to you, and you have acclaimed it in the Brotherís prayer that this is your striving. And when you issue that prayer, not only has the Father heard this prayer, but also the other laws and so forth that He put into action in the creation are immediately going to take form. So not only does He hear it, but so does all of creation hear it. Did you ever stop to think that when you kneel in front of the altar and you call on Jesus Christ for a prayer, and you say, Jesus, let there be peace that not only you and Jesus hear it, but all the earth!


Now, what about these other prayers of negation that youíve been issuing forth? I canít do it, and I just wonder if weíll ever get it that far and it hasnít been that way. And I would like to see it this way because I think that would be good I could go on with dozens of them. How do you think youíre

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praying? Because that is a prayer. And how many of those did you issue today? How many of those prayers did you say? Tonight, when you go through and I hope you do through retrospection, I want you to chalk those down on the red side of the ledger. They are liabilities!


Youíve studied the Testament. Jesus said, thy words shall become flesh, didnít he? What do you think he was talking about? Hmm? Just on special occasions of a full moon, or on Sunday, or when you got in a prayer group, or something? No, thatís an everyday deal. And the sooner you and every one of us find out that every nasty thing that weíve accomplished in our life has been done by the Word of God, the sooner youíre going to have peace on this earth, and the sooner youíre going to bring it there. And thatís the truth, thatís the bare truth; thatís without any window dressing. Thatís where it is. Now, weíve covered this lightly, this section, twice. Yes?


Q: Tell us a little more about contemplation?


Contemplation is a very special art. It is the setting-up of a meditation, a principle, or point, or information sought, and then keeping oneís consciousness and concentrating on it. You can say this backwards or forwards, it doesnít make any difference, concentrating on it and just keeping that in mind that way, and waiting for the results to come from within, or from without; maybe some of the brothers might answer too, you canít tell. You know there is somebody someday youíre going to get the surprise of your life, when youíre going to ask for something and somebodyís going to answer you. You know, Iíd give anything on earth to see that happen. ... we had some ... work would just about triple around here, really it would. Now, Iím not saying that youíre not working every day. That isnít it. I mean work up here, the work that counts! The work thatís going to bring Jesus Christ back to this earth, and make this a decent place to live. And it wonít do it until you start putting your thoughts in the right direction.


Now, thatís where it has to be. Not this emotional business that we have seen in the Christian churches, all this fou-fou that goes on. Good solid, clean, well-formed thinking. Then when you go into meditation you can get some results, because youíre under control youíre in control of what is going to happen. Youíre not leaving it for some blind drunken idiot of the psychic world that wants to contact you to give you some emotional buzz for their gratification, but youíre in control. Not emotionally, but you have feeling, the same kind of feeling that Jesus Christ demonstrated at Calvary, thatís the kind of feeling youíve got. And thatís the kind of feeling thatís going to make this world so that the Christ can manifest again. Not this emotional stuff, going off and doing our thing, you know. Itís "doing our thing" that got it that way, thatís for sure. Questions; yes?


Q: Itís not listed on here, but how about speaking in tongues ...


Well, itís a part of speech, of course, the study of speech. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the spirit, thatís true. And you know something? Itís one of the greatest con games in the world. And there are more fakers that speak in tongues than there are Christians that pray. If youíve ever served with me on the altar youíve probably heard me speak once in awhile but, brother, I want to know whoís speaking before I deliver any of it. And I donít particularly care whether anybody hears me or not, because Iím not particularly interested that they do hear me, because most of the value of speaking in tongues anyway is the sound that is projected, and its effect. Because your understanding it doesnít make too much difference, as long as you do, who is giving it, you see. Of course, that isnít going to be very good ego food, you know. That isnít going to feed your ego a bit when nobody else hears you, but you, thatís for sure.

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But it has happened, I know it has happened. I delivered a whole lecture one time in German, and Iím probably the worldís worst person even in English. So I assure you, I donít know anything about it. This was quite some time ago, in the early days of the order, but it happened, and they said it was all right. Somebody heard it that understood German, so itís O.K. with me. That only happened once. I've tried to be careful from that time on; I might make a mistake the next time. Is there any other questions?


Now this isnít, donít take me wrong, Iím not saying itís a sin to speak in tongues. Iím saying donít do it unless you know what youíre delivering. I'm saying donít do anything unless you know what youíre delivering, because you are responsible for what you deliver and give. And I know I have been in many churches, and this was their teachings and this was their way; and Iím not going to condemn them. But Iím saying, for the person who is seeking the way of Christ, totally and right to the point, this is the way: control every last word of your living tongue. Thatís what Iím saying. This is a tried and true pact. Long, long, long centuries before any of these Christian religions ever even existed. Speaking in tongues is nothing new; this has been known for centuries and centuries, long before the Master was ever here, thatís for sure. Yes?


Q: When Iím finding something come through, and Iím not ...


Decide whether itís kosher or not. Ha, ha, I couldnít resist that. Any other questions? All right.


Prayer is not only that which you one little facet we forgot, what the Master said. He said thine acts are thy prayers, in this age. So remember that: thine acts are thy prayers. In other words, as you act and move and do, this perpetrates and projects a form and pattern of what you would have happen. And that is your prayer, and it will be. Now do you understand what Iím talking about? This will be. Now, it might not have, six centuries ago, thatís true, but it will be now because of two things. In this age the soul stands in balance and this isnít anything youíve got to know or anything, to be a good boy or good girl, but this is (drawing on blackboard a symbol for Uranus) this is the soul, half of it, looking backward, this is half of it looking forward, this is the cross. And the sign of Uranus is the sign of electrical things which, of course, also is the spirit, you see. And this is carrying the cross between that of the experience which it is anticipating in the future and that which it has had in the past, and that cross is anchored to earth where it is bringing the things of the upper realm down. That is the present day, that is the age that we are living in. Thatís symbolism again.


Q: Youíre saying that the soul has ... ?


Much of it. Because you made your decision, didnít you, before you came on earth, for the general pattern? Well then, it must have much of it there, right? Sure. O.K., any other questions? Yes?


Q: How does it fit, the expression that the Master used when he says, "I am with you always, in our Tree of Life?


Till the end of the age. Always, till the end of the age, he says. I believe thatís the correct quotation. Anybody got a Bible here? I am with you always, and I think it says till the end of the age, if I remember right, in one of the ... John, did you get it?


Q: I will, thatís correct. Does that anticipate that he will leave then, at the end of the age? Is it a fair assumption?

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At the end of this age, probably he will leave, yes. Do you want to have proof of that? Well, letís go back a little bit, just a short ways, about twenty two hundred years, and even since then, two or three hundred years. And how many times have you picked up a book or a magazine or something of that nature, and somebody telling a story or something else, and then they spoke about Mother Earth? Well, why do you suppose that they called it mother earth? There must be some reason, there always has to be.


Q: What is your understanding of it?


Who was the leading head of the priesthood before the time of the Hebrews? It was Isis, wasnít it? Wasnít she the supreme mother? Every 2000 years or thereabouts, plus or minus, someone else usually takes over seems to be, down through the few centuries that Iíve known of.


Q: Now, they may relate to ... Is that ... Youíre then talking about the physical manifestation, is that right? But heís an eternal being, isnít he?


Oh, yes. Well, thatís all right, there are a lot of things to do here. He wonít get cramped at all. You want some other proof of that? What happened with the coming of the Aquarian age, what happened? Whatís happened that shows us something? Women started to come into their own, didnít they? Right? So it must have been Jesus Christ took possession of this earth as right? You see? Yes.


Q: It's referred to as the Mary age too, isnít it?


Yes, thatís true, itís referred to as the Marian age, but who refers to it as that? Well, Iím going to speak rather frankly and flatly. Iím going to write a book on Mary; when I get through Iíll answer that question. And Iíve talked to Mary, more than once. But you know I canít get away from Jesus, for some reason. Of course, Iím in a, well, whatís a guy got do when somebodyís got two feet on you? He isnít going very far, is he? Well, thatís the position Iím in, you see? So I donít know all the answers to that, whether this is some colloquialism that has been used. Whether this has a finite purpose or an infinite purpose, I want to know a lot more about this. Iím not saying no, and Iím not saying yes. Iím saying you can learn, and you can approach Jesus through Mary. I know this; this is true. This doesnít depreciate anything from her great divinity at all, in any way, shape or form.


But you asked me a distinct question whether this was the Marian age or not. And I when you come, when you get to this, this is a cosmic decision, you see, and Iíve got to watch my step. What will I say? So I reserve that without any decision, but merely say you may reach Jesus through her, through the blessed Mary. This Iím sure of, I can say that. But the other I have not sufficient, should I say knowledge, to be sure of this? We have a Marian down here in Chicago. Maybe they were talking about her, I donít know. Could be.


No; because your thoughts and your words as brothers, full brothers and sisters of the order are eternally powerful, they are eternally powerful, and youíd better learn to use them the right way, you see. Any other questions? Mister ... minister, whatís that question youíve got floating around that you havenít asked? Come on, come on, out with it... All right. Put it away on the shelf then.


Q: Maybe we have got all of the answers. If we havenít got any questions, maybe we have got all of the answers. I have no specific question right now, O.K.?

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Light, life and love, thatís strange. Light, life and love. Power. These are the attributes of, what? the Christ. The Holy Family. Why are they put in the third box, or third group in the study lessons?


Q: It looks like a spiritual synthesis.


Yes, thatís true. But you started out with light, didnít you? Light, life and love. O.K. The first one was the Creator, the second one was a prayer, and the third one was L-L-L, the answer. You see it? The Christ being brought into manifestation. Is that the way you get it inside of you, most of you? You see it? There is your affinity again; this is the delivery of power.


Mass mind, mass mind? Now that, you might think what do we want to study that for? Well, we have a mass mind in this order, donít we? All right. The mind and brain. Well, the brain is the prism and the mind is the Mind of God, so thatís part of the mechanism through which it comes. Energy, of course, is there, because life is energy, life is a specific energy. Personality is the life-force of course, moving, because thatís part of God, the spirit.


Individuality is part of love, one phase of it at least, on an earthly level. Life energy is right there as an individual, and creative mind is there, the mind and brain which has to do with the mind and brain of man, and the mind of God. These are all phases of the same study which has to do with the paths and the process by which through creation power comes and comes by the manifestation of functions, you see. Light, life and love, the three Lís. And there has to be light in order to have life, and to have love. Without it you would have neither of these things because they couldnít exist. This isnít necessarily a physical love, as you might term it, because there are, of course there is no such thing as physical or material love and spiritual love; theyíre all one, theyíre the same, theyíre all the same reality. Now, light, life and love, they manifest in the same manner that ... that same old funny triangle, light here life is here (drawing on board) and love is here. It works the same way, and refers to the same holy family and it refers to the same symbolism and refers to the same results. And it always has to be there in order to get any results.


So it takes these three first blocks, the first three divisions of the Tree of Life to complete any particular thing. You have to have God, you have to have a prayer, and there has to be life or it couldnít be manifest. Yes?


Q: Then this is the full circle in that, if I understand it correctly, that by studying the mass mind I can get to know the upper tree. In other words, either way I look at it I'll find the answer, if I look I can really understand it.


Well if you can really, let me put it this way, if you can really look at it and see it as it is, not what you think you see, but what youíre really looking at, thatís right. Yes?


Q: Can you also take these three boxes and put them in a triangle ...?


Oh yes, sure. Any one of them works out.


Q: All together?


Oh yes, sure, they always work together. Surely. (writing again) Creator, mediator and creation. And youíve got prayer, meditation and blessing. Over here youíve got light, life and love.

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Q: ...divisions of those things?


The first three divisions of the Tree of Life is the totality of all creation, and everything is taught in it, everything. The rest of this is the upper round, the last three, and they revolve around man, as youíll notice, man in his manifestation, the core of creation and what creation is for, so that God can realize and experience earth. Not only earth but Mars, Jupiter, and so on and so forth down the line. Because outside of these first three, there is nothing more to learn anywhere.


Now, this is not just true of the Tree of life. This is true of all schools, no matter when or how, or how far back you go. These three are the completion of the infinite family of function in the solar system.


And man, in his spiritual body, his soul, and his flesh body, are the means of using this to the glory of God. And, gentlemen, I want to tell you something, if youíre here for anything else youíre in the wrong place, because thereís nothing else here but just that. If youíre here to glorify yourself, youíve got off on the wrong ladder and the wrong platform, because thereís no sense in your carrying on any further because this order is not for you. Itís for God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and to help man so that he can get himself straightened out and this earth will be useful, continue to be useful. So anybody thatís here for their own edification and glory, youíre in the wrong pew. You may have gotten the right church, but you got in the wrong pew, because thatís not what weíre here for.


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