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Good evening, this is Father Blighton speaking, and I’m going to talk to you tonight on the ascension, something very appropriate for you to understand at this time of year.

            The ascension is something that was brought out in the Holy Bible by the act of ascension by our Master Jesus Christ. Most people think of it as an uncommon act, something which was performed by our Lord exclusively and that this is the way it was to remain but the fact of the matter is that many have gone through the ascension down through the years.

The ascension is not a mystical mystery but a living part of man’s life, and as with anything else a person would seek to accomplish, there is a preparation necessary. The preparation for the ascension is a two-fold preparation. There is a preparation of the physical body and a preparation of the mind, because in moving into the other world the mind and the control of mind and one’s own vehicle are absolutely essential. For it is the switch and the computer key, which gives you direction and movement, not only here and there, but dimension-wise and into the other planes of existence, or should we call them the other planes of vibration, the other spheres of vibration.

With the preparation of the physical body, we have from the New Testament an enactment of this in the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, which is the new body which he used, the body which we are endeavoring to begin to understand and beginning to build, which eventually, down through the years, will be evolved by man through his understanding of the truth and the Way which our Master taught.

In this age we are in, we now have a new vehicle being built, that is made from two other bodies, the physical and the spiritual. This new vehicle is gradually being brought into existence, for man will no longer have a physical and spiritual body, but will have a new body made of both, more intimate, should we use the word, more closely related. For the two old bodies will unite and a new body will be of much different character, but will be basically evolved from the two, with always of course, something added… epigenesis.

This two-fold change is not a two-fold.  It is not two fold in the sense of two different actions, but the commencing of one brings about the effect of the other changing.  For anything to take place here in the physical world it must always be started in the spiritual. So likewise with the change of the body, this first begins with the change in mind. We have to adapt, to understand, to become conscious of the reality, of the existence of the possibility, and be confident of it.

One of the things a person is taught when they enter any school of attainment, especially in the Holy Order of MANS, is mind control, for this is the key to all spiritual development. As one gains a certain level of mind control and acceptance of Jesus and the great light through him, we may attain a state of illumination. And this is something which I’m sure you all understand. And yet, I wonder if you do? To you, you have experienced it, but what have you experienced? You have the experience, the first seed-light, the starting of illumination. The full reality, the full growth of light within you, will take a little time and a greater change. And this is what we are bringing you towards, the great light body which you will eventually attain down through the years.

After receiving the light it is of extreme importance that each one of us spends at least forty-five minutes to an hour each night, letting that light of Christ permeate our whole being, our whole body. And when I use the word body here, I mean the physical body as well. By this the dross and the effects of negation in the physical body will be removed, and at the same time the negative patterns of thinking and the limitations people have assumed, because they really don’t have them, will be released from the mind and thus begin to build the concept, the pattern, the frame-work of the new body.

With the release of the negation from both mind and physical body, the growing awareness of the inner being and the act of letting go and letting God, an aspirant may be brought into Self-Realization by the teacher... God-Realization. This realization is actually seeing of the inner being, the Self, the You, the only thing you can ever fully understand or know, the only thing you can only ever be... the Self. For you may live on Mars or Jupiter or any of the extremes of the universe and it will still only be you primarily, regardless of what that vehicle looks like that you manifest in the physical dense world or physical world. You can never be different than just you. You will have many experiences. You will grow. You will grow in the light and the power and the consciousness of God and Our Lord and Master Jesus, and other great ones, but you will never be anything else but just you, the Self.

Once this is accomplished, from that time on, for all eternity, the aspirant will forever be realizing the existence of the Great Creator, the guidance of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and at this point of the preparation it is necessary to gain a fuller degree of mind control, that you may hear the Self, that you may understand what comes from the mind of God into your mind or brain.  For you know that you don’t have a mind any more than I do. The only difference is I know it and you haven’t learned it yet. At this point of the preparation it is necessary to gain a fuller degree of mind control that you may hear the Self, which is the process of letting go of all personal ideas and concepts, and continuing the practice of letting the light of Christ permeate your whole body and being.

It is this work at this point which brings about the actual existence…the actual building of the new body, the body for the Aquarian Age, the body which will function even in the new higher rates of vibration and the excessive greater power and energy which exists on this earth. This was what was meant when I said, made the statement, “All those who only half see through what their half physically blinded eyes do see will die."  In other words, if you haven’t gotten with it and you don’t have the vehicle to work with, you cannot function in it, any more than you could take an old-fashioned biplane out into the outer stratosphere. It’s the same idea, the same general parallel. It wouldn’t work.  It wouldn’t have the machinery to function with. Neither does the old vehicle of the Piscean Age have the proper vehicle to work with through this age and to project the new vehicles which will come into existence in time to come. The new souls brought into this earth must have a consciousness of the proper vehicle. And we, through our work, will build that consciousness for the embryos and vehicles for the souls to come in and manifest on the earth. So what we are doing, not only giving to ourselves a proper vehicle, but are opening the door and preparing the way for the future generations unborn.

Scientifically analyzing this change, the action which takes place in the physical body, it orderly and gradually changes its level of density, becoming gradually less dense through this process. The change in the mind, which is actually the slaying of the lamb, as we say in the Testament, is the slaying of the person’s own personal mass mind and getting rid of who he thinks he is, and the acceptance of the true way of action and living, which is the art of listening and following the guidance of the inner being.  

This process will bring about the state of being where a person will gain his freedom from the deep sleep of material life. In other words he will then be in the world but in no way of it. For it is truly a deep sleep. Once this is truly accomplished, then the person will experience what many of the ancient mystics called the mystical marriage and thus the body and the thinking are then prepared for the ascension. What never was seen or heard of may yet be conceived, nor is anything beyond the power of thought except what implies an absolute contradiction.

The actual act of ascension or, in other words, the point where you ascend, is one of the greatest simplicities of all the mysteries. Ascending from this realm of vibration into another is quite like a person walking from one room into another. To walk into another room you must know of its existence and its existence holds just as great a reality as the room you’re in. When a person passes taking his physical body with him from one level of vibration to another, the material substance of your body is transmuted into the pure state of its original substance which is energy.

All things here, regardless of the apparent density, are energy, for there is no other substance in the solar system but energy. The ascension very simply is the transmutation of this energy from one level of density to another level, which is less dense. To gain an understanding of this transmutation of this energy from one level to another is to begin with what actually takes place in the illumination. It is that each cell of the body is visualized and raised in its level of vibration by the light and the life-force of the great Christos. The ascension is the culmination of this action or total infusion of light and the life-force through each cell of the body, which then causes the total sum vibration of the body to be of such a nature that it would then no longer be of the rate of vibration of seen matter.

When we speak of rate of vibration we are not speaking or implying the idea of the physical measurement of height, but the number of pulses of vibration per second of an object. The existence of all matter depends on the number of vibrations per second that goes into and comes out of matter. The only difference between one type of matter and the other type of matter is the difference of the number of pulses of vibrations in them.

To explain this, we will stop and consider the difference between a piece of glass cut like a diamond and a real diamond. They both seem to be glass. They are both transparent. They both look like glass, shine like glass, but one has a brilliancy, a heart or soul that the other does not have. One is harder than the other.

This latter fact, the hardness, led scientists to believe that they could make diamonds. So they tried to make glass hard by heating it to great temperatures. The result they attained during these experiments led them to discover that the true difference between a diamond and a piece of glass was differences of vibration or pulses in the electrons which compose, were composed, of a piece of glass and the diamond, or the difference in the vibration between pure carbon and glass. They could not get as great a heat into the glass as nature had put into the diamond when it was formed in its primitive primary elements. Therefore they have not been able to manufacture a perfect diamond. They have manufactured diamonds, which were good enough for cutting tools and for industrial uses, but not perfect as a gem. They know of only one way of changing the vibration of any matter, and that was through heat or coldness. But there is another way of doing this, which is through transmutation, the changing of lead to gold, iron to silver, and so forth. However, the difference between one kind of matter and another is the difference in vibrational impulses in matter. But don’t try to get rich by buying up some lead and think you’re going to make gold out of it. Furthermore, the government controls the gold market today.

To get an idea of the general composition of all matter we’ll take an illustration of a cake made out of flour and water. Most people know that you can take flour and water and mix them in several varied degrees of flour and water or water and flour, water to flour. After you have mixed three or four kinds of dough out of the same flour and water, you can bake them in different ways so that some are baked a long time, others are baked a short time, some are baked all the way through, and some are baked only on the outside, some with a low fire, and others with a high or hot fire. If we consider the flour and water as the primary elements and consider the fire as the spirit, this enters into the combination, this gives a fairly good illustration of the general composition of all matter.

It is the spirit and its vibration entering into matter which makes matter its various different finishes and manifestations. It is also the vibration of the spirit in all matter which makes matter exist and which makes all forms of matter known to us. The only reason we can distinguish one form of matter from another is the vibration in matter coming out of matter in their natural expressions.

Our knowledge of matter depends on three of these vibrations, for if vibration did not radiate out of all matter and things, we would not be able to see, hear, feel, taste or smell anything that exists. A material thing could exist and yet you would not know it if you could not see it, feel it, hear it, taste it or smell it, In that case the thing would not exist to you.

In order for things to exist for you, this vibration must come to you and be received through one of the senses. Like a man born blind. To him colors do not exist because he has never seen them. To the deaf man sound does not exist because he has never heard anything. So nothing exists to you except through vibration. Therefore, everything that exists in this world is sent by you or known to you through the vibration of spirit, which is in everything and which reaches our consciousness through the senses. The moment that these vibrations come into the body through the faculties of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, they are then translated into understandable pictures within the brain. So that things in the material world have a certain existence to us which is dependent upon our consciousness, our understanding, our education, our beliefs, and our acceptance. As I have said before, our consciousness of the material world and its materiality is the result of vibration emanating from all material things. You receive these vibrations through the senses but your interpretation of vibrations is responsible for the world as it exists to you personally. Now that is a little difficult to take, is it not? To think that the world exists as it exists today because you helped to put it there?

This force and vibration, which is the spirit, is in the human body also. It is the spirit in the body that makes everything, every cell, every nerve, and every drop of blood in the body alive. This force and energy is in the nervous system of man, an energy that they have been trying to analyze for years.

The greatest scientists have been working on it, and all they have been able to do is give a name to this energy.  They call it electrical nerve energy. They call it electrical because they have found that it vibrates like electricity and has many other properties which electricity has, and that it flows through the nerves like electricity flows through electric wires. We must remember here that when we say ‘flows through’ it really flows, and it is the medium through which other sensory actions take place. And it is how we are able to take the experiences of the soul and its knowledge, and thus we have the automatic (autonomic) nerve system.

Electrons are particles of spirit. Consider these particles as being large enough to examine in a general way. Remember that electrons are so small that hundreds and hundreds of them can be put on the point of a pin or a needle. They are too small to be seen by most powerful microscopes, and yet we know how many there are in an atom. Consider these electrons to be about the size of an orange with a surface similar to that of a burr nut, which has projections all over it so thick and sharp that when two of them come into contact with each other they would hold together, because the projections of each would fit into the hollows of the other. This describes one feature of the electrons.

Another feature is that these electrons are changed or filled with an energy, a force, a power that keeps them revolving as an earth revolves in its axis or as a top spins. These electrons are revolving in this way at a very high speed.  Because of the energy and the power within them, these electrons do two things:  they vibrate or tremble with vibration as a violin or a piano string vibrates when struck or picked, and they are carried through space with such rapidity of speed in a curved line or arc. Each one is glowing with a bright light from its center. Each is trembling violently with its own rate of vibration, its own vibration, but revolving upon its axis and moving like a comet through space in a curved arc. Some are going from north to south and some from east to west, some from west to east, while others are going in a diagonal direction, some angling upward and some angling downward.

And every now and then, two of these will come together in a clash, never stopping but sticking together. They unite their vibrations, tremble in unison, and continue to move, but in a slightly different arc or curve from the one which they were traveling in their separate movements. These two meet a third electron and join with it into one trembling unit and move on in another line, and so on, until we see many electrons gathering together to them. Some electrons upon coming close to others jump away as they are repulsed. Often this sort of meeting changes the direction of the arc in which they are traveling. Thus we see in the dark space the movement of these particles and as we watch we see matter in formation.

“For He gave the Word and the Law, and within His mind was the principle and the characteristics of His creation, and so God is ever creating.”

Matter or a mass formed in this way by the electrons is so small that actually we could never see the enlarged unit or electron even with the largest and strongest microscopes.

Electrons unite to form atoms. Like attracts unlike, like repels like. This has been called the Law of composition of matter. Now the force, the energy, the power that is centered in each electron and keeps it vibrating and moving is spirit. Spirit is the vibrating energy that underlies the manifestation of all matter. This is very important. Every electron is composed of the spirit. Very few of the millions and millions of electrons in a small space are composed of exactly the same amount or quantity of spirit, or quality. But they all have the same quality, so to speak, in a way. There may be only a slight difference, but this difference in spirit makes each electron vibrate or tremble more rapidly or more slowly than others.

It is impossible to be exact in the number of vibrations in the different electrons, but they vary from a hundred to thousands per second and there is often only a difference of two or three vibrations per second between some electrons, so that many are nearly alike. Yet, all electrons are divided into classes: those that vibrate to an even number of vibrations per second, and those that vibrate to an uneven number of vibrations per second.

They are something like the people of the world. You may see redheads here and redheads in England or redheads in Africa , but they’re different redheads and no two of them are alike. They may have blonde hair or brunette, but no person is like you anywhere in the world. You are a very special, very individual person, for only one of you has the same spirit, the same quality, the same nature, the same personality. You are that different. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t serve. Because through this we are able to fit into the great cosmic scheme of things and create a better world. For this is our responsibility.

This is why some attract and some repel. Those vibrations at an even number attract and are attracted by those vibrations at an uneven number, and those vibrations at an uneven number repel and are repelled by those vibrations of an uneven number. Thus it is seen that vibrations necessitate change. Matter is constantly changing, or in the process of changing, or in the process of becoming something else. Elementary substance and compounds are forever breaking up and assembling into a new form of matter, which reassembles and changes as figures in an endless dance. It is like the dance of evolution, weaving new forms in the dizzy world of life and death, construction and reconstruction. This process goes on also in the human body where the cells are constructed and have the same basic shape as electrons.

Form or manifestation then is only temporarily fixed. All manifestations must be according to fundamental schemes, plan, or a definite arrangement according to the law. Vibrations, as I have said, necessitates change, but what is the great underlying principle which permeates us to recognize and compare these changes? What is it that allows for the difference and the comparison of vibration? Of course, positive and negative, light and dark, good and evil, permits comparison in a simple way. But what allows for the finer and therefore more complicated intricate system of comparison? These changes which permit finer comparison are found in the arrangement plan or definite definition of a scale.

It is probably because of the fact that the Laws of vibration were perceived, tabulated, understood originally in regard to music that the term scale has become firmly associated with that art. Here we see how the term or expression has erroneously been limited to one field of study when it should be recognized as universal in its attribution. The finer perception or comprehension could not exist without scale, for without it the different relations and comparisons of vibrations would simply be the positive and negative. This would result in monotony which in itself does not permit continued consciousness. Therefore we have scales, which is that state or states of vibration which permits their comparison in either an ascending or descending series. This comparison in sound is evident in the musical scale, in light, or color, or prismatic scale, and in all other manifestations by the same fundamental series of elements.

But what is the law of relations between the manifestations or the definite vibrations according to scale? We have so often heard the word harmony used in connection with music, that to the majority of us it conveys some idea of musical value only. It must be apparent in the general sense that this should not have been entirely appropriated to the art of music. It has become widely known that this term has been applied and used by other arts with a feel of private ownership. The artist in color, the architect in design, the geologist in the study of crystals, and even the painter in setting up the painted page, have used the word harmony without understanding it in its entirety. It is applicable to all that pertains to the relationship of vibrations or all that is evidenced or created. Harmony means a joining together in law, order and proportion, which is simply accordance of vibration. The ancient poetic language expressed this reality, “The very atoms may be said to sing for joy in the dawn of every created form. For life is essentially harmony and harmony is joy.”

The triangle is the representation of complete harmony. This reality is seen in the macrocosm as well as the microcosm, through the unity of opposites as the triangle… triangular symbols. The two different vibrations in a scale may be in harmony with each other but they are never complete in themselves and express no definite character. For instance, two sounds or two colors vibrating in agreement with each other in their respective fields are similar to two dimensions in space without the third. Two parallel lines have their beginning and end nowhere. It is necessary to establish a relationship to a third quantity, which brings the two together in a complete unit. The number three represents the complete form of harmony and this whole section can be summed up as an illustration through matter of the working of the law of the triangle.

Harmony cannot change process, progress in the space or time, or evolve without a definite scheme based on law. It cannot use the scale which was the movement of ascending or descending without definite law equal to its own law in importance which governs the whole. This brings us to the subject of rhythm, which is a fundamental principle of simple and compound population or populace, without which all creation would be in chaos. Volumes have been written in the explanation of each of these scales or laws or scales of harmony or rhythm. Basic explanation of rhythm is related to periodicity. Motion when measured and proportioned through the cycle of periodicity shows rhythm. Motion affected by time can only give degree of speed; slow, medium or fast. When time is broken up according to the law of proportion, then applied to motion, we have rhythmic motion, what is referred to as time in its periodicity.

Rhythm is measured motion in time. There are two fundamental rhythms that are either two pulses or beats or three pulses or beats which show the one even and the other odd. The even is positive and the odd is negative. However, as was shown before, the rhythm of the pulse or beat consists in itself of a combination of odd and even, negative and positive, weak and strong, is productive of monotony, which, as the rhythm of three pulses or beats with its added negative pulse, is the perfect rhythm of creation.

Since it is true that the predominance of the negative element is necessary for a perfect creation, or negative manifestation, in the microcosm, it then follows as equally true that there is a predominance of the macrocosm since odd and even vibrations are negative and positive respectively in the material world. Then it follows that the reverse is true in the immaterial world. That odd and even would be positive and negative respectively so that the perfect rhythm of the triangle on this plane would be the predominance of positive, which would be the two positives to the one negative impulse or beat.

This alternately positive and negative polarity of the vibration forming a key board of a cosmic scale have been proven and demonstrate the proven fact that these polarities correspond to the frequencies of vibration which exceed multiples of nine per second. This numerical correction shows that the basic frequency of one per second is not picked at random, but it is in accordance with the laws of nature. The ancient mystics who were first to divide time into hours, minutes and seconds are cosmically inspired and possess deep insight into the forces of nature.

At this point we must take two considerations; the period, which means the shortest interval of time within which any phenomenon goes through the necessary changes to complete a perfect expression of itself, after which it passes immediately through them again as before, or rather similarly as before because evolution must be taken into consideration. In other words, there is a recycling of all such processes. The starting point of a succeeding period would be higher than the starting point of the preceding period, and this continued advance would resemble a spiral form and the perfect round cycle or period of existence. It is represented by the circle, numerically explained by the number nine, the square of three or the triangle of three rhythms of three impulses or beats each.

Thus, numerically and by the circle, we have the period going from one to nine when it when it completes one cycle and begins another with the number one. Instead of having one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten and so forth to eternity, we have numbers all related to vibrations, numerically expressed in periods of one to nine seconds, periods beginning with one through nine, and thus is with nine succeeding periods. Each series of nine is like steps in a flight of stairs. Each higher flight has also nine steps and this explanation of matter and the cosmic scale which shows the order of creation of the macrocosmic world to the microcosmic world by the term of densities, dense and less dense, so that when one ascends from one level of vibration to another they are transversely from one flight of stairs to another flight of stairs in the cosmic scale.

             This is the makeup of all matter, including the material substance which composes our physical bodies. But all matter, including our bodies, is under the control of the mind of man, so thus the act of ascension shows the complete control of the forces and of physical matter.

 As our Lord Jesus said unto us all, "All these things I do, so shall ye do and even greater than these.”

 Good night, my dear students and we will have a new lesson next week. We are going to take up some things on heaven and hell.

 And now may the Christ and his light be with you.

                                                                                        Father Blighton

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