Original Material from the Holy Order of MANS


Chapter 1

Man is turning his eyes once again to God for healing and help. Science has accomplished great strides but finds itself, as in many other things, dead—locked from advancement because of money. So now he turns his eyes toward his Creator, crying out for help from many of the diseases he has created.

One of the astonishing facts about the human body is that it is constantly wearing out and being renewed, revitalized and regenerated, and that from a purely materialistic point of view, not one of us is today the same in the physical body as we were a few years ago, or even a few months ago.

Some of the old ancient mystics used to say that when a child was born, that’s when death set in, and from some of the most authoritative scientists, experiments show that the combustion, destruction and depreciation and breakdown really show the wear and tear on all parts of the human body: and, that the process of the body in this breakdown are so completely destructive in nature that 1/80th of the entire weight of the human body is destroyed every 24 hours.

Of course, persons who live a very lazy life do not destroy their body as rapidly as this, but the hard working person destroys their body even more rapidly. But the 1/80th that I am talking about is the average man, woman and child.

At this rate, the human body would be destroyed or consumed in about 80 days. This does not mean that a person could live 80 days without food or water, for he would undoubtedly pass on from weakness because more than half of his body would have wasted away.

Careful tests of the human body show that without food, the so called death or transition will always occur when about half of the body has been consumed or ‘depleted, which would be on the average person at the end of about 40 days and still live.

There is one exception to this. The body of a being which has had certain discipline and spiritual guidance and has attained spiritual reality, which permits them to receive energy and strength out of the body of the Father and magnetic forces of the earth. These people do not eat and drink as much food and water as the uninitiated.

A person fasting beyond 40 days would really have to know and understand these workings.

It is only natural for the body to start to use its own substance for energy to substantiate the life within the form. For this reason, people who are very plump or fat find themselves reducing through complete starvation: but this is an improper method of reducing, as the body does lack certain foods sufficient enough to go long periods of fasting, as there is an art to the fast, as well as to every other form of medicine or therapy.

Therefore, a person who has the desire to reduce or fast should do this under the supervision of one who knows the art of fasting, or will write them a good diet. And, this person should understand food like the chemist knows his chemicals, because reducing can be done while the individual is still eating, as the majority of the weight is water. They can reduce and still gain vitality, and do it happily.

In reducing, it is necessary that the fat between the tissues be drawn upon for fuel for the body first of all: and thus, the stout person will become slender after the fat person has consumed the fat cells. Then the blood will be drawn upon and other parts of the tissue. Thus, gradually, the body consumes that ratio of 1/80th of that weight every 24 hours, providing the kidneys and bladder systems are throwing off water in proportion of the cell breakdown.

As one eats and drinks to substantiate life and, his breathing is proper, because the food taken furnishes new materials, and the old materials in the body is consumed. For this reason, the blood is constantly being made from new cells of matter.

The tissues, the fat and all nerves and parts of the body are being rebuilt constantly, and creation of the new cells from the food and drink taken is the way in which the body is rebuilt inside and out.

You undoubtedly have observed how the outer portion of the body peels off its skin in small scales and is always renewing itself. Also, the hair is constantly renewing itself, and even the elements of the teeth and bones renew themselves.

This is one of the reasons why we say man is what he eats and drinks, and is a very important matter. We should give special attention to the way in which we eat, special thought to the process of eating, as well as the kind of food, for there are just as many foods that are poisonous or undesirable to the body as there are things which are good and constructive.

The wrong kind of matter entering into the body not only fails to help out new parts of the body, but tends to destroy more rapidly the good parts of the body. Therefore, part of the cause of some diseases, or should we say, making it possible for some, diseases to be entertained within the body, can be found in diet.

In connection, it should also be remembered that, even among the good nutritious foods that are helpful to building vital cells, certain combinations of these foods are not good. Remember that a chemist knows that you can take two chemicals that are valuable for certain purposes and mix them together and you have a destructive instead of a constructive combination. Some of this is in the way you mix them, and sane is in the way you process them.

There are certain foods, when cooked, that should not be eaten together with certain other foods. For when these undesirables come together in the stomach, the result is a chemical war so to speak, taking place through fermentation, gas and poisons that injure the blood and destroy the tissue.

While there are other foods which are good if eaten moderately, because the system can absorb just a certain amount of the minerals in them; but, if eaten in too large of quantities, or if eaten daily for a number of weeks, can cause an inharmonious and destructive condition in the stomach which will spread throughout the body.

For instance; the taking of coffee or tea, if taken in large quantities, is not good for the system. It is also an interesting fact that black coffee does not produce the same effect as coffee with cream or sugar. The moment milk is added to the coffee, we have a different chemical combination and causes poisonous and undesirable qualities in the coffee to come out stronger than that of black coffee.

There are many combinations of foods which cause disturbances, and these concoctions come out of the fancy kitchen and elaborate restaurants. Remember this: "NEVER EAT ALL YOU CAN HOLD, ALWAYS LEAVE THE TABLE JUST A LITTLE HUNGRY." "You could eat another slice of bread or a little more of this or that, but if you do this you will never have any real problems in digestion."

Water cress and dandelions and green things can be attained in most markets. A teaspoon of water cress or dandelions once a day for several weeks would be valuable to the system in supplying exactly what it needs, and should be followed for a week each month during the spring, summer and fall. Other forms of raw vegetables, such as carrots, chopped and eaten cold, or green salads gives to the system many necessary elements for making the blood what it should be.

I want to complete our understanding of what happens to the food after it has been churned and prepared in the stomach. After it is emptied out of the stomach into the beginning of the intestinal system, it is pushed along through the tube of the intestines from place to place by a peculiar rhythmic action that is like squeezing the tube with your hand around it, and thereby pushing the food out of that part of the tube into the next portion of it.

Each time the food moves through the intestines a few inches, it remains stationary in that place for a few minutes in order that it may be absorbed.

Then the tube is automatically contracted or squeezed by the nerves that cover the outside of the intestinal tube, and the food is pushed on for another few inches and new food comes into the place where the old food had just been.

The food in the intestines is greatly thinned by being mixed with a large amount of chemicals and moisture, and is broken up into small parts that are floating in this chemical mixture, and therefore, in normal conditions, when the bowels are not congested by undissolved food, the food can move along easily from one part of the intestine to another.

The intestines are perhaps the most mysterious of any of the abdominal part of the human body, and yet the average person knows very little about them, despite the fact that many forms of illness and pain and suffering originate in them.

The intestines are divided into two sections, most of them being in the small section, and a part of them enlarging to a section of greater diameter. The average length of the small intestine is about twenty feet. The circumference of the tube is about three inches.

The food has an opportunity of rubbing against three inches of membrane for the length of twenty feet. And it is in this movement of the food through the intestines that the remarkable and mysterious work of taking from the food its vitality and strength and necessary chemical elements is performed.

Instead of the skin of the intestines being smooth on the inside it is lined with little projections called villi. These little projections are like little suckers, and their work is to suck out of the food passing through the intestines all of the strength, vitality, and special elements that are needed for making blood, tissue, bone, hair, fat, lymph, and heat. As the food passes around these villi, they absorb just what they want and transmit it to the proper parts of the body.

Speaking of heat leads us to stop for a moment and think of the wonderful process of maintaining heat in the human body. Few people seem to realize that the human body has a magnificent and wonderful engine within it that is like a circulating heater which supplies heat to all the different rooms in a home.

It is not just the blood and its temperature that warms the body, for something has to warm the blood. The surprising fact is that the subjective or subconscious mind also takes care of all of this heating process and fights a very difficult battle in doing so.

Did you ever stop to think that no matter how cold the outer part of the body may be the temperature on the inside has to remain the same? You may feel chilled when you stand in your bathing suit at the seashore on a cold morning, or when taking your bath, if the window has been left open, or you may feel cold when you get a ducking in the icy pond in winter, but all of your chilliness and coldness is an effect on the outside of the body and is not due to any change of temperature on the inside of your body.

It is a fact that a man can step out of the steam-heated room or Turkish bath where he has been sweating and suffering from the heat for an hour, and plunge right into the ice water of the cold pool or shower and change the heat of the outer flesh to the icy coldness without changing the temperature inside the body.

The man living in the jungles along the equator, or in those valleys where the temperature is 120 to 150 degrees all day long, has no greater temperature on the inside of his body than the Eskimo living near the North Pole where it is constantly so many degrees below zero.

The subconscious mind hourly and daily regulates the temperature inside the body so that whatever temperature is on the outside will not lower or increase the inside temperature. This is why you should know that with a house more care must be taken to keep the furnace going properly and to keep the house warm during the cold wintry days than is necessary during the summertime. The same thing is true with the great house of the temple of the human body.

This internal heat comes about through a number of processes as well as through the action of the food called metabolism and combustion.

Certain parts of the foods we eat, including the starches, and especially the sugar, cause fermentation in the intestines, and from this fermentation form alcohol or alcoholic fumes that are combusted by a chemical process and turned into heat.

By the digestion of the food other gases are released, and more alcohol is made. Then, by the decaying of the food and the putrefaction of the dead tissues that are constantly being worn out and dying in the body, more fumes and alcohol are crated. It is stated by those who have made a careful study of the matter that the equivalent of one pint of alcohol is manufactured in the human body every twenty-four hours for the purpose of heating the body.

This equivalent of one pint of alcohol is in the form of alcoholic fumes or gases, as well as some actual liquid alcohol. But it is used almost as rapidly as it is created, and therefore at no time is there more than a few ounces of alcohol to be found in the entire body. What would Uncle Sam say about this?

When you realize how large the body is, and that three fourths of it is composed of moisture or water, you will see then that a few ounces of alcohol distributed from head to toe of the body and mixed in with the other liquids would be difficult to locate, and therefore any attempt to try to find the actual alcohol in the human system results only in discovering a very minute part of it in any one place.

This heating of the human body is a very important thing, for it keeps the blood at a proper temperature so that it will function well, and it keeps many of the organs of the body at just the proper degree of heat to carry on properly. But there is a method of cooling the body also, and especially cooling it on the outside where the greatest harm might be done from heat.

The subconscious mind of man looks after the heat on the inside and sees that it never gets too great except in disease when a great war and battle is carried on ‘in the process of destroying tissues and fighting germs, as they are called.

Air must also go back in through the pores where the moisture comes out, and this gives the entire body a breathing method, in addition to the air which we take into our lungs.

We have had demonstrations where an individual by concentrating upon his arm in a fairly cold room, has caused the arm to begin to perspire quite freely, and to exude more moisture than it ever had before, while the rest of the body remained cold and without any perspiration. This simple test and many others prove how the mind of man controls the important things of life.

Man is not so considerate of the outside of his body, and he is very likely to work in the hot sun where the body would be scorched and burned, or in front of great furnaces, or elsewhere.

For this reason the skin of the body is provided with little pores through which the subconscious mind forces an oily liquid to cools the outer flesh.

It is not this moisture or perspiration on the surface of the outer skin that cools the skin and keeps it from burning, but it is the evaporation of that perspiration that keeps airing and cooling the surface of the skin so that it does not scorch too rapidly.

Persons who perspire freely when in high temperatures, or when exercising the body causes them to get warm, are normally healthy, while those persons who often boast of the fact that they do not perspire freely are not as healthy as they should be, and evidently there is something wrong with the cuticle of the skin which is preventing the pores from functioning freely.

If dirt or matter of any kind fills up the pores of the body so that the body cannot perspire freely and breathe freely, disease is sure to follow. Tests have been made by painting a person’s body with aluminum or other metallic liquids to form an opaque layer over the skin, and after a few days these persons have suffered from various abnormal conditions.

In this matter of heating the body and cooling it, we have another illustration of how the subconscious mind of man is looking after his health, and the maintenance of the perfect standard of his body.

These subconscious actions or mind powers in the human body can be influenced by the thinking of the individual, and by the individual’s will power.

During the process of the absorption of the food and the digestion of food in the intestines, some little cells and globules of fat in the food are not broken down and dissolved, but are absorbed and carried through the fat vessels to certain fat pockets in the body where the fat is stored for future use.

If more fatty food is taken into the intestines than is needed for ordinary purposes, the fat cells are taken and distributed in between the layers of tissues and in places where there are not ordinarily fat pockets.

It is this excess fat that, creates a fatty body and adds unnecessarily to the weight.

There are other cells that are also absorbed and sent to special places, such as cells that will constitute the lymph for lubricating the joints of the bones and other places where there is action, such as in the sac around the heart, in order that the heart may perform its action inside a bag of lubricant and thus be eased and protected. The chemical elements necessary for the blood are extracted and sent to the proper place in the system, and so are the elements necessary for bone, hair, and teeth.