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In our discussions of the Law and the Trinity -- perhaps you have never thought of it as this -- the Trinity also has its relationship in mind, time and space, in order, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

As you have seen in our first course on the tools of man, this triangle is related to Mathematics, in various forms of chemistry, physics, and the science of dynamics.

It is, in fact, foremost of all in importance. It is the form by which we use the Law of Prayer.  For from out of this equilateral triangle sprung from ancient times -- so far back into the hoary past of man that time has ceased to be known -- out of this comes our modern day scientific development and its works.

Symbols are used to explain many philosophical ideas and principles -- even today in those books written by the metaphysical groups -- because symbols are forms, which are the basic Laws of Creation shown here in form.

Involved in the form and pattern of these basic forms of creation is the relationship of causes and their meanings, rates of vibration, the reason why symbols of a geometrical nature are involved in the religions of the world as well as the sciences.

It is said in the testament of Genesis: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Then it says: He created man in His own image; for God built this solar system upon a factual geometrical foundation.  He arranged the creation so that all manifestations were in accordance with the cosmic laws which we find conforming to our present day geometrical laws.

Even when we refer to the sciences -- which have to do with energies and crystals, such as crystallography and other sciences which pertain to gross matter -- we find an adherence in these laws to their design.

It is an interesting fact that many great men of this earth -- even today, or in this period of time -- are still interested in symbols, such as Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Lytton, Elbert Hubert, and the famous Marie Correlli.

Symbols play a very important role in religions as well as the sciences.  The ancient philosophers always thought of man as a micro part of the universe and expressed the idea of manís relationship to the universe by the statement, ďAs above, so belowĒ; or, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

They claimed that man was the microcosm.  This solar system was the macrocosm.  For man has continually evolved in his relationship to the macrocosm and his present existence in relation to the workings of the subtle forces, or unseen forces, which work in life.

The theologians of today are just coming to the realization that they, too, are a part of this universe and should be concerned with regards to manís understanding of himself and Godís universe.  They attribute its form to a materialistic viewpoint, which they consider aesthetic rather than realistic.

We are interested in God and the Spirit -- the consciousness of this universe -- and, therefore, will not separate this materialistic level from what has been formally called spiritual level.  Because, how can God be separated from himself?

We must get back to the reality and realize that the work of all the subtle forces -- seen or unseen -- are part of the old alchemic sciences, and that manís mortal and physical body are composed of the elements of the earth, just as stated in the Bible, but that these elements are also composed of the force and substance of the Father.



Let us accept, until we have proven otherwise, one spiritual-materialistic fact; that is, man is not only a living, infinite divine part of the consciousness of God with all the creative power of divinity possessed by God -- he is not a dual creature as spoken about by some persons -- but he is heaven and earth.

Manís spiritual body is the only real body which has form.  This body holds the form of the chemical atoms and molecular structure in the form of what we call the physical body, which is what we see with our physical eyes.

Man does exist in four dimensions.  He does have a self around which is the sheath of the Soul, and is the computer brain which runs his physical body, and is the record of his many lifetimes.

It is in the spiritual body, and it is in the physical body although it is of a density which makes it visible in both.  It is a cell in the cosmic mind and, therefore, has all infinite knowledge accessible when we have gotten our own mind our of the way, or are quiet.

Manís mortal consciousness has a tendency to put its faith in many impressions registered on the mind by the physical seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.

He feels nothing can exist unless he senses it in this way. But he does have a set of duplicate spiritual senses -- or, does he?  Or, is it that his existing five senses become imbued with the Spirit of God which has and bears in it the personality of the Father, which knows all, sees all, feels all and tastes all, within his own being.

In reality, there are not two sets of five senses -- both material and spiritual.  It is just that man has raised his vibration to the consciousness of the Christ, and functions partially, or wholly, through the self.

The material scientist, with a great deal of reluctance, must admit that there are many sounds, vibrations, in the universe, which do not register on the insensitive physical ear.  That there are many spoken words which are not heard by the insensitive physical ear and insensitive physical plane is recognized to be true.  Some vibrations are of such a low rate of impression that they make no impression on the physical ear.

Some sounds are of such a high rate of vibration that they fall in the highest octaves of vibration, and likewise, make no impression on the undeveloped physical ear.

Some animals, such as cats, dogs, horses, birds, and reptiles, do hear sounds and vibrations which the undeveloped human physical ear does not hearÖ.because they do not know that they canít hear them.

These manifestations and scientific tests are revealed -- in like manner -- in the functions of sound, color, and vibration in touch, smell, and taste.

Scientific work in vibrations are set in tables and these are divided into octaves arbitrarily selected like any piano keyboard.  The tabulations show that the keyboard of the human ear, at its best, is in a few of the octaves nearer the lower end of the scale, while there are many octaves of vibration above the unquestionable proof of existence, but which make no impression on the undeveloped ear.

Vibrations of radio emanation radiate only in one octave in the higher scale of vibration making no impression on manís undeveloped ear, without being interrelated and reduced to lower rates in the lower octaves.  This is why there are rectifiers and modulator tubes in a radio or TV set.  This holds true in things of feeling and tasting and smelling.

In the case of the human radio, we find that it is necessary to step up the sensitivity of reception by the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and the Light of the Christos.

Thus, the brain and organs related to those functions will become more highly sensitive and able to be more receptive of those various other octaves which the average individual is not receptive to.  That is why we call him a God-man, and he is truly demonstrating his Godhood.

As we examine the keyboard of vibrations, we notice that the vibrations given off by the mineral or earth elements -- discovered by chemical science and physics -- are in octaves related to the vibrations of the human being, which is to the human being in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, etc., when this being is not spiritually endowed.  We notice that the relations between copper, gold, tin, iron, sulfur, soda, etc., various minerals and liquids, definitely register in the same octaves as those that have been called five physical senses.

In other words, we realize at once that the five faculties of the human mental consciousness were so created by God for manís needs in the physical world.  His functions lead us to the conclusion that the attainment is spiritually related to illumination and realization gained through manís sacrifice and discipline.

In other words, the brain, eyes, and ears, faculties of feeling, seeing, and smelling constitutes the brain of the physical body in order that it may be conscious of itself.

The brain is an electrical transformer or selection board.  The impressions of the five physical faculties are received and translated into physical consciousness.  The brain and the physical consciousness were not intended for anything else other than their own related rates of vibrations.

Man, in his physical consciousness, is not aware of the rhythmic action in the body which directs the controls of the organs.  For instance, man is not conscious of the periodic action of the polaris, which takes an important part in digestion.

Man is not conscious of the harmonic action of the lung by the high vibration of what is called Life Force, or Divine Essence, which he breathes.

Man is unconscious of the action of metabolism which has to do with the building of blood, cells and other tissues -- giving it vitality and perfect circulation.  And over all of this is the action of the Divine Mind -- Divine Consciousness -- or what is called the Soul.

It must be remembered that all matter is becoming.  This is the point we speak of when we say illumination.  The physical matter of the human body is becoming filled with light of the Christos, and thus, it is able to become sensitized to a greater degree.  All material is in constant change permanently.

Evolution and devolution are the two phases of the complete cycle of manifestation.  Every cell changes constantly.

All the organs are composed of constantly changing materials, atoms and molecular structure, and thus, must become constantly revitalized with the power of life.

This is why death and mortality are constantly unstable.  But he who is constantly in touch with the Father builds the body of eternal life, and thus, he functions on both planes.



A man should learn to detect and watch that spark of light which flashes across his mind from within more than the luster of the sages.  Yet, he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his.

In every work of genius, we recognize our own rejected thoughts.  They come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.

To believe your own thought -- to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men -- that is genius.

Speak your latent convictions, and it shall be the universal sense.  For always, the innermost becomes the outermost, and our first through is rendered back to us by the trumpet of the Last Judgment.

If we do not, tomorrow, a stranger will say with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the time, and we shall have to take a back seat.

Many people do not know, of course, that the essential foundation of religions and movements are the studies of the basic principles of mysticism, or the relationship of mind, Soul and body with the laws and principles of the universe.

We have stated that we are teaching the Christian Mysteries, plus the Bible, as to Jesus and His teachings.

Of all the power of man as taught by the holy order of mans, including the power of the mind, brain, with its infinite power and flexibility in essential abilities, all of these are puny to the power of the Inner Man, or self.

We are revealing of the real consciousness of a man -- the factual realities and wisdom that comes from the soul, but it is not the self.  The Soul is the sheath of the self.

From the self comes the wisdom of God.  This wisdom is the divine consciousness of man.  In fact, it is the eternal wisdom of God coming through man.  It is only the truth that comes from the self.

The functions of the physical body is directed by the records that are in the Soul, for here is the record of how the body works and its development -- the how of the reflexes, the way of light transference, in what is called metabolism, the digestive functions, etc.

Do not forget:  god made man in his own image.

Remember that this spiritual consciousness with the Soul is primarily seated in the spiritual body; that is, the Soul and the self, also reflects itself, and can be seen within the physical body.

Because man has a physical, mortal, changing, very flexible physical substance called the flesh -- this does not make him dual.  This is only to say that the real being -- man -- has gained and has been given immortality, but that the spiritual body, which carries the flesh body used for expression on this plane, is the body which can only be seen by those who have the refined sight, or spiritual sight.

The spiritual body, not being of the density and vibration of the physical world, needed to have a denser form.  It was, therefore, developed and densified by adding to it, and letting it carry the physical matter so that the body of man might be seen in the physical world with so-called physical senses.

The physical body -- the physical substance of the body -- is the changing, fluctuating physical part of man, and thus, it is that man is considered dual.  But in reality, is not, with the exception of his body and Soul.

Because you drive a car and because you operate that car always automatically from a reflex standpoint, does this make it a part of your physical body?  And, are you dual when you are in the car? The answer, of course is no.  You are the same outside the car except that you have learned to use a new set of automatic reflexes and actions which operates the car.  

The body of man, which we see, is merely the paint job for the spiritual body so that it shows up for awhile.  The self, and the sheath around it, the Soul, are the real beings of man.  This self and Soul are of four dimensions, for it is from the mind of God -- the Divine Mind -- which gives us the control pattern for manís senses of being able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell in this vehicle.

The outer being, with its own physical consciousness, is limited until it is thoroughly infused with the Holy Spirit and takes on the nature of the Light of Christ.

The dimensions of distances from here to there, and its three dimensions, may be increased by the use of the telescope, but is still, nevertheless, limited.

The sight of man has its limitations due to the opaqueness of things, because there are certain objects which the physical eyes do not see through.  All physical senses are limited unless they are infused with the Light of Christ, and touched by the Holy Spirit, which gives them the faculty of functioning in the fourth dimension.

The distances of dimension are then limitless, and the objective consciousness takes on what mortal man knows as time and space, but what the spiritual man knows as the levels of frequency in vibration and their periodicity.

The periodicity, of which we speak, is the now in a particular vibration and frequency which exists.

The above is the reason that the spirit, or divine consciousness within man, is unlimited, and in no way, restricted by time and space, or by the nature and quality of the material world.

The spiritual, or divine consciousness, is learned through meditation.  Through the self, we gain spiritual wisdom of Godís knowledge, which magnifies nothing out of proportion of its true place in mind, but God gives us an understanding in everything in proportion to its true relationship to everything else.

The psychic substance, or so-called psychic functions, exists because of the psychic energy, which fills the spiritual body of man, and has been misconstrued as being a true form of its own.

You can -- at this moment -- close your eyes and think of New York, the North Pole, Paris, Canada, or any other place of which you are familiar, or have heard of, and picture and feel the conditions of that place.

When you sense your spiritual consciousness, and your senses have been imbued with the Christ Light, or the vibration raised of your five senses, then, you may extend yourself -- regardless of time or place, or whether you have been there or not -- and be conscious of existing in any one of these places.

It should be noted that you may recall at any time in the physical mind those places that you have already seen, but with the spiritual consciousness and imbued sight even this limitation does not exist, for your consciousness is then unlimited.  

The self is a part of the universal consciousness and universal mind.  Your Soul is not a separate Soul, cut off from other Souls, but a part of the universal Soul sometimes called the Soul of God, or the Over-Soul.

In another way, the Mind and Soul of the Father is as one, and of this substance is the base sentient energy of which the sheath of the self is made, your Soul, and that this Soul is resident within you-- around the self --and you are adding to it the distinct vibration, which is built of your personality and character.  Its vitality, sometimes called the Divine Essence, and the consciousness contained with these things is a part of the universal consciousness.

Your inner being is in direct communication -- at this point -- with all parts of the world, and in continuous, unbroken contact with every human being, the consciousness of the Creator, and with every living human now on the earth plane. This consciousness constitutes the mantle, or envelope, of the earth, and permeates everything that exists on it.

All you have to do in order to extend your realization of your consciousness is to permit yourself to focus yourself at any place -- if you have control of mind, and have reached a point of Christ reality, or illumination -- and you will have transferred to your consciousness those things existing in that part of the earth, or the principle activities that exists at that point of focus.

After one has learned to accomplish the art of dropping the physical consciousness out of the way, one then crosses the threshold of time, and enters into the kindergarten of cosmic illumination.  But it is only with distinct effort, and a pointed determination, that one may let go of the finite to receive the infinite.

It is through the cosmic wisdom of the holy order of mans that you, as a lay brother, or aspirant to the higher life, can receive guidance and guarded aide from the Masters, and from your earthly teacher.

In the old temples, initiations were performed.  These were not ritualistic ceremonies of shallow pretense and materialistic arrangements.  Ritualism is merely a formal process, whereby, we start to do certain definite things.  It may contain a material act, or a spiritual one.

The sacraments of the Order, which are universal, are ritualistic in nature, but realistic in function, such as baptism, communion, marriage, etc., for in them we control, and call upon, the movement of the force of God and nature.  One of the principle things to communicate to you, now, is that the mind of man is master over nature through the Word of God given to us through Jesus Christ, our Lord of Earth, at this present time.

Perhaps one of the most noted so-called mysteries of life is why are we here. We are baffled and annoyed by the material things of life, and their secure function upon our interests and activities, and we become discouraged and feel helpless in our endeavors to greater happiness and spiritual realities.  It is then that we ask, why are we here.

Religionists and theologians simply say, we are here because of Godís will.  Material philosophy says, we are here because of chance, or chemical action and reaction.  We say, you are here because you are fulfilling the Divine Scheme of things, and it was your choice.

In the holy order of mans, we seek to strike a true path through the center or core of the universal life, or its paths of existence.

Mysticism is the workings of the heart.  It brings about a new viewpoint in our life.  It is not consoling or quieting in our discontent, but it does show us that all problems, and their solutions, are not what they appear to be on the surface.

It offers -- to all -- an opportunity to dissolve the unreal, using them as experiences, giving wisdom, and enabling us to rise above our experiences, and to master the newer, better, and more real things that await our command -- that are ready to serve us that we may be more happy, healthy and content, that the understanding we receive will make us more prosperous in enjoyment of the necessities and luxuries of life.

There is nothing weird or magical about the Word of God, or its workings.

We should remember one positive fact; that is, if you are to learn to use the power and the tools God has given to you, you must work at them, for you will not raise your conscious- ness by reading.  

First, we learn to use our intuition so that it becomes a tool.  The becoming conscious of the intuitive faculty is a great asset to the inner self.

Women are generally more intuitive than men, or more efficient, in the exercising of their intuitive faculties.

Usually, a man -- once fully conscious and receiving dependable facts -- has then the power to receive business, social and financial facts.

Intuition is simply an expression of the cosmic mind in man through attunement with the inner man, or self.

It is possible to develop the intuitive impressions to such strength and clearness that they will speak impressively -- with strength -- that cannot be set aside.


Work with your intuition.

You must remember that will power is not concentration.  When will power is put behind the practice of concentration, one has immediate failure of its use.

Can you will yourself to sleep?  The more will you use -- and is exerted -- the less you become passive enough to sleep.  Certain passiveness precludes the use of energized will.

Will power has nothing to do with the Divine Force of the Soul, or Divine Mind. It is purely a force of the outer man -- in the outer mind -- so to speak.  It is nothing more, or less, than your determination, bull-doggedness and stubbornness. 

You can look around and see that people, who have will power, have a predominating stress.  They are surely not the spiritual attainers, or the procurers of spiritual increment.

You can become a slave to your will.  What is more important, usually the conclusions arrived at and used when will power is involved are decisions which are conclusions of reasoning -- the objectives of the outer mind -- but they have nothing to do with the inner wisdom of man, or the answers coming from the self.

A man may desire to drink.  But because of some argument presented to him by a reasoning mind of some other person, or through his own objective reasoning, he decides not to drink.  This is a decision of the outer being.  He fights drink each time he smells alcohol, or is in a place where it is used.

He may be victorious in the conflict, but the victory carries no great attainment.  For true mastery is not a victory.  The motives coming through true mastery is where the inner cleanness and desires of the inner man are such that there is no desire for the alcohol.

There is no conflict.  Therefore, it is an accomplishment of the purpose by the changes one makes in life as he draws closer to God, because he has gradually, and surely, let go of all things of earth.

It is purely a weakness of the flesh that nullifies any progress in the individual.

Will power is not concentration.  Will power may be used for projecting forces and energy, but concentration is done in a state of relaxation.

Concentration is not merely centralizing oneís attention on something or someone.  Of course, you can concentrate your attention, and concentrate your hearing, or seeing, faculties to a certain sound, or point, or one principle. These may be used as an idea of concentration.

If one just concentrates with outer faculties, one may sit in concentration for a period of an hour or more without any personal spiritual experience, and no emanation of thought, or phenomena, from the inner self.

Let us take, for instance, an artist who begins to paint a picture.  It is necessary that he visualize and create a mental, or visual, conception of what he wants to paint -- feel an idea, or ideal -- then some forms, then the necessary background, then the materials he would use for creation.  This, in reality, and during his period of preparation that he indulges in, is a real art of concentration. 

At this time, he has no canvas, no paper, no color, or paint, upon which to center his physical attentions.  He has only an outer objective thought, and this seeps inward, becoming a fixed idea in the inner self.  Then the inner self becomes the inner idea, which lives it, senses it, and in every way feels it a vital living representation of vital life.  This is the art -- in fullness -- of concentration. 

This process may be reversed in that an objective may be used, and you might analyze all of the ingredients, parts, pieces, things, ideas and materials gone into creating this object without any other thought coming in.  This would be true, too, in concentration.

When one part of the nature of something, or some object, is communicated to another person, a thing which we wish to affect, it must be done by passing from our inner self to the spiritual, or psychic nature, of the other person.  There is no way in which the outer manís objective, mortal nature can transmit anything of itself -- psychically -- to another objective nature.

The outer part of man, or material world, is of the grossest and most unrefined stuff -- energy -- of this universe.  It is affected by limitations, and held within certain bounds by the restrictions of time, and space, in our minds.

For instance, the body of man cannot pass through a material wall, nor can it pass from this point to another 500 miles away without transversing the space in the physical world -- in a sense, consuming the time element.

On the other hand, the self of man can pass through all things without limitations of time and space. 

We may send to any distant place the inner man.  The self knows no limitations, either in thought or substance.  It is immortal, invisible to the physical eye, and carries the status of a spiritual vibration; thus, we may go any place, anywhere, at any time.

One of the most important factors of this function of mind and self is that as soon as the will power and the anxiousness of the outer thoughts and mentality are abandoned, the whole matter is allowed to turn inward and become a part of the whole to the experimenter.  There must be a releasing of the desire and the thoughts of the outer self to the inner self in order that the experience may be carried on effectively.

Your mind -- your thought itself, or idea -- is held earthbound.  Let go; let God.  The outer mind may build up an image in its imagination, and you may actually see and imagine things into existence, but this is not creating anything.  We come to learn that the power of the Divine Mind -- within you -- is capable of bringing about an actual materialization.

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