GD Intro 6




The mind of man -- being a part of the universal subjective mind and part of the Soulís expression -- is the same in all of us.  Therefore, we have the answer to what is sometimes confusing to a student, and that is, if it is all in Godís mind, then why the diversity?

If one but looks at the languages, which are many, remember that the non-unity and the diversity is not due to Godís plan, but to manís separateness and egotism.

Not man alone, but our attraction through love; that is, the power of God through the attribute of Christ, is what makes it possible to draw them together.

The more one gains of the universal understanding of his brother man, the easier becomes the communication -- the greater will be his giving to his brother man and the more spiritual communication he will also have.

One might go on with all sorts of expressions -- all sorts of examples of smiling happiness, living the life of love -- but it will all say the same thing; what we have already stated.

Man may only depend on those factual and truthful things which show the reality of himself and his relation to God in self-devised explanations or beliefs.

It is necessary that we develop cosmic consciousness.  This means that it is necessary for the student to be able to hear, see, smell, and taste, independently of his objective senses.  When one has attained God-realization, one does not go to logical things for the answers to his problems, or his questions.

It is non-material consciousness. It is from the Soul and it has its memory and consciousness and being in itself.  It has nothing to do with the physical life in itself, but it knows all physical life and all things to do with physical life, and is of the greater divine things.  It is another form of consciousness on the divine side, but has nothing to do with our personal thinking and opinion.

It is not the same which is called intuition that many of us have experienced when we were younger, and some still do.

This is of a cosmic nature, but is an impulse or pressure which impels us to do by faith with- out a full picture of why.  For that which comes from the self, the answers, the truths, is infallible to a fully realized being.

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