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When one talks about the experiment such as the one with a candle flame or any experience or bit of alchemy, it must be remembered that our personal opinions are the vibrations which shade colors and forms, and even are the screen through which the creative power flows, and lets us create or not create.

Man does have control of his atmosphere and what goes through it to him.

Thought is a motivating, creative force.  It is to mold the mind stuff of God into the denser world, or even upper worlds.

Let us not be confused, now, in the working or developing of consciousness.  Do not get off the track, and say, If I cannot see it, it has no effect upon me.

We will say to you, if you cannot see it, and if you determinedly refuse to see it, then it has no effect upon you.  But regardless of whether you see it or not, the radiation from the atomic bombs exploded in our atmosphere still has its effects upon you, unless you have determined what shall come into your atmosphere.  Then, you will be master of your atmosphere. 

Man has become greatly confused between the denser world and the less dense worlds.  Many people have been influenced by things that they do not know, and were not conscious of -- influenced by forces, energies and entities of those who have passed on, or as Jesus called them, demons -- we say, demons of the deep.

That which you sense, and are conscious of, are the predominating influences in your life.  Those things you are not conscious of have a lesser influence in your life.  This is why we seek to be fully conscious with our spiritual senses, so that we might have control of all things around us.

Let us reiterate -- Regardless of whether you know or do not know, waves of vibration and energy have their influence on any body that are in their path, whether it be human, vegetable, mineral, or fluids, etc.

Man may think of those things which he sees, or does not see, in relation to his true self, the real self, which is in the image of God.  Sometimes, we wonder why it is so difficult in childhood to accustom ourselves to the human body.  It takes years before the body has really matured, and under control, to a point where the body will do the bidding of the self and Soul.

The Soul finally reaches a point where it hardly knows it is hidden in a strange garment, then all goes well.  But when the body becomes weakened and can no longer do the Souls bidding, then it is that death is a true deliverance, and it will come when the body is no longer useful -- except in karmic conditions.

We must remember that the Soul is the indestructible sheath of the self, and exists at a very high rate of vibration.

The self and the Soul are you! and it came into the physical body at the time of birth.  It is the contact between you and the mind of the Father, or sometimes called, the Akashic Records. 

The human Soul may manifest in this body or another one, according to where it is or what it is trying to accomplish.  But it has the record in it of the memories of past lives, and the various worldly and material and heavenly manifestations.  It is truly a perfect contact and in perfect attunement with the divine source.  Therefore, all Souls on the cosmic plane, and on the earth plane, are in attunement with one another.

For we know through actual experience that the Souls, whom are on the cosmic planes and mind, can communicate with those on earth in a factual way.  It has nothing to do with any doctrine or creed.  It is a scientific fact.

A person who has reached illumination in the Holy Order of Mans, has learned much, and will learn much, regarding this method of communication and investigation, of those who have departed.  Many of them are in our presence, many times a day, and do attempt to communicate with us; but with true spiritual sight.  One does not have to go into a trance or dark room in order to be conscious of their existence.

It is very much like the use of telepathic communication between the seen and the unseen planes, for thought vibrations travel in all directions.  Therefore, these waves of thought vibration are not directional, either in time or space; and in the fact that the physical body is infused with the spirit, they may emanate forth from our body in any channel of communication.

Communication between Souls is an absolute fact, that is, a widow might communicate with her husband; a father with his son or daughter, when they have passed over.  It usually transpires, though, in the quiet of ones room, church or some other place of high vibrations.

But remember one thing. It is not easy for an individual who is experiencing the delight, and the consciousness, of the upper levels of consciousness-- a higher plane --to reach down into grosser matter, which makes it possible to communicate.  It is difficult, but it can be done.

Many times, it is a case of the person projecting themselves, one to the other, or that one Soul is able to reach the other Soul, if they have a certain amount of understanding in cosmic consciousness, and who have tried to attune themselves to the higher plane.  For one has to be simple and childlike in purpose and in understanding to be able to reach the higher assemblies of people, those Souls which work in that plane most of the time, such as the Masters.

A higher state of divine consciousness or an attempt to attain the same, is what we call Soul-mindedness. It lets us become universal in cosmic mind.  It is sometimes called a consciousness of the universal essence; being conscious of the Soul of God, Akashic Records.

In reality, it is becoming conscious of the fact that you have a soul; that you know there is continuous life, an infinite life, and that you are without limitations, that raises you to greater possibilities.

For there is no such thing as your mind, or my mind, and Gods mind.  We only have the existence, in this solar system, of the mind of God in which we live, move, and have our being. 

Things have been perpetuated and created through the Law and the mind stuff of God.  There is nothing from which to make anything; except the energy of the Father, correlated and crystallized, through the Law and the form of ideas.

There are infinite possibilities, limitless imagination and a consciousness of your being.  When you do have this consciousness, then you are one with the Father.

What is commonly called subjective mind is your identified part of the infinite mind.  It is our own mental atmosphere in the universal mind, in which we preserve and keep the images, inherent tendencies and race subjectives.  Thus, we see that the subjective mind is the medium through which creation and experience comes to us.

We should think of God as the great creative mind; the mind and being in which we live, in this solar system.  This is a concept which is hard to gain, until we have had the experience of cosmic consciousness.

We must remember that God is a living being.  If we do not, we lose the worth and color of reality.  We should always be careful in abstracting any principle, or law of creation, not to lose the essence of reality and the life principle therein. 

Living in God is an interesting, joyous feeling of life.  When se lose feeling for God, for life, and for people, we have lost the essence of creation and reality.

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