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Slowly, but surely over the path of time, man learns to realize how essential it is that he control the inner man, as well as the outer, if he wants peace and harmony with a full life of all the good things of the world’s goods as well as a degree of spiritual attainment.

In other words, we are saying that suppressing ones inhibitions is not changing the situation.  This is brought forcibly to us as we study the subject of vibrations and start to know and understand in a simple, rational and scientific manner how the body and mind of man operates. 

Telepathy and experiments in the mental sciences has brought the religionist up short, because of the absolute proof of the existence of telepathic communications of human beings and that of animals, which showed the animals also were receptive to thought waves of human beings, even though they do not understand the words, but which were trans- formed into knowing, and thus, reactive.

Sir William Cook did extensive work in the vibratory wave transmission of thought and wrote several theses regarding our communication of intelligence, showing clearly that the brain did send out well-nigh perfect, equally clear, wave vibrations and that this was produced over the matter in the atmosphere, or the air, by one being, speaking or thinking to another.

Also, he believed that over a great distance, the potential strength of the brain waves would be diffused in all general directions.  They would affect all sensitives within a reasonable radius of action instead of impressing only one brain.

According to certain work which has been done since 1919, we have found that telepathic communications are a reality over long spans of space. In speaking of vibrations, that energy of which the spiritual body of man, which permits it, is made, is called by the name of the spirit by some people.  But, we use the term God-force, as I explained to you, which keeps all matter alive.  It is the third point of the triangle which makes every nerve, cell, and drop of blood in the body alive.  It is of the mind of the Father and His characteristics

It is through this which F.A. Mesmer learned and worked with hypnotism.  It is a fact that Mesmer undoubtedly believed he had found a new principle that emanated from a person’s body, and especially from the fingertips.

It is interesting here to note that man actually has no psychic body, as some people say as fact, but that the spiritual body, or electrical structure -- as we call it -- of man is filled or permeated with the psychic effluvia and this was what Mesmer had discovered he could control.  Through this control of the nerve impulses, he could reach the motor systems of the body and thus, put the person under his mental control.

An interesting side note here regarding this subject is that this is the way a bloodhound follows man.  The psychic effluvia dripping off the body of man as he passes over the ground leaves a vibratory scent which the dog picks up and follows.  It is also the reason why when a person passes through a shallow body of water, or pool, or stream, that the hound may not follow the trail and loses the scent.

This spiritual energy, or characteristic of the energy, which permeates all living matter, has a definite distinction between the various forms of electrical energy, spiritual energy and vital forces which is called the Life Force, etc.

But, all comes under the category of electrical and vibratory forces which receive their source of emanation from our sun (son) of God.

This thought cannot be repeated often enough as it is a key to this New Age and should become a part of our predominate thinking as we look and work towards illumination.

It is also a positive scientific fact that when we use mind nerve force in intellectual, or spiritual, work, we are utilizing power and energy and depleting our vital forces of the body as much, if not more, than in common physical exertion.  In fact, mental depletion of vitality comes on much more subtly than that of over-use of physical forces.

In order to gain control of concentration of the mind, it is necessary to work for it.  Use the following for one week, seven days:

Stand erect and relaxed.  Then bend your head down.  Look at your feet and think about them.  Picture them for about a minute.  Then, put your hands out in front of you in right angles to the body.  Concentrate on the left hand and think about it for about a minute.  Then drop your hands and see which hand you can feel more movement in.  If your feet feel the same as your legs, then you will know and develop the consciousness of the fact that your mental attention to something actually projects creative forces and the vitalities of life.

Thought exists solely because of a certain rate of vibration.  The difference between life and death is the difference of the rate of vibration and the difference between a brain that is alive and active and one that is in a state called dead.

All action of the brain and its effects on the blood coursing through the brain is the effect of higher vibrations of the blood reacting to the centers of every cell of its tissue.  Each brain cells is like a motor generator and produces an electrical current frequency of about 100 cycles per second.

This is what we call brain waves.  They are smooth, rhythmic, and similar in nature to other minute electrical currents.

In the emotional conditions and the effects of thought, or the influence of disease that take hold of the body -- these patterns of vibrations fluctuate through to the brain.  It can be shown that they change by the use of an electroencephalograph.  This is activated through the nerve ends in the outer periphery and can be registered on a table or graph which will show the variations and patterns of brain waves.  It can be used to distinguish between depressant persons or ones under the effects of different physical diseases.

There are billions of cells in the body and millions of these are discharging hourly.  They are electrical impulses -- therefore, a thought is an exhilarant.  The vibration naturally courses through and around the brain, as an organ, as a composite thing -- it exhilarates the vibration of the brain.  Sleep slows the action bringing rest and peace.

As you develop the mind through literary means or another, it becomes more sensitive to impressions each day and strengthens its function.

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