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Man’s way of communicating with one another and his own understanding of it is one of the first concepts that is necessary for him to learn.

Seeing, with our physical eyes, and its real explanation, as we have spoken of in Lesson 2, should be read, in one of our science lessons or in the lessons on the human body.

We automatically think -- see. Automatically we feel that we speak. We automatically sense vibration.  Then we have what many people call hunches or intuition.  All of these things are forms of vibrations.  When we speak, this comes under the science of sound.  When we see, this comes under the science of light.

For example, I have seen someone whom I wish to describe to you.  I recall the picture from my brain, my mind, that I wish to describe.  Then by means of an orderly transmission of wave vibrations by my vocal cords, or voice box, through the air between us, or our atmospheres, a coarse picture is transmitted to your brain through vibrations through your atmosphere and ears, or anyone else’s ears, capable of receiving such vibration.

This vibration then goes through the ear and brain to reproduce an image. If my image is imperfect, then the image you receive in words will be imperfect. It is all done through vibrations, but we do it so many times a day that we never think about it.  Brain waves go through the atmosphere of earth like any radio or television waves that must obey the physical laws.

Thought waves would be much more direct and accurate to receive a more perfect picture, if we were able to receive them, which we are, but our consciousness has not been trained in telepathy.  Of course, it is a little more probable thing because brain waves travel in all directions, instead of direct communication to one individual.

We often read things written of an occult nature from books and circulated literature about vibrations and from whence it comes, but only through actual scientific understanding can we understand any of nature’s phenomena and also prayer.

We know that we can receive energy and strength in the body through prayer or our conscious action of opening ourselves to it. We must not take an answer without an explanation, for God is not a mysterious God, but a very ordinary God and so is all his creation.

We know that the Spirit is the motivator of all such phenomena, that it keeps matter alive and pulsating.  It activates not only the break down, but the building up of the cells, nerves, tissues, and the like, not only of the human body, but every other type of organism as well.

Man comes to know what this Spirit and the energy it motivates is, and how it works throughout the nervous system. So the accepted name from a medical standpoint is electrical nerve energy.

Let us not forget that this vibratory force, which we call Spirit, flows through every part of the body, perpetuates the metabolism, blood, and transformation of the elements from the air -- it carries with it the Spirit personality of God who created all of this.

Hypnotism, mesmerism; all of the mental arts are dependent on this vibratory force and the nature of it called the Spirit. 

Many people have a gift of what we call healing power.  This flows through the fingertips.  It is motivated in its action.  We find the concentration of this one source and central supply from the mind of the Father, and that it can be directed along the thin wires of the nerves much as the electricity is sent along the wires in your home.  This force does heal, when it has the superimposed ideas and the command to heal.

Our thoughts, our words -- again, vibration is brought into play, directing the sentences, receives the word and preformation in accordance with it and corrects the abnormalities of the physical body by making it conform to the perfect form of the spiritual body.

The science of electricity often gives references to a machine called the generator which is commonly thought to generate electricity directly.  But from a technological standpoint, this machine does no such thing.  Man has not, therefore, a way to generate electricity in its true pure sense.

Electricity is in the air.  It is one of the aspects of the sun’s energy.  In reality, what we are doing with the so-called generator is collecting energy and driving it through a wire conductor to various pieces of instruments, equipment, and lights for use in the quantities needed.

It is also what we term static electricity -- that energy which nature collects and sends to earth as lightening bolts causing the thunder as the air comes together in our thunderstorms.

We also have a manifestation in our radio and television sets today of what is known as high frequency, or radio waves, which produces pictures and sound after being scanned and re-activated through tubes and other parts of the instruments to bring forth images and music for our enjoyment.

We also have delicate galvanators, potentiometers which will show the electrical energy coming out of a vegetable or fruit showing that it has life.  Also, they can measure the electrical fields which radiate from the human body even though these waves and fields are of a very delicate nature.

Many electrical instruments use a short wave vibration.  Long wave vibration has been used by medical scientists, therapists and homeopathic physicians for aid in relieving human sufferings and conditions and found very helpful.

All of the body and the cells have their life and usefulness through energy contained within them.  It is when we go to sleep at night after the body becoming physically tired, that we let go of the physical world; then the body rebuilds, in that it draws energy from the air and the body becomes re-charged.

As you finish reading this lesson, say to yourself, “I am not tired.  I am at perfect peace with myself and, therefore, will remember what I have read.”

You will be surprised to find that results are taking place.

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